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16 September 2012. A splenetic rejoinder by R:

15 September 2012

Sanguinarious on Sabu/FBI Entrapment Attempt

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So, you guys have all been rather familiar with Sabu. There has been claims he is still 
around after he has been outed trying to snitch people out and set them up, well the 
claims are true. There is nothing like some good ole entrapment attempts to laugh at. 

Sabu contacted me a while after he got outed via FoxNews but FoxNews is FoxNews, biased 
lying garbage so the issue of anything in it being legit is questionable at best. From 
many many people I heard similar things of Sabu appearing and hiding under handles, so 
eventually it did become clear to me he was fishing around for "targets" to snitch on. 
He was actively trying to entrap me and a few others involving some FTP with classified 
documents on it. I have not looked into it so I can't honestly say if it is at all true 
what it contains.

~ Log Excerpt From: 2012-04-13.041030-0400EDT.html ~ 
(6:45:35 AM) Sabu: thats another thing
(6:45:37 AM) Sabu: haha
(6:45:38 AM) Sabu: ok
(6:45:54 AM) Sabu: are you good friends with [redacted]?
(6:46:01 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: we talk a lot
(6:46:08 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: but I wouldnt call it on a good friend level
(6:46:17 AM) Sabu: well if you ever get on that level
(6:46:36 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: yea, I noticed he is good for that ;)
(6:46:46 AM) Sabu: ask him to show you the [redacted] he sent me. then I want you to 
click around [redacted]. then google the intitle: with the [redacted] you copied
(6:46:53 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: [redacted]
(6:47:01 AM) Sabu: there is a professor somewhere with a wide open FTP with over 40gbs 
of classified SCADA data
(6:47:06 AM) Sabu: including manuals, research, et al
(6:47:12 AM) Sabu: millions of dollars worth of data open
(6:47:19 AM) Sabu: find it. download it. lulz
(6:47:26 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: lol
(6:47:30 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: impressive security
(6:47:39 AM) Sabu: I never got to share it sadly
(6:47:44 AM) Sabu: but its public, but VAGUE
(6:47:46 AM) Sabu: if you find it, win
(6:47:54 AM) Sabu: its not illegal to find an open ftp server via google
(6:47:58 AM) Sabu: feel me?
(6:48:04 AM) m45t3rs4d0w8: yes I do :)
(6:48:22 AM) Sabu: ;)
~ Log Excerpt From: 2012-04-13.041030-0400EDT.html ~
Note: Redacted parts so no one can find the FTP 

So, I have to ask this, why is an informant going around throwing out a location to 
a claimed cache of classified documents concerning SCADA systems? So this is like a 
textbook attempt at entrapment, its akin to giving someone a key to a door but telling 
them its legal to open it with, someone being an informant, to take them down after. 
It also does not appear the FBI gives not one fuck about the security of critical 
infrastructure as long as it entraps another kid. Nothing at all wrong here is there?

The true criminals that need to be taken down appear to be invincible to prosecution 
(as long as they setup innocent people to take the falls). I have been a constant 
victim of this the past few months and I can say that those who work with the feds 
are more dirty then the kids who don't deserve years in jail. I'm sick of finding 
constant intel after the fact where actual informants were involved in the ops 
redirecting kids to pointless, destructive, and illegal activities who didn't deserve 
any of this. It is one thing to go after botnet operators and real criminals but 
another thing to cause the criminal acts to happen to get some kids. The worse part 
about this situation is the FBI has no real choice but to prosecute these kids because 
they did, in fact, break the law. 

Now for the less fuck FBI part....

As for the log releases, they are a product of a psychotic ex-girlfriend conspiring 
with a few informants. I have not felt to address them because this gives them somehow 
the air of credibility. Why should I address logs that never happened or ones so 
heavily edited to mean what ever they felt like making it into meaning? I find it is 
a waste of time to do so and gives them more material to take out of context, make up, 
or edit on the spot to create an appearance of a legitimate true reply. As for them 
proving anything and going to get me arrested is also false. Most of the data is 
tainted, edited, and from extreme biased sources. If I even did anything illegal I 
don't have to worry about it at all now! I just combine that with my swatting and 
it's case closed pretty much, like icing on a cake. I think that is enough logic to 
show what it really is, a slander campaign attacking me and everyone around me, it's 
really not hard to see this. As for the credible cry of "They couldn't have edited 
and planted all that", they are not taking into account over 6 months of time to make 
anything up, in fact, they (exgf and her bf) could have done multiple courses in 
forensics by now with plenty of time to fabricate anything they want. Should I even 
mention if they submitted this to the FBI the first thing they would tell them is to 
do is stfu and not post? 

Did I mention psychotic obsessive tendency? I might, since I feel rather inspired, 
write the story in detail someday. I really did enjoy her downplaying the contacting 
her exhusband Brandon part. She failed to mention she and pythorian were having an 
affair, constantly rubbed it in Brandon's face, and harassed him until he snapped. 
I wonder if anyone just saw the sudden pattern here? Yeep, it's harassment and 
constant fucking with until someone snaps and she is now an innocent a victim. I 
hope I'm not a horrible person to point out the case was dropped against Brandon 
because of all the evidence showing what she did to him. That case would have never 
had a jury (even in hell) that would have convict Brandon, case closed. I wasn't 
contacting Brandon as a death threat as she portrayed but as a witness to some of 
what I saw and she got me to do. I admit I was a dumb ass, that I did wrong towards 
him because of her, and I take full responsibility for my actions. I have no excuses.

Now, After this gets posted, watch my mentions and see how I am attacked by the FBI 
Informants (and those who believe them) trying to turn everyone against me with 

Suck My Balls,
William Welna (@Sanguinarious)

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