30 July 2002: Associated Press report on Jon's hijack of alneda.com.

23 July 2002

These messages respond to a notice that alneda.com is back online: http://cryptome.org/alneda-up.htm

Thanks to several who have advised to beware that Jon's wet dream domains -- thewetlands.com and thewetlandsinc.com, alneda.com servers -- are porn sites, and his Alneda trickery is intended to generate traffic for his sleazy products and has nothing to do with the authorities, except those sleazy global authorities pushing the porn of national security, intelligence, law enforcement, counter-terrorism and homeland window-spying on neighbors. Recall that the CIA runs Muslim porn sites for its own pleasure and calls the stuff psychological warfare.

From: "Jon" <jondavid@4jon.com>
To: "John Young" <jya@pipeline.com>
Subject: Hey your waaaay off
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 21:07:47 -0400

Remember me? I wrote you regarding Al-neda.org and you gave me access to the zipped files. Well I have a scoop for you. Since then I HAVE Hijacked the ALNEDA.COM domain from the unfriendlies! If you look at the nameserver information for Alneda.com it will confirm that. Also if you look at the contact email it is alnedaorg@alneda.org which I also own.

Now the really funny part is IF you GO www.alneda.com and look at the code you will also see that it is the VERY version I got from YOU excepting for the trackers which I added.

It gets better..... If you copy this url http://www.muslm.net/cgi-bin/showflat.pl?Cat=&Board=islam&Number=58454&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5 into the arab/english translator at http://atarjim.ajeeb.com/ajeeb2/ you will see that they DID eventually figure out I put up a decoy site and trapped them all, and it forced them to put up a version of the ACTUAL site at www.news4arab.org and guess who owns www.news4arabs.org hehehe

I just thought you might appreciate the ACTUAL fact of whats going on and know that THEY are NOT winning ANY cyber war.

Regards ~JD

Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 00:01:00 -0400
To: jya@pipeline.com
From: M
Subject: re: Alneda.com back up

This was posted today at:


Alneda.com Has Been Activated Once Again - By Authorities!

July 22, 2002

As everyone expected, Alneda.com has reappeared once again however the site is not the original site but rather is being published by authorities as a means to disseminate false information about Al-Qaida operations. In a growing trend of government “disinformation”, the compromised www.alneda.com is currently hosted by the controversial Wetlands Inc. in Ocean City, Maryland. Wetlands hosts several adult and fringe sites and have been the target of much controversy ­ making for interesting bedfellows.

Just before alneda.com was pulled down the last time, it warned viewers that the site was probably being monitored by the FBI, CIA and Customs Service. It promised to e-mail members the new address of the Web site once it was in operation. It also told them they could find the address in chat rooms on other terror sites, such as Hamas' qassam.net.

In a statement yesterday broadcast to Arabic message boards and mail lists, Alneda has advised that the site located at www.alneda.com is not published by Alneda, but rather by authorities. In fact, the originators say that they are no longer able to access their URL and that original information published on their site and that now appears on www.alneda.com has been alter and manipulated.

Also, www.alneda.com now includes advertising and some of its links are redirected to adult sites, further validating this information.

The real Alneda site is located at

Whois alneda.com

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     Referral URL: http://www.directi.com
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