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6 May 2016

IRA Stakeknife Investigation

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IRA Stakeknife Investigation

The 'Stakeknife' investigation will shine lights into many corners - inside the world of intelligence and inside the IRA 'internal security department'.

By Brian Rowan

Investigation is reported to be headed by Chief Constable Jon Boutcher of Bedfordshire Police in England

Keywords and Further Reading

"Force Research Unit"

"Martin Ingram" (Ian Hurst)

Blog on Ian Hurst by Olivia Frank, ex-Mossad and ex-MI6

Ian Hurst is also linked via David Hurst (presumably older brother) and the same registered address to "3702 Limited"

"3702" was the codename for the HQNI army intelligence computer system, onto which RUC Special Branch, FRU and some MI5 & MI6 reports were entered.