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13 September 2008. Thanks to Robert Eringer.

In an obscure lawsuit filed in New York a decade ago,

Robert Eringer

September 13, 2008 12:00 AM

In an obscure lawsuit filed in New York a decade ago, ex-Teamsters honcho Ron Carey incidentally revealed the names of the union's dirty tricks henchmen under James Hoffa Jr., president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Dirty tricks not new tactics for Teamsters



They are Richard D. Leebove, 56, and George R. Geller, 57.

Both were decade-long disciples of convicted felon and blowhard fantasist Lyndon LaRouche before throwing in with the Teamsters union.

Mr. Leebove bills himself as a "communications consultant." Mr. Geller is a lawyer. They are based in Michigan.

According to the suit, in which Mr. Carey alleged libel against Mr. Hoffa, Messer's Leebove and Geller "learned and adopted LaRouche's smear tactics, including extracting the worst possible inference from neutral facts or suppositions; deploying elaborate conspiracy theories, using forged documents, anonymous circulars, and fabricated statements; and impersonating the legitimate press."

Gee, that sounds like part of the playbook for a campaign deployed by the Teamsters against this newspaper, possibly to include a recent nationwide forged check scam that neatly evaded wire or mail fraud -- by utilizing UPS, whose drivers are Teamsters -- and FBI scrutiny.

It goes on: "For the past two decades, Leebove and Geller have consistently advocated the cause of corrupt and mob-linked Teamsters -- they have deployed LaRouchite dirty tricks on behalf of corrupt Teamsters officials -- (depicting others) as supposed pawns of sinister international conspiracies involving, among others, the British royal family, the Kennedys and the Rockefellers."

So let's take a look at Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Jr. and his nutty U.S. Labor Party (USLP), where Mr. Leebove and Mr. Geller schooled, trained and operated through the 1970s, before they put their sinister skills to work for Junior, son of Jimmy Hoffa -- who wreaked criminal havoc upon his union, went to prison, disappeared after his release, presumed to have been murdered by his brother Teamsters.

Mr. LaRouche, now 85, four decades ago portrayed himself as the "American Lenin," then truly flipped his lid in 1972 when girlfriend Carol Schnitzer ran off with an Englishman. Mr. LaRouche sank into deep depression, refusing to leave his New York City apartment. When finally he re-emerged, it was with grand delusions of a vast conspiracy against him led by the British Royal Family. He proclaimed that the queen of England was the world's biggest drug dealer and that she personally had called for his head, that Hare Krishna was a British Intelligence operation, and that a "British Psychological Warfare Division" created The Beatles.

Mr. LaRouche's USLP started life in the late 1960s as a Marxist cult, but broke thin ice separating Lunatic Left from Radical Right when Mr. LaRouche returned from a trip to Baghdad and issued a "Security Memorandum" dictating that USLP merge with the Right "to defeat this common enemy" (the Rockefellers).

Party lieutenants made contact with Liberty Lobby, a neo-Nazi outfit in Washington D.C., that pretended populism even while declaring -- in its Spotlight newspaper --that the Holocaust was a hoax. Former Spotlight staffer Vincent Drosdik called the LaRouchies "a bunch of idiots even more crackpot than Liberty Lobby, known by some as Liberty Lobotomy."

In 1976 Mr. LaRouche renounced Marxism and declared his Party a patriotic front.

Their gambit was to make international contacts, often with foreign intelligence services, by creating what looked on the surface to be legitimate news magazines with names like The Campaigner and Executive Intelligence Review. Or, as the late Congressman Larry McDonald put it (in Congressional Record): "The Labor Party have a history of contacting prominent persons with offers of help and then using the names of those persons to attract other support."

An example: They approached retired Gen. John Singlaub and offered to "brief" him. The general caught on quick: "This kooky bunch of anti-Semitic Jews hounded me for months, they flooded me with documents, they showed up at places where I spoke."

In 1977, Mr. LaRouche decided that German terrorists Baader-Meinhof had placed his name on their hit list. So he hired an eccentric security consultant named Mitchell WerBell III to train Party members in martial arts and how to shoot guns at his 66-acre farm in Powder Springs, Ga. Once described as a caricature of a secret agent, the late Mitch WerBell liked to reminisce, over Chivas Regal, about the time he bombed North Vietnam with live rats infected with bubonic plague.

Little wonder an editorial in the New York Times condemned the ideas of Mr. LaRouche as "repulsive in ideology, frightening in their manipulative power over its adherents and hallucinatory in their theories on conspiracy."

Mr. LaRouche wrote that "the international Zionist conspiracy" was responsible for Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance -- and went to prison for credit-card fraud in 1988.

Back to Mr. Leebove and Mr. Geller. It is unclear whether they played army with Mitch WerBell. But it is clear Mr. Leebove brought down Ron Carey at the direction of James Hoffa Jr.

Kate Bronfenbrenner, Director of Labor Education Research at Cornell University, told the Wall Street Journal: "Hoffa hired Leebove to do his dirty work, to dig up dirt and to intimidate and manipulate people."

It is not a charge Mr. Leebove denies. "Two or three of us brought down the sitting president of the Teamsters," he confirmed for the Journal.

Fielded as a USLP candidate for Illinois attorney general in 1978 (he lost), Mr. Leebove bailed from Mr. LaRouche's Party when he saw better opportunity for himself in organized labor, first helping John Cody win re-election at his New York construction workers local by telling union members that Mr. Cody's opponent had received money from -- but of course -- a conspiracy involving the Rockefellers and the Kennedys. Mr. Cody won -- and was later convicted of labor racketeering.

Messer's Geller and Leebove then climbed into bed with the Brotherhood of Loyal and Strong Teamsters (BLAST) -- an early-1980s anti-reform goon squad renowned for using LaRouche-style intimidation tactics. The President's Commission on Organized Crime in 1986 issued a report that blasted BLAST for its violence against union reformers.

"Leebove threatened me," a labor insider told The Investigator. "It worries me because I personally witnessed him physically attack someone."

In 2006, Mr. Leebove was Mr. Hoffa's campaign chairman; he also acts as Mr. Hoffa's media spokesman.

Continued the labor insider, who fearfully requested anonymity: "Leebove is Hoffa's right-hand guy. He runs staff meetings and makes decisions for Hoffa. Problem is, not only does Leebove do dirty tricks, dirty tricks is all he knows.

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