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10 May 2003. British FRU secret agent/killer Stakeknife has been named:

29 November 2002

Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 13:51:49 EST

I have just been informed that my solicitor has been served with a court 
order demanding that the Claim ( be 
removed from your web sit.

Therefore can I ask that you temporally remove it until further notice, you 
must understand that I have to obay an order of the court, I am also now 
prohibited from talking with the press regarding this matter.

Should you wish to confirm the same you are welcome to contact my Solicitor 
(Dan Rubinstein) on 00 44 207 636 6314 or alternivivly the Tresuary Solicior 
00 44 207210 3282.

Your sincerely
Samuel Rosenfeld
Cc: Daniel Rubinstein (Solicitor)
Tony (Anthony) Aylett (Treasury Solicitor)
Chris walker (Treasury Solicitor)
Martin Truran (Treasury Solicitor)


Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 13:07:27 -0800
From: John Young <>
Subject: Date Affirmed

This affirms that the Claim form dated 26 November 2002 was received on
26 November 2002.

The MoD injunction against publication would be most welcome for sharing with
the public.

28 November 2002. On November 27, 2002, the UK Ministry of Defense served an injunction forbidding publication of this document.

Received 26 November 2002. Thanks to anonymous.

A related claim:

More on the Force Research Unit and Stakeknife (and below):

Defense Intelligence and Security Centre:

[Transcribed from images.]

[Page 1, form]


Claim Form                                                             In the RCJ-QBD

Claim No. HQ02X03956

26 NOV 2002

Samuel Jay Rosenfeld
2 Vansittart Road Forest Gate
London E7 0AS

The First Defendant:
David Moyles (Handler) C/O Brigadier Peter Everson
(DISC) Intelligence Corps Chicksands Shefford Beds SG17 PR
The Second Defendant:
Karl Carl Handler (Identity Unknown) C/O Brigadier Peter Everson
(DISC) Intelligence Corps Chicksands Shefford Beds SG17 PR

Brief details of claim
The Defendants former handlers are deliberately and willfully withholding information concerning the death of the Claimants daughter in Northern Ireland, while the Claimant was engaged in covert intelligence gathering. Subsequently causing the claimant to suffer mental anguish as a result.

The First Defendant is an employee of the Intelligence Corps (MoD) and a former handler to the Claimant, who is also a handler to another agent code name (Stakeknife).

The Second Defendant who is known to the Claimant as Karl Carl, who's true identity is being wihheld by the Defendant's employer, even after request were [sic] prior to commencement of litigation.

The claimant expects to recover more than £700,000, but not less than a £350,000 and seeks an order of disclosure from the defendants.

[Illegible stamp] LE5CZE

name and
First Defendant:
David Moyles (Handler)
Brigadier Peter Everson
(DISC) Intelligence Corps Chicksands Shefford Beds SG17 PR
Second Defendant:
Karl Carl Handler (Identity Unknown)
C/O Brigadier Peter Everson
(DISC) Intelligence Corps Chicksands Shefford Beds SG17 PR
Amount claimed:  UNSPECIFIED
Court fee: £500  PE
Solicitor's costs: --
Total amount: UNSPECIFIED
Issue date: [Blank]


The court office at
is open between 10 am and 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. When corresponding with the court please address forms or letters to the Court Manager and [illegible] number

NI Claim form (CPR Part 71 CO33)                               Printed on behalf of The Court Secretary

[Page 2, form]

Claim No. [blank]

Does, or will, your claim include any issues under the Human Rights Act 1998 [x] Yes    [  ] No

Particulars of Claim: (attached)(to follow)

In breach of Art's: 2, 5, 8, 12.

The Defendants deliberately and willfully endangered the life of the Claimant while the Claimant was engaged in cover action on behalf of Her Majesty's Government (Force Research Unit/Joint Services Group).

The Defendants approached the Claimant and recruited the Claimant for the sole purpose of providing Intelligence against subversive (terrorist) groups.

The Defendants instructed the Claimant to infiltrate the sovereign territorial jurisdiction of the Irish Repupblic and Northern Ireland, introducing the Claimant to another agent known as Edwin Bates who willfully and knowingly mounted black propaganda campaign against the Claimant.

The Claimant has suffered and continues to suffer as a result of the Defendants willful and negligent actions, placing the Claimant in extreme jeopardy.

Statement of Truth

* (I believe)(The Claimant believes) that the facts stated in these particulars of this claim form are true.
* I am duly authorized by the claimant to sign this statement.


Name of claimant's solicitor's firm: N/A

signed [signature]                                                           position or office held: -----

* (Claimant)(Litigation friend/Claimant's solicitor)     (if signing on behalf of firm or company)
* delete as appropriate

Mr. Samuel Jay Rosenfeld        
2 Vansittart Road
Forest Gate
London E7 0AS
Claimant's or claimants solicitor's address to which documents
or payments should be sent if different from overleaf including
(if appropriate) details of DX, fax or e-mail.

23 June 2002

Stakeknife — His Bloody True Story

—by Greg Harkin, Sunday People


Britain's most senior spy inside the Provisional IRA has been personally responsible for more than FORTY murders, Sunday People can reveal today.

In devastating revelations set to add to the Government's embarrassment over agent Brian Nelson and his role in the murder of lawyer Pat Finucane, we lift the lid on the role of the Army's informer in the IRA. A former member of the Force Research Unit has spoken to Sunday People for the very first time and reveals how 'Stakeknife' had a role in the arrest and imprisonment of former Sinn Féin spin-doctor Danny Morrison

The secrets of Castlereagh

The break-in at Castlereagh barracks was carried out by British Army intelligence to preserve the identity of an army agent deep inside the IRA, writes Home Affairs Editor Neil Mackay


IT was around noon last Saturday when I received a phone call from a former British military intelligence officer which was to lead a day later to one of the most daring -- and illegal -- adventures by undercover army officers in the history of the Irish Troubles.

That phone call was part of a chain of events which would lead to the St Patrick's Day break-in by British Army spies into the Special Branch offices of the RUC in Castlereagh in Belfast -- supposedly the most secure security force barracks in western Europe. Their aim was simple: to steal secret documents relating to a spy they had been running within the ranks of the IRA. They pulled it off.

The military intelligence officer asked if I could help him . He was worried that the Irish Sunday Tribune newspaper -- with which the Sunday Herald has a close working relationship -- was about to 'out' a friend called Kevin Fulton (not his real name). Fulton is a British Army soldier sent deep under cover within the ranks of the IRA -- a prize agent for Britain. The threat to expose him would have signed his death warrant. The Tribune had no intention of 'outing' Fulton.

It is unclear how the rumour started, but Fulton is no longer a friend of the British state, so the claims could have been a nasty piece of black propaganda put about to frighten him. He has recently turned whistleblower and has been co-operating with investigations into some of the biggest intelligence scandals in the history of Northern Ireland's 'dirty war'. This included devastating claims that the RUC effectively allowed the Omagh bomb to go off in 1999, killing 29 people, despite receiving warnings from him that the atrocity was planned. The RUC's motive was allegedly to preserve the cover of a highly placed double-agent within the Real IRA.

Late last Saturday I spoke to Fulton and reassured him that the Tribune had no plans to 'out' him. But a few hours later other rumours began to circulate that Fulton was planning to 'out' the British Army's star agent within the IRA in revenge for his cover being put in jeopardy. It was this that led directly to the raid on Castlereagh a night later. The rumours filtered all the way up to the very highest echelons within the Ministry of Defence even though Fulton had no intention of 'outing' the agent.

The agent who Fulton was thought to be about to 'out' is a senior IRA man code-named Stakeknife. Unlike Fulton, he is not 'one of the good guys'. He isn't a British agent inserted into the IRA, he is a IRA gunman who turned double-agent for an estimated £75,000 a year from the army through a bank account in Gibraltar. And he's been in the pay of the British for around 30 years.

Stakeknife's role has been intensely scrutinised over the past 18 months. The Scotland Yard inquiry team investigating alleged collusion between British security forces, police and terrorists, led by Met Commissioner Sir John Stevens, has been unofficially sniffing around this shadowy character, and has spoken to former British Army personnel who know of his activities.