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7 December 2015

Allegations Against Mark Goeder-Tarant

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I am writing to ask for your help.

I am part way through a lawsuit against Mark Goeder-Tarant of and @WikiLeaks_forum for defamation and invasion of privacy. A year ago Mr Goeder-Tarant decided to shut me up as an online voice by stalking, defaming and attacking myself and my teenage daughter to the point where she tried to kill herself. We have had multiple threatening phone calls from him, real world stalking and threats to kill.

For an example see here:

This is only a fraction of the material he has put online about us and we are but 2 of many victims who have had their lives ruined and worse by this man.

His defence in court has been first to deny that it is him. Now he seeks to hide behind his wife. We have gathered a lot of evidence against him to prove he is responsible but as my lawyer says, we can never have too much evidence and as a mother I need to be very sure he will never bother my child again.

Now it has been brought to my attention that you have recently had dealings with him and may also have had in the past. Have you any evidence that I could use in my lawsuit? Specifically I am looking for any written material that associates Mark Goeder-Tarant with WikiLeaks Forum either the site or the Twitter account; this could include emails sent purporting to be from wlforum but with an IP address I can connect to him, any emails from his personal email or, any DM's from Twitter from him etc etc

Documents can of course be redacted to remove anything sensitive and if you are uncomfortable using this email I can set up something more secure if you wish.

Finally let me assure you that my only agenda here is to put a stop to this man and his systematic destruction of the lives of innocents. I have no interest in his politics or indeed yours, I believe what he has done transcends opinion and debate - it is just despicable and has to be stopped. I have spent the past year and all of my savings trying to protect my child from this repulsive, perverted creep and would be extremely grateful for any help I can get.