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3 May 2006

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A writes:

Here are some updated materials on the Lynn, MA, intercept site.

The transoceanic fiber optic cables comes out of the ocean and link to landlines at the manhole in the middle of the rotary. They then run north under the medium strip on the Lynnway, then west/south on Broad/Rt 1A until turning onto Commercial Street, continuing a few blocks up the street and terminating at the network control center at 91 Commercial Street, Lynn, MA.

NSA Listening Post in Lynn, MA

Please see the following locations:

42.459719,-70.960455 -- Hibernia Atlantic Undersea Fiber Optic Terminal and Control Center. TB backfeed to DC.

42.459294,-70.960283 -- Cable Vault.

42.459597,-70.960769 -- Hibernia IEC Network Command Center, NSA Tap Point.

42.455607,-70.957586 -- Duct Work Under Median Strip. Ducts which contain fiber optic cables are buried just below the grass on this strip.

42.456710,-70.951755 -- Fiber optic ducts which continue under the grass median strip.

42.459865,-70.946763 -- FO cables turn towards the ocean, still hidden under grass.

42.459838,-70.943369 -- Fiber optic ducts in median.

42.456883,-70.936603 -- Fiber optic undersea cables are spliced into land-based cables here.

42.456314,-70.936025 -- Cables tunnel out into the ccean. A tunnel runs about 1500 meters out into the harbour, where it goes into a shallow trench and then out into international waters.

Engineering Drawings of Cable Routes

Various Related Stations in the area

42.367533,-71.083481 -- Cambridge Switch-Tandem. This is the Major link between the Lynn, MA facility and major centers such as Washington DC, Ft. Meade, etc.

42.356420,-71.054836 -- Verizon Major Switching Center.

42.365485,-71.063725 -- Department of Homeland Security. Massive eavesdropping center is located here.

42.360544,-71.060779 -- FBI Operations Center.

42.361353,-71.061402 -- Massive Verizon Switching Center. A very special place.

42.352720,-71.060889 -- Major ATT-Verizon Tap Point.

42.304653,-71.399740 -- ATT-Verizon NOC. Massive network operations center on second floor.

42.946752,-71.628629 -- Massive NSA Operation (New Boston Air Station, NH) near Boston. This is one of those secret places where intercepted calls are handled.