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29 March 2016

USG Wins iPhone PR Contest

At 11:22 PM 3/28/2016, Phillip Hallam-Baker wrote (on Cryptography mail-list):

Some random thoughts

* Apple wins big. First, they beat off the FBI warrant, second everyone with less than a 5s has to buy a new phone.

* The new phone might still be crackable by someone who has the tools to reverse the secure enclave. But Apple isn't one of the parties that can do that.

* FBI might in future be able to subpoena information to use it for making a break attempt against the secure enclave.

* If your security depends on someone else refusing to obey a subpoena, change your security.

* If their security depends on you refusing to obey a subpoena, get another job.


USG wins by assault, PR, obscurity, secrecy, and sanctification of the justice-court system.

No substantiation yet of USG access to Farook's phone. The claim could be a ploy to raise doubt about Apple security, and have the same effect as if access was successful. This would take the public and political pressure off USG without having to disclose how access was obtained. As well as improve USG reputation for prowess, determination and triumph.

Deception, lies, bluffs and ploys are obligatory in legal proceedings and all stripes of security. Doubt, braggardy, obscurity and secrecy are essential features of defensive and aggressive security whether governmental, commercial or personal.