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1 May 2019

DHS SAVER Documents on Law Enforcement Technologies

A sends:

I don't know if these are new to you but thought they might be of interest.

I came across this open series of government reports about surveillance and other privacy-affecting law enforcement technologies that I thought might be up your alley. Many include market reports involving commercially produced equipment and buying and procurement guides. Some have photos of the products they are discussing.


The first one I found was this one on which commercial product literally allows you to hear people talking from far away the best.
Acoustic Surveillance Device Comparative Assessment Report

"In order to provide emergency responders with information on currently  available acoustic surveillance device (ASD) technologies, capabilities, and  limitations, the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWARSYSCEN),  Charleston, conducted a comparative assessment of commercially available  ASDs for the SAVER Program in November 2006.  Detailed findings are  provided in the Acoustic Surveillance Device Comparative Assessment  Report, which is available by request at "

This whole SAVER Program is interesting.
S&T FRG SAVER Documents Library

S&T FRG SAVER Documents Library

A complete list of SAVER reports (e.g., Market Surveys, Assessment Reports, Tech Notes, Selection Guides, etc.) ...

Partial list of technologies.

Law Enforcement Telecommunications Intercept Surveillance Systems Telecommunications intercept surveillance systems enable law enforcement personnel to gather data for investigative purposes. These systems can be used to track calls to or from a particular number, record audio and data messages, determine the location cell phone calls were placed from, and help determine the scope of an investigation by establishing relationships between callers.

Many docs are buried in the Interagency Board library:

This will search the entire SEL:
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