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12 October 2015

Swedish Prosecutor Comment on Assange Supervision

The Assange matter – comment concerning the supervision


Comment by the prosecutor about the decision from the Metropolitan Police to withdraw the physical presence of police officers from outside the Ecuadorian Embassay, where Mr. Assange resides.

– This is a decision made by British authorities and is not a result of actions by a Swedish prosecutor. I am fully confident that the Metropolitan Police makes correct judgement and that they handle the supervision in the best possible way, says Director of Public Prosecution Ms. Marianne Ny.

– As we have announced earlier, the investigation will continue with respect to suspected rape, less serious crime. We are awaiting a general agreement between Sweden and Ecuador, to enable Ecuador to give consent to interview Mr. Assange at the embassy in London, says Marianne Ny.


Julian Assange, on his own accord, has evaded prosecution by seeking refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador. Great Britain, therefore, has not been able to execute the decision from the Supreme Court to surrender him to Sweden.

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