From: Kevin Gauthier
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2019 15:04:41 -0400
Subject: Canada Labour Code Section 37 complaint against Air Canada Pilots Association
To: Cryptome <>

April 08, 2019

Good afternoon Ms. Natsios and Mr. Young,

I would like to share that I had a look at the extensive Canada Labour Code Section 37 complaint against the Air Canada Pilots Association and am able to confirm the first document I requested the CIRB to rely on was my Air Safety Report of December 10, 2003. One of several other documents I requested the CIRB rely on was my request of the RCMP. Please find a pdf attachment titled; from April 11 2006 CIRB Section 37 complaint.pdf

which represents pages 360-380 of my personal file.

The CIRB letter decision is unique in that the decision does not refer to my Air Safety Report and was not entered into the Canadian Government archives as a referenced decision. The ASR is at the center of this entire matter yet the CIRB letter decision draws no reference to the ASR and instead falsely states:

“He claims that, in June 2004, while securing an aircraft at a boarding ramp just prior to deplaning passengers, the aircraft rolled backwards.”

Please find a pdf attachment titled; 2006 letter to RCMP.pdf

Thank you both.


Kevin Gauthier
Simcoe County
Ontario Canada