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22 November 2009

Alan Turnbull ( sends:

Government Spy's Details Leaked Online

Firstly, it refers to something that has been on Cryptome for over 12 months without anyone getting upset, mainly because it was info readily available and widely in the public domain. You can't get a better definition of "public domain" than the electoral register! Which was my whole point.

A newly appointed GCHQ Director General who hasn't ensured his web footprint has been cleaned away before taking up his post is asking for trouble. The electoral register data was dated 2002. It is a sure bet he and his wife moved elsewhere well before his appointment in July 2008.

In it, Cryptome is dismissed as "an amateur spooks website" and I am personally described as a "spookbuster". You gotta laugh, eh?

6 October 2008

From Alan Turnbull,

Further to this Sunday Times story revealing GCHQ's plans for a 
multi-billion pound super-project sucking up all UK emails and website 

by David Leppard

"There's no hiding place as spy HQ plans to see all - Intelligence chiefs
want access to all communications made in the UK, but they face a fight."

"Every call you make, every e-mail you send, every website you visit - I'll
be watching you."


Firstly, the Sunday Times incorrectly states GCHQ DG is David Pepper, when
the new DG Iain Lobban (formerly Head of Operations) took over in July 2008.

It all got me thinking ... Can the spymaster be spied upon?

Please find attached my findings.

For starters, amazingly he appears on the public electoral list together
with his wife Jane.

Iain Robert Lobban, 24 Greenways, Winchcombe, Cheltenham, GL54 5LG

The house can be pinpointed on the local council's (Tewkesbury) planning
portal, which shows applications 05/5746/1223/FUL, 06/00761/FUL and

Google Earth precise position:  51.95977,-1.96178

The 2005 app was withdrawn but two attached PDFs are the decision notices
for the 2006 and 2008 apps. Sadly no architect drawings for the property!

Oh, and they do love leaving gushing comments on tourist message boards for
exotic locations. Note the signature is Jane first though. Does hubby
realise the web footprint his wife is leaving behind?

We stayed in Tom's Cottage for 4 nights 17-20 Feb 2008. This was our 2nd
visit after spending xmas 2006 there. This was every bit as wonderful as the
first. The view is amazing. Van & Linda are on hand & willing to help with
any query or request. The cottage is superb and we couldn't fault a thing.
We very much look forward to our 3rd visit! Many thanks for everything.

Jane & Iain Lobban

Monday, March 03, 2008

Hello Marion,

We are now back home in England. Just wanted to say that we thought the
standard of service provided by the Cougar Line was excellent. We used the
service to travel to/from Punga Cove Resort and for various drop
off/collections whilst we were walking parts of the Queen Charlotte Track.
Everybody, both back at base and on the boats, was so helpful and friendly.
We witnessed a level of customer service that - sadly - seems to be so often
lacking here in the UK these days. There was one guy in particular whose
name escapes us at the moment (very thin, wiry & fit!) who seemed to do the
9.30am pick up service from Punga Cove; he was really outstanding. He had
amazing energy, was patient, friendly & helpful. He carried bags, answered
questions, seemed immediately alert to anyone who might be feeling a bit
queasy and appeared to be doing the work of at least 3 people all at once!

On arrival in New Zealand one of our bags was missing and was eventually
delivered to us (by the Cougar Line) while we were at Punga Cove. For this
were are also very appreciative.

Thank you to all of you in the team and we look forward to our next holiday
in New Zealand.

Best wishes,
Jane & Iain Lobban