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21 March 2014. Add 7 pages to Le Monde.

20 March 2014. Add 6 pages to The Intercept.

18 March 2014. Add 4 pages to Washington Post.

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12 March 2014. Add 62 pages to New York Times. Add 2 pages to NRC Handelsblad.

7 March 2014. Add NSA Ask Zelda.

27 February 2014. Add GCHQ Optic Nerve.

25 February 2014. Add GCHQ Full-Spectrum Cyber Effects.

24 February 2014. Add GCHQ Disruption Operational Playbook.

24 February 2014. Add GCHQ Online Deception.

22 February 2014

Snowden Releases by ACLU, EFF, Cryptome 14-0221

This combines tabulations of Snowden releases by ACLU, EFF and Cryptome through 21 February 2014.

Excluded are ACLU and EFF tabulations of documents received by litigation and released by the USG.

Links go to the three websites of the tabulations.





Cryptome downloaded the files of the three tabulations on 21 February 2014 of the three sites as well as those of the FISC court and declassfied files of the Director of National Intelligence:

The total download comes to 1,387 files (including duplications) in total size of 1.4GB.

These constitute a useful compilation of original documents for reports and debate on the impact of the Snowen releases.

The compilation is included in the Cryptome archive:

ACLU EFF Cryptome
Date Released Date of Document Title of Document Description       No. of Pages
03/21/2014 CSE SNOWGLOBE 7
03/20/2014 NSA Hunt Sysadmins 6
03/18/2014 NSA SCALAWAG 2
03/18/2014 NSA MYSTIC 2
03/13/2014 NSA Third Party 1
03/12/2014 NSA Hammerchant
NSA Mikey and Ibake
NSA Turbine and Turmoil
NSA 1000s Implants
NSA More Than One Way
NSA Quantumtheory
NSA Selector Types
NSA Quantum Insert
NSA Converged Data
NSA Phishing MTM
NSA Menwith Hill
NSA Industry Exploit
NSA 5 Eyes Hacking
03/12/2014 NSA Stellarwind
AG Dissemination
NSA Cryptanalyist FISA
NSA Spying Timeline
03/12/2014 NSA Aids NL Anti-Piracy 2
03/07/2014         NSA Ask Zelda_An Interview with Zelda + 3 NSA Ask Zelda 8
03/03/2014         DOJ Report on Pen Register FISA Orders Not Snowden
02/27/2014         GCHQ Optic Nerve GCHQ Optic Nerve 3
02/25/2014          GCHQ Honey Trap Cyber Attack (2) GCHQ Cyber Effects 11
02/24/2014            GCHQ Disruption 4
02/24/2014         Training for Covert Online Operations GCHQ Online Deception 50
02/18/2014       GCHQ SIGDEV GCHQ Psychology 44
02/18/2014       Discovery Sigint Targeting Scenarios and Compliance NSA-GCHQ Discovery 1
02/15/2014       SUSLOC Trade Document    
02/10/2014       Intercept Drones   5
02/08/2014       Boundless Nederland MIVD BoundlessInformant
Cryptome mirror
02/07/2014       GCHQ Honey Trap Cyber Attack GCHQ Cyber Attack 15
02/04/2014       British Spies Attacked Hactivist Anonymous GCHQ Anonymous 14
01/31/2014       CSEC Airport WiFi Tracking CESC IP Profiling 27
01/30/2014       COP15 Interception Document   2
01/28/2014       Leaky Phone Apps NSA Smartphones Analysis 14
01/27/2014       Mobile Theme Briefing GCHQ Mobile Theme 4
01/27/2014 05/2010 Social Convergence NSA presentation describing information the agency can extract from smartphone traffic. Converged Analysis on Smartphone Devices NSA Smartphones Analysis 14
01/27/2014       Squeaky Dolphin GCHQ Squeaky Dolphin 47
01/16/2014       Dishfire Presentation SMS Text Messages Exploit 8
01/14/2014         SSO (duplicate) 7
01/14/2014         PRISM (duplicate) 11
01/13/2014          5-Eyes Spy G8-G20 (duplicate) 4
01/02/2014       Quantum Computing Quantum Computer 2 10
01/02/2014       Quantum Computers Hard Targets Quantum Computer 3
12/30/2013 01/08/2007 (TS) NSA Quantum Tasking Techniques for the R&T Analyst NSA presentation for Requirements and Tasking Analysts (analysts responsible for infiltrating computers with the help of the NSA's QUANTUM methods). TAO Quantum Theory

TAO Quantum Tasking





12/30/2013 2008 Tailored Access Operations NSA presentation about the Texas Cryptologic Center. TAO Intro TAO Introduction 16
12/30/2013       QFIRE QFIRE 16
12/30/2013 2008 NSA's Spy Catalogue Product catalog from which other NSA employees can order technologies from the ANT division for tapping targets' data. NSA ANT Catalog NSA Catalog [50] 53
12/30/2013         NSA Catalog Video Clips 21
12/29/2013        TAO ANT Cottonmouth TAO ANT COTTONMOUTH (images)
(DE article)
12/23/2013       NSA/CSS Mission NSA/CSS Mission 2
12/11/2013         Excessive Collection 9
12/11/2013         SCISSORS 2 7
12/11/2013         SCISSORS 1 4
12/11/2013         Yahoo-Google Exploit 6
12/11/2013          Cable Spying Types 7
        WINDSTOP 2
12/11/2013       Xkeyscore Sources NSA Sweden FRA XKeyscore Sources 1
12/11/2013       Xkeyscore Sweden Meeting NSA and Sweden Pact 3
12/11/2013       Quantum from GCHQ GCHQ Sweden FRA Quantum 1
12/11/2013       NSA Slides Xkeyscore NSA Sweden FRA  XKeyscore Plan 5
12/11/2013       Baltic Region NSA Sweden FRA RU Baltic 1
12/11/2013       Final Agenda Sweden USA NSA Sweden FRA Agenda 8
12/11/2013       Legal Issues UK Regarding Sweden and Quantum NSA 5 Eyes Partners 1
12/11/2013       NSA Internal PM on FRA NSA GCHQ Sweden FRA COMINT 1
12/11/2013       Accomplishments from NSA SIGINT Successes 4
12/11/2013       Sweden Neutral NSA Sweden FRA Relationship 1
12/11/2013       Xkeyscore Slide with Swedish Example NSA Sweden FRA XKeyscore Slide 1
12/11/2013          NSA Sweden FRA XKeyscore Tor et al 3
12/11/2013         NSA Sweden FRA Quantum 1 1
12/11/2013         NSA Sweden FRA Quantum Accomplishments 2
12/10/2013         G8-G20 Spying 4
12/10/2013 09/20/2006 GMS Classification Guide Internal NSA document outlining the agency's ability to intercept, process and discern location data from mobile phone calls. GSM Classification Guide GSM Tracking 2
12/10/2013 10/01/2012 Cotraveler Overview Study overviewing key elements of the co-traveler analytics both under development and operational at NSA. Cotraveler Overview Co-Traveler 24
12/10/2013   Ghost Machine Excerpts from slides describing the NSA's Special Source Operations cloud analytics platform, code-named GHOSTMACHINE. Ghost Machine GHOSTMACHINE 4
12/10/2013    Target Location An excerpt from a transcript of National Security Agency training videos that describe how to verify the location of a targeted device. Target Location Target Location 1
12/10/2013 04/03/2013 NSA CSEC Partnership Information paper from the NSA detailing the NSA's intelligence relationship with Canada's Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC).  NSA CSEC Partnership   2
12/10/2013 04/2013 Location Cookies NSA internal presentation slides detailing signal surveillance techniques and successes. Location Cookies    4
12/09/2013 2008 NSA Video Games Paper NSA paper entitled "Games: A look at Emerging Trends, Uses, Threats and Opportunities in Influence Activities," stressing the risk of leaving games communities under-monitored. NSA Video Games Paper Spying on Games

Spying on Games [PP]

12/09/2013         Spying on Games 2
12/05/2013 04/18/2013 FRA Russia Excerpts from a document related to Swedish-American surveillance of Russia FRA Russia Sweden Spied Russia for NSA 2
12/05/2013 09/10/2010 Italy Spying Excerpts from slides describing spying against the Italian Embassy in Washington DC. Italy Spying NSA Spies Italy [3] 4
12/04/2013   Chalkfun Foreignness Excerpt from NSA Agency training manual explaining how to determine if a targeted device is "foreign." Chalkfun Foreignness CHALKFUN 1
12/04/2013   FASCIA Slides NSA slides about the FASCIA program, including the volume and type of device-location data collected by the agency. Fascia FASCIA 2
12/02/2013 06/23/2010 NSA Lends Support to Upcoming G8 and G20 Summits in Canada Briefing notes on NSA operational plans to conduct surveillance during the 2010 G8 and G20 summits in Canada. G20 Summit G8-G20 Spying [3] 4
12/02/2013       DSD Data   4
11/30/2013       AIVD SIGINT Dutch SIGINT 3
11/30/2013 11/30/2013 CSEC Presentation Presentation by Communications Security Establishment Canada on surveillance of Brazil's Ministry of Mines and Energy. CSEC Brazil CSEC Brazil Spying 18
11/26/2013    Address Books/Serendipity Slides describing collection of data from Internet providers.     3
11/26/2013 11/24/2009 RE: (U) MUSCULAR and realms Email from GCHQ to NSA suggesting Microsoft was targeted by NSA program accessing Google and Yahoo traffic. Microsoft Cloud Exploitation   1
11/26/2013       Microsoft Monkey Puzzle Microsoft a Target? 4
11/26/2013 10/3/2013 Program to discredit "radicals" through use of online sexual activity Excerpts from document detailing collection of information on targets' online sexual activity, intended to be used to discredit them. Radicalizers Pornography Muslim Porn Viewing
11/23/2013 02/23/2012 (U) SIGINT Strategy Strategy document detailing NSA mission statement and goals. SIGINT Strategy 2012 SIGINT Strategy 2012-2016 5
11/23/2013 2012 Worldwide SIGINT/Defense Cryptologic Platform Presentation demonstrating NSA infected 50,000 computers worldwide with malware. NSA Malware SIGINT Cryptologic Platform 1
11/22/2013   Boundless Informant Presentation describing Boundless Informant's "Mission Capabilities from Metadata Records." Boundless Informant [Duplicate of June 2013] 8
11/22/2013        Boundless Informant FAQ [Duplicate of June 2013]  
11/22/13    Afghanistan, Norway Slides detailing the collection of call records from Afghanistan and Norway over a period of 30 days. Afghanistan Collection    2
11/20/2013 02/14/2013 Notes for Dutch SIGINT/Cyber Analytic Exchange Notes on a meeting with Dutch intelligence services, whose officials described their use of  Computer Network Exploitation technology to hack web forums and collect data of users. Collection, Processing and Dissemination of Allied Communications [4]   3
11/20/2013 2007 SID Analysts Can Now Unminimize [UK Phone Data] Memo detailing UK-U.S. deal allowing NSA to store data of UK citizens not suspected of wrongdoing.      
11/19/2013         BOUNDLESSINFORMANT 13
11/19/2013       Norway Collection Norway 1
11/17/2013       DSD 3G DSD-3G 6
11/17/2013       Royal Concierge ROYAL CONCIERGE (DE)


11/04/2013       Boundless Informant   8
11/04/2013       Special Source Operations (SSO) Collection Optimization "Midpoint" Slides - Google and Yahoo! exploitations WINDSTOP, SSO, Yahoo-Google 14
11/04/2013       Special Source Operations (SSO) Intercept Program Slides -- cable programs, details of MUSCULAR MUSCULAR-INCENSOR Google and Yahoo 4
11/04/2013       WINDSTOP Collection 30 day period December 2012 - January 2013   1
11/03/2013       Collection Accesses 30 Nov 2009   1
11/03/2013 10/03/2007     NSA SIGINT Mission Strategic Plan 2008-2013 SIGINT Mission 2013 11
11/03/2013 01/2007     NSA SIGINT January 2007 Strategic Mission List SIGINT Mission 2017 11
11/01/2013       Corporate FAA Reporting Metrics   1
11/01/2013 04/2013       PRISM, SSO
SSO1 Slide
SSO2 Slide
10/30/2013 03/14/2013 NSA: Special Operations Weekly Excerpt An excerpt from the Special Operations Weekly -- an internal NSA publication -- describing data collection via the MUSCULAR program. Slides on MUSCULAR program possibly from February 28, 2013   3
10/30/2013   NSA Powerpoint Slide: Google Cloud Exploitation An NSA Powerpoint slide showing the intersection of "Public Internet" and internal "Google Cloud" user data. MUSCULAR slide "Current Efforts on Google"   1
10/28/2013        Graphic showing phone calls intercepted in Spain December 2012   1
10/27/2013       NSA SCS Slides on embassy spying (slides 3-6) NSA-CIA SCS [3]


10/25/2013 09/10/2010     Close Access Sigads September 10, 2010 (listing French Embassy) Close Access Sigads 2
10/25/2013       Cable regarding cyber attacks on French Presidential Network April 12, 2013 NSA Hosts FR Spies 4
10/24/2013       NSA memo to Signals Intelligence Division (SID) staff October 27, 2006 regarding monitoring of phones of world leaders   1
10/22/2013 04/2013     Prism April 2013 PRISM 11
10/21/2013       NSA PRISM slide undated - alcatel / wanadoo Wanadoo-Alcatel 1
10/21/2013       Boundless Informant France Boundless Informant 2
10/20/2013       NSA Cable dated November 10, 2010 discussing hacking of Mexican President's email   1
10/14/2013 09/2011      NSA Special Source Organization (SSO) slides on Content Acquisition Optimization SSO Content Slides 9
10/14/2013 01/07/2013     Intellipedia entry - Special Source Organization (SSO) Collection Optimization Overview SSO Overview 4
10/14/2013 2012 Content Acquisition Optimization PowerPoint Slides Internal NSA presentation detailing the collection of hundreds of millions of contact lists from around of the world. NSA Special Source Organization (SSO) Slides on Content Optimization - Address Books (SCISSORS) SSO Slides [7] 9
10/06/2013       Presentation on Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy CSE Brazil Ministry 7
10/04/2013 June 2012 Tor Stinks Presentation on de-anonymizing users of Tor, a tool meant to protect online anonymity. Tor Stinks Presentation June 2012 Tor Stinks 23
10/04/2013   Peeling back the layers of Tor with EgotisticalGiraffe Presentation on EgotisticalGiraffe, a technique designed by the NSA to attack Tor users. Peeling Back the Layers of Tor with Egotistical Giraffe January 8, 2007 Egotistical Giraffe 20
10/04/2013   Extracts from an NSA document on Tor Extracts from an NSA document on Tor. Types of IAT (how Tor works) Types of IAT Tor 9
10/04/2013       NSA Notes from talk on Tor by Roger Dingledine November 2007 Roger Dingledine [Not Snowden document] 2
10/04/2013       NSA Cryptanalysis and Exploitation Services Report on TOR 2006 Tor 49
10/04/2013       GCHQ Mullenize GCHQ MULLENIZE 2
09/28/2013 01/3/2011 NSA Contact-Chaining Memo NSA memo on "new contact-chaining procedures to allow better, faster analysis" of foreign intelligence targets. NSA memo from January 3, 2011 on contact chaining Contact Chaining Social Networks [1] 3
09/28/2013   NSA Social Network Graph Powerpoint Slide An NSA powerpoint slide illustrating how phone and email data are used to graph the relationships of foreign intelligence targets. Slide on contact chaining (SYANPSE) SYANPSE 1
09/20/2013       GCHQ Slides on Belgacom Belgacom 3
09/16/2013        NSA Network Analysis Center 2010 SIGDEV Conference on credit card authorization network mapping SWIFT 3
09/11/2013       Israel Sharing NSA-Israel Spy 5
09/09/2013       NSA slides on smartphones Smartphones 5
09/08/2013       Stormbrew TV    
09/08/2013       NSA slides on Petrobras and private networks Petrobas ~60
09/05/2013       NSA Classification Guide for Cryptanalysis from September 13, 2005 NSA classification guide 3
09/05/2013        NSA SIGINT Enabling Project Description - engaging companies to covertly leverage product designs (no date) SIGINT Enabling

SIGINT Enabling [NYT 3]

SIGINT Enabling [PP 3]

09/05/2013       Project Bullrun Description June 16, 2010 BULLRUN



09/03/2013       SATC slides Mexico and Brazil Case Studies Brazil and Mexico 20
09/01/2013       NSA document dated June 2010 (not released) discussing targeting of French Foreign Ministry French Foreign Ministry 0
08/31/2013       NSA document dated March 23, 2006 (not released) showing that Al Jazeera was surveilled Al Jazeera 0
08/30/2013       FY 2013 Congressional Budget Summary February 2012 National Intelligence Program Summary ("black budget") Budget 17
08/23/2013       Prism Payments    
08/15/2013 01/8/2007 NSA Memo: Targeting Rationale (TAR) An NSA document describing how analysts should explain their targeting decisions under the FISA Amendments Act. NSA Targeting Analyst Rationale slides (undated)    4
08/15/2013 10/12/2011 FAA Certification Renewals with Caveats An NSA document describing the FISA Court's 2011 FAA Certifications and noting the FISC ruling that certain procedures for the collection of "Multiple Communications Transactions" were "deficient on statutory and constitutional grounds." NSA Special Source Organization (SSO) news article from October 12, 2011 discussing FISC ruling holding NSA surveillance unconstitutional    1
08/15/2013 11/1/2011 Slide: So you got U.S. Person Information? An NSA training slide about what analysts should do when they acquire "U.S. person information." "So You Got a US Person?" training slide November 8, 2011    1
08/15/2013 05/3/2012 SID Oversight and Compliance A 2012 quarterly audit of the NSA's surveillance activities, which describes 2,766 violations by the NSA of the surveillance laws and its internal rules and regulations. Read more. NSA Signals Intelligence Division (SID) Oversight & Compliance Report May 31, 2012 discussing privacy violations for the preceding year    13
08/9/2013 2011 NSA Section 702 'Loop Hole' An NSA Section 702 rule change expanding NSA targeting/surveillance authorities. NSA Special Source Organization (SSO) glossary on Section 702   1
07/31/2013 02/25/2008 NSA XKeyscore Powerpoint An NSA training slide describing the purpose and scope of the XKeyscore Program. Read more. NSA Xkeyscore Training Slides Feb 25, 2008 XKeyscore 32
07/10/2013 04/13/2013 UPSTREAM Powerpoint Slide An NSA training slide about the collection of internet and phone data from fiber-optic cable networks via the UPSTREAM program. Read more. PRISM slides PRISM Slide 1
06/30/2013       Dropmire Dropmire 1
06/29/2013 04/13/2013 PRISM Powerpoint Slides re Data Acquisition NSA training slides about the acquisition of surveillance information through the PRISM program. PRISM slides PRISM [8 pages] 4
06/27/2013 11/20/2007 NSA Memo to DOD - Proposed Amendment to Conduct Analysis of Metadata A memo from the NSA to the DOD seeking approval of a proposed amendment to procedures governing the NSA's metadata analysis. DOJ Memo from November 20, 2007 Proposing Amendment to DOD procedures to allow NSA to do contact chaining of metadata related to US Persons DoJ Memo on NSA 16
06/27/2013 03/24/2009 Draft NSA IG Report A 2009 NSA IG Report reviewing President Bush's post-9/11 surveillance programs. NSA OIG Working Draft Report from March 24, 2009 on Stellar Wind (PSP) Stellar Wind 51
06/27/2013 02/2/2011 2011 OIG Report on Bulk Collection A DOJ report to the Senate Intelligence Committee describing the government's bulk collection program under Section 215.   [Not Snowden] 9
06/23/2013 12/14/2009 2009 OIG Report on Bulk Collection A DOJ report to the House Intelligence Committee describing the government's bulk collection program under Section 215.   [Not Snowden] 7
06/20/2013 07/29/2009 FAA Minimization Procedures FISC document describing the NSA's minimization procedures under Section 702 of FISA (the FISA Amendments Act). Read more. Minimization Procedures used by NSA in Connection with Data Acquisitions Pursuant to 702 FISC July 29, 2009 Minimization Exhibit A 9
06/20/2013 07/29/2009 FAA Targeting Procedures FISC document describing the NSA's targeting procedures under Section 702 of FISA (the FISA Amendments Act). Procedures Used by NSA for Targeting Non-US Persons Reasonably Believed to Be Outside the US to Acquire Foreign Intelligence Pursuant to 702 FISC July 29, 2009 Minimization Exhibit B 9
06/08/2013 07/13/2012 NSA Boundless Informant Powerpoint Slides NSA training slides describing the Boundless Informant tool and "mission capabilities from metadata records." Boundless Informant Introduction Slides July 13, 2012 Boundless Informant Slides 4
06/08/2013 09/6/2012 NSA Boundless Informant Frequently Asked Questions An NSA "Work-in-Progress" factsheet describing the Boundless Informant datamining tool. Boundless Informant Explanation/FAQ Slides September 6, 2012 Boundless Informant FAQ 3
06/08/2013       PRISM/Upstream explanation slides   1
06/07/2013         PPD-20 18
06/6/2013 04/13/2013 PRISM Overview Powerpoint Slides NSA training slides providing an introduction and overview of the PRISM program. PRISM slides PRISM [1] 4
06/5/2013 04/25/2013 Section 215 - Secondary Order (Verizon) A FISC order approving the application of Section 215 for Verizon metadata collection. Read more. Verizon 215 Secondary Order April 25, 2013 Verizon 4