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23 November 2008

21st November 2008

From Alan Turnbull,

Eyeballing the PJOC Basra, Iraq - Provincial Joint Operations Centre

"A £1.5m regional command centre for joint military operations in Basra province, southern Iraq, has been officially opened and handed over to Iraqi command.

"The Provincial Joint Operations Center (PJOC) is set within the old Shatt al-Arab Hotel, home to the Basra Operations Center (BAOC), and took three months to build. The official opening yesterday, 20 November 2008, was attended by Commander Iraqi Ground Forces, Staff General Ali Gheydan and prime ministerial advisor Mohammed Nasr. Commander of the BAOC, Major General Mohammed Jowad Hameidi, and Major General Andy Salmon, General Officer Commanding Multi-National Division South East (MND(SE)), were also present."

Full article source:


The new Provincial Joint Operations Center (PJOC)  in Basra's Shatt al-Arab Hotel. Credit: Cpl Adam Fletcher, RAF


Left to Right: Major General Andy Salmon, Major General Mohammed Jowad Hameidi, and Staff General Ali Gheydan at the official opening of the new PJOC in Basra. Credit: Cpl Adam Fletcher, RAF

PJOC within Shatt al-Arab Hotel seen upper right on these images:-

Currently featured Google Earth imagery (actually rolled back to Feb 2002 dataset, before Basra Camp was properly established)


Google Earth imagery from just before the censorship action (December 2007), retrieved direct from Google's servers archive.

Ground shots on Panoramio:-