23 July 2002. See follow-up reports:


Updated 13 July 2002 to add archive URL.

12 July 2002

From Anonymous:

I made a copy of the Al-Qaeda website www.Al-Neda.com [should be alneda.com] (temporarily located at: www.drasat.com) with Teleport-pro before it was shut down on June 23, 2002.

It contains about 70MB of documents (18 MB zipped) -- many appear to be encrypted MS Word manuals.  I am not able to decrypt them, perhaps you might have contacts who can.

There are numerous pages of Arabic 'chat'.  Some of which has been translated -- 'Senior Al-Qaeda official: We have the right to Kill 4 Million Americans' -- this site is still making the news (front page, USA Today, July 10, 2002).


The archived material appears to be from alneda.com, based on index pages within the Zip, not al-neda.com, which is a different site (see message below). And while many files in the archive are Zipped-compressed Word files, there do not appear to be any encrypted files. Most are in Arabic:

http://jya.com/an/alneda-219.zip  (18.6MB)

If downloads become excessive the URL will change, so if you miss it check this file for update.

From: "Jon" <jondavid@4jon.com>
To: <jya@pipeline.com>
Subject: Al-neda Site
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 01:35:26 -0400
Hi I own the website at Al-neda.com. This is the website 
you mistakenly refer to in your page at


The real Alneda site was at Alneda.com not Al-neda.com, MY site 
I have put up in conjunction with federal authorities in hopes 
of intercepting confused communication intended for the actual 
"Alneda" site formerly at drasat.com. 

You state that you have archived the site. And I was wondering 
if perhaps you could make access to this archive available to 

Or if I provide server space, you could possibly upload it to 
our servers?

Also, would like any info you may have on the newest mirror 
for the Al-qaeda site (Alneda.com) as I personally have not 
been able to locate it, but it is apparent that some members 
of the press have.

Thanks and regards- JD Al-Neda.com