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New DNI Headquarters and NCTC Birdseye

13 December 2006

Among the locations reported for the new headquarters of the Directorate of National Intelligence (DNI) is near the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) headquarters at Bolling Air Force Base. Recent images from Mapquest and Local Live show a large new building under construction adjoining DIA. This might be the new DNI headquarters or a it could be an expansion of DIA. DIA has undergone previous expansions, usually by matching the design of the existing building, or with additions that appear to be temporary or subsidiary structures.

The building under construction is quite different in size, form and orientation from DIA HQ, though linked with a plaza and what appears to be a joint entrance and shared accommodations for the existing and new buildings.

A principal reason for locating DNI near DIA is to take advantage of DIA's global communications capabilities, share DoD's intelligence personnel and support resources, benefit from Bolling's security measures and comparative isolation on the base. (The President's helicopter is based next door.)

Also, the Department of Defense hosts by far the largest intelligence components of the US government which are now under the umbrella of the DNI, perhaps, or is actually run by DoD aided by the new Secretary of Defense.

National Intelligence Director John Negroponte is housed near the White House in the New Executive Office Building. DNI staff may be housed in DIA.

One report of an alleged CIA officer shows her vehicle with a Bolling AFB pass:

Directorate of National Intelligence:


The recent Local Live images below were discovered by panning around the readily available older images. Other sites also reveal recent images by this method. Heretofore Local Live images of the VP residence have been blurred.

Directorate of National Intelligence

Vice Presidential Residence


Defense Intelligence Agency c. 2003 (Google Maps),dc&ie=UTF8&z=16&ll=38.849468,-77.013173&spn=0.014121,0.033431&t=h&om=1

Defense Intelligence Agency c. 2003 (Google Maps)

Defense Intelligence Agency c. 2005 (Mapquest)

Defense Intelligence Agency c. 2005 (Mapquest)

Defense Intelligence Agency, Looking West, c. 2003 (Local Live)

Defense Intelligence Agency, Looking West, c. 2005 (Local Live)

Defense Intelligence Agency, Looking West, c. 2005 (Local Live)

Defense Intelligence Agency, Looking North, c. 2005 (Only partial building image available) (Local Live)

Vice Presidential Complex, Looking South (Local Live)

Vice Presidential Complex, North at Bottom to Match photo above (Mapquest)

Vice Presidential Complex and Naval Observatory, Looking South (Local Live)