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14 September 2012

Who Got Barrett Brown Vanned?

Who Got Barrett Brown Vanned?

This document was found in Jen Emick aka @AsherahResearch funpack - part of a much larger release on William Welna aka @Sanguinarious. There are 846 megs of logs from a variety of IRC networks. There are suspicions that the two were altering or fabricating logs to cover Welna's tracks or to implicate their enemies in crimes.

Interesting bits from this document:

Anonymous infiltrator Mandy Nagy

Attempting to tie Velvet Revolution to Operation Payback

Velvet Revolution goes after Hunton Williams over HBGary scheme

Nagy was assisted by

This is likely owner of, Michele Lessick?

HBGary analysis that lead to members of Congress calling for investigation. Author is Neal Rauhauser.

Barrett Brown attempts to trade action against Neal Rauhauser in exchange for Pat Frey doing something about Robert Stacy McCain calling him a snitch.

Frey -

McCain -

Rauhauser -

There is a fourth portion, hasn't been made public yet, sources say Frey was trying to get Barrett to attack Jay Leiderman (DERP! DERP! DERP!)

Former FBI agent Michael Grimm, now a congressman facing a grand jury investigating extortion? FBI snitch Brandon Darby making SWAT calls?

Darby's girlfriend Katie Pavlich trolling DOJ with Fast & Furious conspiracy theory? Darby & Dottie Laster trolling DOJ over human trafficking?

James O'Keefe trolls Attorney General Eric Holder

Pat Frey being sued by Nadia Naffe, using Jay Leiderman as her attorney, after Frey dox her. She is a witness against O'Keefe in New Hampshire state and D.C. federal grand juries, Frey has long attempted to confuse the world about O'Keefe's crimes.

Senate Select Committee on Intel vice chairman Saxby Chambliss trolls Eric Holder/DOJ with Swatgate conspiracy theory? Frey was allegedly victim #2.

So who got Barrett Brown V&? He did it to himself by running his mouth on Tinychat and trying to dox a fed.

But if you want a short list of people motivated to do something to Brown, put Pat Frey in the #1 position, since he got a bar complaint and ANOTHER internal investigation out of what Brown revealed about him. Robert Stacy McCain probably needs a spot in the top five.

Extra Credit: Figure out how all of this stuff ties to Citizens United and the Occupy Unmasked movie.

Extra Extra Credit: Play six degrees of separation between SPLC listed hate talker Robert Stacy McCain and Mitt Romney