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Alleged Downloads by Aaron Swartz Series

23 January 2013. Excerpt from USA court filing:


22 January 2013. In a telephone chat today with Andy Greenberg, Forbes technology reporter, we explained that we had no evidence Aaron Swartz downloaded these files which Cryptome obtained on December 16, 2010 from Torrent via unidentified sources. Aaron's name is credited to indicate support for his Open Access Manifesto, to join innumerable others who are answering the call to liberate information, above and below ground. We advised Andy to avoid dramatization of Aaron and to dig more deeply into the widely-based Open Access movement and the Creative Commons with whom Aaron closely worked. We offered the opinion that the US Attorney was likely applying the long-established prosecutorial tactic of squeezing Aaron by threatening a long sentence and promising a shorter one to implicate others and that he courageously refused.

Swartz-00070.htm Aaron Swartz: Guerilla Open Access Manifesto January 18, 2013

The list of alleged downloads:

Swartz-00004.txt  Documents Allegedly Downloaded by Aaron Swartz   January 15, 2013

By request here are Torrent sources (among many) for the full collections posted before Cryptome downloaded on December 16, 2010 (not necessarily where Cryptome got them):

University Presses

Psychology Complete


Oxford University Press

Cambridge University Press

Selected files of the list (under construction):

Swartz-00061.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Charles Babbage Perfection Engines January 23, 2013 (799KB)

Swartz-00060.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Ethics of Killing                  January 23, 2013 (1.9MB)
Swartz-00059.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Human Liberty - Freedom of Speech  January 23, 2013 (30.5MB)
Swartz-00058.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Vital Democracy in Action          January 23, 2013 (953KB)
Swartz-00057.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Future People                      January 23, 2013 (1.5MB)
Swartz-00056.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Justice Beyond Borders             January 23, 2013 (1.3MB)

Swartz-00055.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Overcriminalization                January 23, 2013 (1.6MB)
Swartz-00054.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Uninhibited Robust Wide-Open Press January 23, 2013 (987KB)
Swartz-00053.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Technology: A World History        January 23, 2013 (3.7MB)
Swartz-00052.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Concealment and Exposure           January 23, 2013 (1.4MB)
Swartz-00051.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Choosing to Die                    January 22, 2013 (940KB)

Swartz-00050.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Law, Infrastructure, Human Rights  January 22, 2013 (1.5MB)
Swartz-00049.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Legality in a Time of Emergency    January 22, 2013 (1.5MB)
Swartz-00048.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Can Might Make Rights?             January 22, 2013 (2.0MB)
Swartz-00047.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Trust and Rule                     January 22, 2013 (869KB)
Swartz-00046.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Human Rights Law v. Armed Forces   January 22, 2013 (1.5MB)

Swartz-00045.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Capitalism, Democracy, Welfare     January 22, 2013 (2.3MB)
Swartz-00044.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Corporations and Citizenship       January 22, 2013 (1.1MB)
Swartz-00043.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Punishment Historical Perspective  January 22, 2013 (1.8MB) 
Swartz-00042.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Modern Signal Processing           January 22, 2013 (6.5MB)
Swartz-00041.pdf      Aaron Swartz: The Idea of the State              January 22, 2013 (2.0MB)

Swartz-00040.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Oxford Dictionary of Slang         January 20, 2013 (17.5MB)
Swartz-00039.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Postcolonialism Introduction       January 20, 2013 (18.9MB)
Swartz-00038.pdf      Aaron Swartz: End of the World Guide             January 20, 2013 (8.5MB)
Swartz-00037.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Power Sex Suicide                  January 20, 2013 (3.4MB)
Swartz-00036.pdf      Aaron Swartz: March of Unreason                  January 20, 2013 (1.9MB)

Swartz-00035.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Global Catastrophes Introduction   January 20, 2013 (2.5MB)
Swartz-00034.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Surviving Armageddon               January 20, 2013 (2.7MB)
Swartz-00033.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Emerald Planet                     January 20, 2013 (2.5MB)
Swartz-00032.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Magic Universe                     January 20, 2013 (4.8MB)
Swartz-00031.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Information Society Theories       January 19, 2013 (2.4MB)

Swartz-00030.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Democracy Inc: Totalitarianism     January 19, 2013 (944KB)
Swartz-00029.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Governing Global E-Networks        January 19, 2013 (3.8MB)
Swartz-00028.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Information Arts, Science, Tech    January 19, 2013 (10.7MB)
Swartz-00027.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Wireless Internet Security         January 19, 2013 (1.2MB)
Swartz-00026.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Internet Jurisdiction-Regulation   January 19, 2013 (1.9MB)

Swartz-00025.pdf      Aaron Swartz: InfoTech Moral Philosophy          January 19, 2013 (1.9MB)
Swartz-00024.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Thinking in Action On the Internet January 19, 2013 (733KB)
Swartz-00023.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Who Controls the Internet?         January 19, 2013 (17.7MB)
Swartz-00022.pdf      Aaron Swartz: US-UK Spy Cooperation Post-911     January 19, 2013 (1.6MB)
Swartz-00021.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Government Secrecy in Net Age      January 19, 2013 (3.0MB)

Swartz-00020.pdf      Aaron Swartz: US Telecom Policy in Net Age       January 19, 2013 (4.0MB)
Swartz-00019.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Cybercrime Principles              January 19, 2013 (2.0MB)
Swartz-00018.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Cybersecurity Law and Economics    January 19, 2013 (2.1MB)
Swartz-00017.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Global Transparency Perils-Promise January 19, 2013 (1.1MB)
Swartz-00016.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Cryptography and Complexity        January 19, 2013 (1.8MB)

Swartz-00015.htm      Aaron Swartz: Guerilla Open Access Manifesto     January 18, 2013
Swartz-00014.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Marketing Rebellion (ie WikiLeaks) January 16, 2013 (1.1MB)
Swartz-00013.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Munitions of the Mind: Propaganda  January 16, 2013 (1.4MB)
Swartz-00012.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Citizen Spy: TV Spying Propaganda  January 16, 2013 (2.4MB)
Swartz-00011.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Spy Wars, Moles, Deadly Games      January 16, 2013 (1.0MB)

Swartz-00010.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Spying Blind: CIA, FBI, 9/11       January 16, 2013 (1.1MB)
Swartz-00009.pdf      Aaron Swartz: The Culture of Conspiracy          January 16, 2013 (1.0MB)
Swartz-00008.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Norms in a Wired World             January 16, 2013 (1.6MB)
Swartz-00007.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Prison State: Mass Incarceration   January 16, 2013 (1.4MB)
Swartz-00006.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Media, Politics, Network Society   January 16, 2013 (1.9MB)

Swartz-00005.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Internet Scientific Collaboration  January 16, 2013 (3.6MB)
Swartz-00004.txt      Documents Allegedly Downloaded by Swartz         January 15, 2013
Swartz-00003.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Disposable Women of Global Capital January 15, 2013 (2.2MB)
Swartz-00002.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Achieving Human Rights             January 15, 2013 (844KB)
Swartz-00001.pdf      Aaron Swartz: Constructing Knowledge in Networks January 15, 2013 (1.9MB)


Swartz-0005.htm       DMCA Takedown Notice Invokes Aaron Swartz        January 17, 2013
Swartz-0004.htm       Narcotizing Armstrong Assange and Swartz         January 17, 2013
Swartz-0003.htm       Politicizing Aaron Swartz (Marketing Rebellion)  January 17, 2013
Swartz-0002.pdf       USA v. Aaron Swartz Terminated                   January 14, 2013
Swartz-0001.htm       MIT Closet Allegedly Used by Aaron Swartz        January 14, 2013