20 June 1998

Date: 20 Jun 1998 18:40:14 -0000
From: Julian Assange <proff@iq.org>
To: ukcrypto@maillist.ox.ac.uk
Subject: AUcrypto mailing list

With things starting to heat up here in Australia (DoD/DSD has
recently taken to making some exceptionally nasty noises about
prosecuting Eric Young, Tim Hudson and the rest of the Australian
CryptoMozilla team). I'd like to remind everyone who's interested in
aussie/nz crypto issues of the aucrypto mailing list.

                    _   _   _  ____ ______   ______ _____ ___
                   / \ | | | |/ ___|  _ \ \ / /  _ \_   _/ _ \
                  / _ \| | | | |   | |_) \ V /| |_) || || | | |
                 / ___ \ |_| | |___|  _ < | | |  __/ | || |_| |
                /_/   \_\___/ \____|_| \_\|_| |_|    |_| \___/

                      Australasian & Pacific Cryptography

               mail the word "subscribe" to aucrypto-request@suburbia.net


              mail the word "subscribe" to aucrypto-d-request@suburbia.net
                            (AUCRYPTO weekly digest)


    Send in a brief synopsis of who you are and why you are interested
    in AUCRYPTO as your first message to the list (this helps
    to stimulate discussion and debate as well as provide a sense
    of the AUCRYPTO community). As a [small] example:

      "Hello AUCRYPTO! My name is Sara Harding. I'm a technical services
       officer working at the AFP (Australian Federal Police), specialising
       in cryptogrpahic issues."


Send mail to:

        aucrypto-d-request@suburbia.net (AUCRYPTO digest)

with the subject or body of:



Send mail to:

        aucrypto-d-request@suburbia.net (AUCRYPTO digest)

with the subject or body of:

        unsubscribe aucrypto


To send a message to the list, address it to:


Messages under 700 bytes in size will not be accepted. Send your
one-liners to nobody@nowhere.org.


If you are replying to a message already on the AUCRYPTO list using
your mail programs reply facility you may have to change the reply
address to aucrypto@suburbia.net. This is because the AUCRYPTO mailing
list program is configured to have return replies sent the author
in order to avoid receiving the replies of misconfigured "vacation"
programs which automatically send email saying "I've gone to the
moon for two weeks to hunt rare bits".


Monthly back issues of aucrypto since January 96 are available from:


You can also instruct the mailing list processor to automatically scan and
retrive messages from the archive. It understands the following commands:

        get filename ...
        ls directory ...
        egrep case_insensitive_regular_expression filename ...
        maxfiles nnn

        Aliases for 'get': send, sendme, getme, gimme, retrieve, mail
        Aliases for 'ls': dir, directory, list, show
        Aliases for 'egrep': search, grep, fgrep, find

        Lines starting with a '#' are ignored.
        Multiple commands per mail are allowed.
        Setting maxfiles to zero will remove the limit (to protect you against
        yourself no more than maxfiles files will be returned per request).
        Egrep supports most common flags.

        ls vomume96 (for aucrypto digest)
        ls latest (the latest directory containes the archived messages)
        get latest/12
        egrep some.word latest/*


The list processor software is based on the excellent Procmail/Smartlist
by Stephen R. van den Berg <berg@pool.informatik.rwth-aachen.de> with
some minor extensions by Julian Assange <proff@suburbia.net>.