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Title: Al-Qa'ida Affiliated Website Back Online; Taliban Official's  Statements Reported 

Document Number: FBIS-NES-2002-0719
Document Type: Daily Report
Document Title: FBIS Translated Text
Document Region: Near East/South Asia, The Americas
Document Date: 19 Jul 2002
Division: South Asia, North America
Subdivision: Afghanistan, United States
Sourceline: GMP20020719000104 London Al-Sharq al-Awsat in Arabic 19 Jul 02 p3
AFS Number: GMP20020719000104
Citysource: London Al-Sharq al-Awsat
Language: Arabic
Subslug: Report by Muhammad al-Shaf'i in London: "Al-Qa'ida Website Back Online"

[FBIS Translated Text]     The fundamentalists have won a new round of the declared online war against websites affiliated with Al-Qa'ida and the Taliban and adopt their media discourse.   Alneda website, which speaks in al-Qa'ida's name, managed to evade the tough censorship of a new server under the name Studies [Dirasat] dot com.

    US sources believe Alneda is al-Qa'ida's media mouthpiece because it has been the only source to report news of Usama Bin Ladin over the past months. The most recent of these reports is an audio recording of al-Qa'ida official spokesman Sulayman Abu-Ghayth declaring the network's responsibility for the Tunisia blast that killed 21 people, including 14 German tourists. The announcement of Alneda's return online came in an e-mail that al-Sharq al-Awsat received a copy of yesterday through the Jihad Online website, which is the most updated fundamental site on the World Wide Web.

    Abd-al-Rahman al-Rashid, a Gulf fundamentalist and general supervisor of Jihad Online, congratulated the brothers on the return of the Islamic Studies and Research website to the web. The website is still in its original location -- http://www.alneda.com. The most prominent topics on the website include a series of analyses under the title "America's Rise To the Abyss," which is a four-part series on the reasons behind US globalization, the reasons for the disputes between United States and its allies, which limited its ability to continue its expansionist track, as well as the reasons behind America's declared war on Islamists online. The analysis adds: "Islamists must be prepared to have their websites shut down in any minute, but must search for alternatives online, the most important of which being email lists that Islamists can create and use to disseminate news."

    One of the most recent interviews published on Jihad Online is an interview posted yesterday with Muhammad Tayyib Agha, adviser to former Taliban ruler Mullah Umar.   Agha is a young man in his early thirty's whom I met in Kandahar a couple of years ago. He is fluent in Arabic, which he learned in the Pakistani city of Kuwita with roaming Afghan ambassador Mawlawi Rahmatullah Hashimi -- who spoke English -- before the fall of the Taliban.

    Muhammad Agha said there is a media blackout on Al-Qa'ida and Taliban fighters for reasons everyone knows. He added: "There are continuous operations against the Americans but the media do not mention most of them for reasons that are no secret. There are plans for qualitative operations against America, which will speak for themselves when the time comes."

    He added:   Mullah Umar and Bin Ladin are well and may appear in the media soon. He denied disputes between Al-Qa'ida and Taliban fighters. He said: These are groundless rumors and are part of the war the enemies are waging against Islam and Muslims in every place and time. He added: "The Mujahidin are not after power and do not fight over it like others. We seek truth and work for it, and for the sake of it we have sacrificed power and went beyond it. As Mullah Umar said, if we only wanted power, we would have responded to the United States' demands, at which point it not only would have stopped fighting us, but supplied us with money and manpower as well and would have backed us with everything we needed to stay in power as it is doing with other governments; but we rejected a power that serves US interests."

    On the main goals of the US war in Afghanistan, Muhammad Agha said: "They are to arrest Mullah Umar, Bin Ladin, and mujahidin leaders, eliminate the source of terror and fear that has made the Americans live in an unbearable hell since September, and unify Afghanistan under a central government that guarantees US interests."

    He added: The Americans have failed to achieve any of these goals: Mullah Umar, Bin Ladin, and the mujahidin leaders are safe and sound, and US security -- which is the aspired purpose of this war -- is getting worse by the day.

[Description of Source: London Al-Sharq al-Awsat in Arabic -- Influential Saudi-owned London daily providing independent coverage of Arab and international issues; editorials reflect official Saudi views on foreign policy.]