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28 November 2008


Shepherd Johnson writes:

Visiting relatives in Wisconsin, we flew into Chicago and drove by Obama's house. He drove by in a motorcade while we were there. Here are the pictures. The checkpoints were located at the following intersections: The main checkpoint is located at the intersection of E. 50th Street & S. Greenwood St. The motorcade passed through this point. The East checkpoint is located at E. 51st St & Woodlawn Ave. South checkpoints at S University Ave & E. 52nd St. Another south checkpoint at E. 52nd St. & S. Greenwood Ave. West checkpoint located at E. 51st St. & S. Ellis Ave. Various unmarked Secret Service and unmarked Chicago Police on the periphery of the zone.

Here is info concerning the security in the area from the synagogue across the street's website KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation:

Security Update!

Now that our famous neighbor has become the president-elect, the Secret Service has instituted additional security measures to keep him, his family and all of us safe.

Although there are more security personnel, there are only two changes that will effect visitors to the building. First, Hyde Park Blvd is closed between Woodlawn and Drexel Avenues. The only vehicular access to our parking lot is through the checkpoint at 50th and Greenwood Ave. Pedestrians are permitted both there and at the Hyde Park Blvd checkpoint. Second, when coming in a vehicle, you may be required to open your trunk and hood to allow the Secret Service agents to check for explosive devices.

As before, please be prepared to show a photo ID. Visitors may also be "wanded", and backpacks, briefcases and large purses may be searched.

We are continuing with our full schedule of programs, services and classes. Please browse the website to find our full breadth of offerings.

Read this letter from our President describing the easy security procedures in detail and what to expect when visiting our building. We want everyone to feel comfortable to visit and we look forward to seeing you!

November 6, 2008

Dear Fellow Congregants:

I am writing to keep you up to date on issues relating to your access to our synagogue now that Sen. Obama is the President-elect of the United States.

Although there are more security personnel on duty around the Obama house, there are only two changes that will affect visitors to the Temple. First, you will no longer be able to drive on Hyde Park Blvd. between Woodlawn Ave. and Drexel Ave. The only vehicular access to our parking lot remains the checkpoint at 50th Street and Greenwood Ave. Pedestrians are permitted at that checkpoint as well as along Hyde Park Blvd. at University Ave. Second, you may be required to open your car trunk and hood at the Greenwood checkpoint to allow Secret Service agents to check for explosive devices.

At both checkpoints members will have to show picture identification. Other visitors will be "wanded" to check for weapons. There will be no change in the procedure for allowing religious and nursery school children to approach the synagogue. Backpacks, briefcases and large purses may be checked by the officers on duty. If you are planning an event at the Temple where you expect non-members to attend, we urge you to get a list of potential visitors to the office at least 36 hours in advance so that a list can be given to the security detail to facilitate their entry to the building.

We will continue to run a full schedule of religious services, classes and programs. You should not hesitate to participate in any KAM Isaiah Israel activity. We have a very stimulating Schneiderman-Weinstein weekend symposium focusing on immigration coming up on November 14 ­ 16 and you should not feel any hesitancy in attending any of the sessions.

If you need further information call the Temple office, (773) 924-1234. If you encounter any difficulty at the security checkpoints, please use a cell phone to call the Temple office.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. I look forward to seeing you often in the coming months.


Lawrence S. Bloom, President


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Obama Chicago Home Security Zone

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