6 September 2002

Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 09:54:03 -0700
Subject: Announcement: Cypherpunks meeting/party/BBQ, Tim May's house
To: cypherpunks@lne.com
From: Tim May <tcmay@got.net>

ANNOUNCEMENT: Cypherpunks Meeting and Party/BBQ, Saturday, September 14th, 2002. Tim May's house, Corralitos, California.

* WHAT?: Ten years ago this month the first Cypherpunks meeting. Cypherpunks meeting and party. Several interesting talks are planned, though nothing of the usual "political action" sort. A flexible agenda will be posted at the meeting. I am hoping we can have as stimulating a discussion as we had at our first meetings a decade ago.

* WHEN?: Saturday, September 14th, 1 p.m. to "late." (A limited amount of people can stay overnight--ask me about it.) Formal talks will probably run for several hours, then the informal and BBQ/party takes over. People can arrive as early as 1 p.m. and hang out, but the formal agenda will start promptly at 2.

* WHERE?: Tim May's house in Corralitos, east of Santa Cruz and north of Watsonville. 427 Allan Lane, Corralitos. Detailed driving instructions at the end of this message...or use one of the many mappers on the Net. It takes about an hour to get from Sunnyvale to my house, about 40 miles, so plan your travel accordingly.

* WHO?: Cypherpunks and friends who are not narcs or Feds. Contrary to some meetings in the past, this is NOT an "open meeting, open to all." That strategy worked OK for some meetings in public places where certain kinds of software were to be distributed. But my house is a private residence. I have nothing against legitimate cops enforcing legitimate laws, but I don't want persecutors traipsing through my house, perhaps planting evidence, looking for signs of illegal activities or grounds for a warrant, etc. This is a PRIVATE RESIDENCE and I intend to escort to the door anyone who is unknown to others. If you are a lurker who doesn't know anybody and you want to attend, send me e-mail and we'll arrange something.

* WHAT ELSE?: Parking may be tight. And because of the distance, carpooling with your friends would be good. A cat lives in the house...don't leave any doors open, and tell me if you see him get out.

* CHILDREN?: My house is not child-friendly, and I don't have time to make sure nothing dangerous is exposed. Please leave children out of this meeting/party.

* FOOD: If you stay for the evening BBQ and party, bring something to share. Don't everyone bring a bag of chips! The Corralitos Market is a popular place for meats, sausages, etc. (Don't everyone bring sausages, either!) And if you drink, remember the drive home.

--Tim May (location instructions below)

Getting to Tim May's house in Corralitos:

427 Allan Lane (MapQuest works well). 831-728-0152

From Santa Cruz, south on Highway 1. Take Freedom Boulevard exit in Aptos. Go inland, on Freedom Blvd.  Travel about 5 miles, to first stop sign. Take a left on Corralitos Road. At the the next stop sign, the Corralitos Market (good sausages!) will be on your left. Just before the stop sign, bear right on Brown's Valley Road. Cross bridge and then bear left as Brown's Valley Road turns. Travel about one mile to Allan Lane, on the right.

Allan Lane is at about the "360" mailbox point on Brown's Valley Road...if you go too far and enter the redwoods, turn back! Drive to top of hill on Allan Lane.  At top, bear left, over a small rise, past a house on the left, then down my driveway. My house will be the white stucco semi-Spanish style, with a red Explorer and black Mercedes in the driveway.

Note for parties: You can park either in my driveway or at the top of the hill and walk a few hundred feet. Don't block any driveways!

From points south of Santa Cruz, take Green Valley Road exit off of Highway 1. Travel about 2 miles to Freedom Boulevard. Turn left. Then right at Corralitos Road.

Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 17:50:33 -0400
To: cypherpunks@lne.com
From: "R. A. Hettinga" <rah@shipwright.com>
Subject: seeking information for Wired News article

--- begin forwarded text

From: "Danit Lidor" <dlidor@wired.com>
To: <rah@shipwright.com>
Subject: seeking information for Wired News article
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 13:19:21 -0700

Hi there,

I am a reporter at Wired News. We received notice of the upcoming Cypherpunks 10th anniversary bash. I am thinking of writing a short article about the history and current status of the cypherpunk community.

Obviously, things have changed a lot in the last 10 years. I imagine that you and other cypherpunks would have much to say on the topic. Please feel free to rant and rave to me about whatever you feel would be relevant to this kind of article.

When did the Cypherpunks come into existence? Who were the founding members? What was the inital purpose? What kinds of people are involved?

Who (socially, I mean, not names!) exactly are the members of the group? How many at any one time? Is it a rotating membership, with people coming and going?

There has been a substantial amount of press dedicated to the Cypherpunks, what's been the community response?

Have their been internal discussions about the repercussions of the media's involvement and the like?

Wired News had a very familiar relationship with the cypherpunks - has it been viewed as a positive thing?

Have the ideals of the group changed over the years?

Are there any manifestos or official statements from the group that I can access?

What are the future plans for the cypherpunks?

I attempted to access cypherpunks.com but most of the links are dead, why isn't anyone maintaining it? Or is it unrelated to the current community?

With whom else are the cypherpunks allied?

What do you, personally, have to say about the future of the Internet, privacy, legislation, hacking, phreaking, cyber terrorism, the governement. etc?

And finally, who else should I be talking to?

Thanks for your time. I am hoping to get the story done before the end of next week (i.e., before the actual party.) Of course, I would never publish the location of the party or any other information that you don't feel comfortable about.

Danit Lidor

I am also available at 415.276.3925. Please leave me a message if I'm away from my desk. I am more than happy to call you back.

--- end forwarded text



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