18 May 2001
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This likely describes the "ultra-sensitive" program redacted from the CIA Inspector General Report on MKULTRA of July 1963: http://nl.cryptome.org/mkultra-0003.htm

The memorandum was probably written in response to US Congressional hearings on MKULTRA in 1975.

xxxxxx indicates redactions.

[2 pages.]


20 MAY 1975

MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence

SUBJECT: CIA Activities at Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland

1. In early 1952, CIA effected an agreement with the Army Chemical Corp for the performance of certain research and development work by the Army Chemical Corp at the laboratory facilities of Special Operations Division, Army Biological Laboratories, Frederick, Maryland.

2. The purpose of the CIA (TSD) project at Camp Detrick was to maintain a research and development competence in the biological and engineering sciences in a special security environment to assist in meeting the need for a minimal support capability in defensive and offensive BW/CW.The program was divided into four functional categories as follows:

a. Maintenance of a stockpile of incapacitating and lethal agents in readiness for operational use;

b. Maintenance, assessment and evaluation of a designated balance of biological and chemical disseminating systems for operational readiness;

c. Adaptation and testing of a non-discernible microbioinoculator (device for clandestine inoculation with BW/CW agents) to determine compatibility with various materials to assure that the microbioinoculator cannot be identified structurally or easily detected upon a detailed autopsy; and

d. Provide technical support and consultation on request to meet ad hoc requirements related to offensive and defensive BW/CW.

3. This program, which continued until early 1970, was budgeted, on the average, for approximately xxxxxxxx per year.Currently available figures indicate the following expenditures for this activity:

[One-half page redacted]

* Estimated FY figures.

4. On 25 November 1969, President Nixon ordered the Department of Defense to recommend plans for the disposal of existing stocks of bacteriological weapons. On 14 February 1970, he included all toxin weapons. It is our understanding that all these materials were destroyed in compliance with President Nixon's directives. We cannot, however, locate records that establish this fact.

Donald F. Chamberlain
Inspector General

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