13 July 2002

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Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 16:30:42 -0500
From: Crusader
Subject: Alneda File Notes

Just some brief notes.

I've run strings on a few of the zipped doc files, and a few English words crop up:

-Ortho Plastic__Strain


-What We have done We have Awaken the Giant

-This Is Easy

-Waht is the problem? The problem is Islam

-pen G.P.O. P.for

-Bank of America


-Payess aco only

-Fand Mandlist


-Habib Bank

-Andbands Bank


-N.W.F.P (North West Fronteir Propens)

-Natioal Awamy Party

-Pakistan National Party

-Bluschstan Student Orientation




Wahhabism is the extremist conservative branch of Islam that I believe many in Al Qaeda are said to adhere to. "Awake the giant" sounds like a paraphrase of Yamamoto's infamous post-December 7, 1941 quote. The spat of bank references is interesting: both the Bank of America, the number 64444317610, and Andbands Bank are also referenced in this Saudi article on Bin Laden and American banks:


Which would help lend credence to the authenticity of these files (as I cannot find what is presumably a bank account number or the name "Andbands Bank" referenced anywhere else on the web. Moreover, Habib bank is mentioned in this list of banks where Al Qaeda accounts were frozen in Pakistan:


NWFP is very likely referencing North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, which I think is also the area where Bin Laden himself and his command staff is rumored to have relocated. The National Awami Party is a socialist party in Kashmir; I don't think they're on good terms with the various terrorist factions endemic to the region. I have no idea what the "Bluschstan Student Orientation" is.

Moreover, these documents appear to have been written by one Khalel Ali, who has not been referenced or named in government statements/evidence entries on Al Qaeda to date, to my knowledge. Also, the files all appear to be dated on or around the month of July, 1997. The filetype (Word for Windows 95 v6) would corroborate this. Why such old files would still be useful or floating around on an updated Al Qaeda website, I cannot guess.

I tried to check the images in the archive for steganography, but the results were discouraging at best and seemed within the statistical norms for any random group of images known to lack steganographic messages (Stegdetect 0.5 was utilized).

Thus, the meat of whatever usable intelligence is in this archive would likely be in the Arabic html files; as implied by the lack of content analysis on the doc files above, I cannot read Arabic, and thus have not gleaned anything of use from the html files as of yet. There is an online Arabic translator at


(free registration required unfortunately), which I plan to use on the files when I get a chance.

Hope this helps some,


R. writes 13 July 2002:

Any idea who KHALEL ALI is?  I found his name in one of the Word .DOC revision logs:

File: ã¬?ç ?é¥í©.DOC in Al-Neda.com/drasat/oshaqalhoor.zip in
Size: 1089536 bytes
Date: Thu Feb 14 15:59:42 EST 2002
Product version: 71
Language: Arabic
Created by: Word 97 (Build 3/25/97)
Revised by: Word 97 (Build 3/25/97)

Document Summary Information

CWB Inc.

Revision log

Rev. #1: "??? ????" edited file "C:\PC\DSK10PC\USHAQ-1.DOC"
Rev. #2: "KHALEL ALI" edited file "C:\PC\DSK10PC\USHAQ-1.DOC"
Rev. #3: "KHALEL ALI" edited file "C:\PC\D10\USHAQ-1.DOC"
Rev. #4: "KHALEL ALI" edited file "C:\PC\D10\USHAQ-1.DOC"
Rev. #5: "??? ?????" edited file "C:\ARSHEEF\?????? ??? ????
????\D10\???? ?????.doc"
Rev. #6: "test" edited file "E:\??????~2\??????~1.DOC"
Rev. #7: "Saad" edited file "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\AutoRecovery save of ????
Rev. #8: "Saad" edited file "D:\Data\AZZAM\???? ?????.doc"

Cryptome to R:

No, the name is unknown.

I have been told that Arabic names are tricky for non-arabics, for example Khalel is also spelled Khalil, indeed that is the most common spelling. And Ali may be a first, last or middle name, as may be Khalel or Khalil. And some use only first names, some use only last names, some use only middle names, out of what may be several names for an individual. And that is in addition to the use of pseudonyms, the names of heroes or esteemed relatives, nicknames and honorifics.

Google produces one "Khalel Ali," as the first two names of a party in Saudi Arabia, listed on a Chinese site:


Fax: 966-1- 4113606
Tel: 966-1-4114545
Email: drop_khaled@hotmail.com
Zip: 1528 Riyadh 11441
Khalel Ali Mohammed Sulem

"Ali Khalel" produces no listings, and Google quickly converts it to "Ali Khalil" for a long list. And Google produces a long list for  "Khalil Ali."

The index of US federal court cases shows no entry for Khalel Ali, but three listings for Khalil Ali, all bankruptcy cases, no criminal or civil:

KHALIL, ALI, New Jersey Bankruptcy Court, 94-34432, filed 07/12/1994

KHALIL, ALI, Michigan Eastern Bankruptcy Court, 95-43306, filed 03/31/1995

KHALIL, ALI, Michigan Eastern Bankruptcy Court, 99-04078, filed 02/02/1999