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31 March 2013. A writes:

The new woman that heads Clandestine Service is not Bikowsky but is a member of her inner circle since the pre-9/11 days. A story about this in the near future.

30 March 2013:

Ken Dilanian @KenDilanianLAT
Intelligence and national security reporter for the Los Angeles Times in Washington
Washington, DC ·

Ken Dilanian @KenDilanianLAT 28 Mar

@newacademic What I'm saying is that the acting chief of the clandestine service is not the woman you reference. [Bikowsky]

Cryptome @Cryptomeorg 26m [March 30, 2013]

@newacademic @KenDilanianLAT Why do so many brag knowing but will not tell, why black book courtesan? Ah, honor bound.

29 March 2013

Alfreda Frances Bikowsky Head of CIA Darkside?


Several recent news reports (1, 2, 3) claim the new head of CIA clandestine service is a woman, first female to head the darkside division. None publicly name her, although her identity is said to be known to journalists. She is said to be a formerly top member of the CIA bin Laden hunt team, former COS in New York City and London, an advocate of destroying CIA torture tapes as assistant to Deuce Martinez and an esteemed briefer of Presidents of the United States.

Alfreda Frances Bikowsky would fit that profile.

Bikowsky was first publicly identified by Rory O'Connor and Ray Nowosielski in October 2011:

O'Connor and Nowosielski rightly complain that too much attention was given to bin Laden-running spooks and too little to their cover-up of withholding vital information about the impending 9/11 attack -- according to the co-head of the 9/11 Commission.

Before that Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo identified Bikowsky by her middle name in a lengthy report on lack of punishment and promotion for CIA "grave mistakes:"

At the Counterterrorism Center, some had doubts that el-Masri was a terrorist, current and former U.S. officials said. But Frances, a counterterrorism analyst with no field experience, pushed ahead. She supported el-Masri's rendition — in which the CIA snatches someone and takes him to another country. The AP agreed to the CIA's request to refer to Frances by her middle name because her first is unusual.

Lately, Bikowsky is allegedly part of a composite character for the movie Zero Dark Thirty.