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15 April 2006. The 33 unclassified US Air Force Technical Orders on Aeropspace Emergency Rescue and Mishap Response:

15 April 2006. Cryptome offers the 33 unclassified US Air Force Technical Orders on Aeropspace Emergency Rescue and Mishap Response withdrawn by the Air Force after news accounts of a TO decribing Air Force One features. The collection is over 200MB (PDF files), too large to offer on Cryptome for general download. For the URL send a PGP-encrypted (PK) message to: [Image]

12 April 2006. Thanks to Anon on Bruce Schneier's blog, the Technical Order for the Navy's AV-8B is here (2004 version, 2005 version is part of Segment 24 below):


11 April 2006

The Air Force has withdrawn the following Technical Orders describing emergency rescue procedures for military aerospace craft due to news articles dramatizing information about Air Force One in one of the orders (Segment 9) -- excerpted here on April 9.

The information in the orders is needed not only by military rescue units but emergency responders whereever these aerospace craft and their civilian versions might crash. None of the information is classified:

Cryptome downloaded the collection (about 250MB) on 9 April 2006 and offers it for hosting on a machine more capacious and faster than Cryptome's. Send inquiry to: [Image]

Two segments are offered here: Segment 14 (Zipped PDF, 6.8MB) on UAVs and ammunition, timely for their use in killing suspected terrorists and deployment in the US homeland.

And Segment 17 (Zipped PDF, 7.7MB) for emergency rescue for the Space Shuttle and orbiting vehicles, a crash threat worldwide.

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Technical Order 00-105E-9 and STANAG 3896
Aerospace Emergency Rescue and Mishap Response Information
(Emergency Services)

Segment List for Revision 11, Dated 01 February 2006

Previous Versions Unauthorized

For TO 00-105E-9 Safety Supplements, see our Web Site:

Segment 1: Title A, B, & C pages, Forward, List of Illustrations,Aircraft and NATO ID's,  FAA/ICAO Designators, and Chapters 1-3 (4.9MB)
Segment 2: Chapter 4 - USAF Attack (2.7MB)
Segment 3: Chapter 5 - USAF Bomber (8.4MB)
Segment 4: Chapter 6 - USAF Cargo Pt1 C-5 thru C-12J (7.5MB)
Segment 5: Chapter 6 - USAF Cargo Pt2 C-17A thru C-20 (8.1MB)
Segment 6: Chapter 6 - USAF Cargo Pt3 C-21 - C-40 (11.3MB)
Segment 7: Chapter 6 - USAF Cargo Pt4 C-130 thru WC-135W (8.3MB)
Segment 8: Chapter 6 - USAF Cargo Pt5 VC-137 thru KC-10 and chapter end (5.0MB)
Segment 9: Chapter 7 - USAF Electronic Pt1 E-3 30/35 thru VC-25 (AF-1) (7.6MB)
Segment 10: Chapter 7 - USAF Electronic Pt2 YAL-1A to chapter end (5.3MB)
Segment 11: Chapters 8 - USAF Fighter Pt1 QF-4 thru F-16 (7.9MB)
Segment 12: Chapters 8 - USAF Fighter Pt2 F-22A thru F-117A (7.1MB)
Segment 13: Chapters 9 - USAF Helicopter (2.8MB)
Segment 14: Chapter 10 - USAF Observation / Reconnaissance (Zipped PDF, 6.8MB)
Segment 15: Chapters 11 and 12 - USAF Trainer and Utility (7.6MB)
Segment 16: Chapter 13 thru 16 - USA Helicopter Trainer, Utility, and VSTOL/Cargo/Transport/Paratroop (7.4MB)
Segment 17: Chapter 17 - NASA Aerospacecraft and Micro-gravity Information (Zipped PDF, 7.7MB)
Segment 18: Chapter 18 - CRAF  Pt1 DC-3 thru DC-10 (9.8MB)
Segment 19: Chapter 18 - CRAF Pt2 MD-11 thru L-1011-500 (8.7MB)
Segment 20: Chapter 18 CRAF Pt3 707 thru 737 (7.5)
Segment 21: Chapter 18 CRAF Pt4 747 thru 777 and chapter end (10.3MB)
Segment 22: Chapter 19 Various US Government Agencies Pt1 USCG to NOAA (2.9MB)
Segment 23: Chapter 19 Various US Government Agencies Pt2 USFS (9.3MB)
Segment 24: Chapters 20 thru 22 - US Navy Attack, Fighter, and Special Mission (6.5MB)
Segment 25: Chapters 23 thru 25 - US Navy Transport, Trainer, and Helicopter (8.0MB)
Segment 26: Chapters 26 and 27 - NATO Attack, Bomber/Marine (8.4MB)
Segment 27:Chapter 28 - NATO Cargo (3.6MB)
Segment 28:Chapters 29 - NATO Fighter (9.6MB)
Segment 29:Chapter 30 - NATO Helicopter Pt1 A109 thru Lynx MK3 (9.0MB)
Segment 30:Chapter 30 - NATO Helicopter Pt2 Lynx MK7 thru Sea King HAS/ASW/6 (8.8MB)
Segment 31:Chapter 30 - NATO Helicopter Pt3 Sea KingMK4 thru Wessex HC2/HC5C (6.8MB)
Segment 32: Chapters 31 and 34 - NATO Observation/Reconnaissance, Trainer, Tanker and Utility (8.8MB)
Segment 33: Chapters 35 and 36 - NATO Small and Large Commercial (3.0MB)