14 June 2004. Thanks to A5. for hardcopy.


david-rupert.jpg    + David Rupert, IRA Supergrass                     June 13, 2004
portlaoise.jpg      + Portlaoise, Ireland's Highest Security Prison    June 13, 2004
Shit Hole             Portlaoise Prison Inspection Report              June 13, 2004
gardai-covert.jpg   + Gardai SDU/ERU Undercover                        June 12, 2004
sb-sop.htm          + Special Branch Surveillance Procedures           June 9, 2004
joe-buck.htm        + Joe (Buck) Haughey Special Branch Informer       May 29, 2004
garda-ham.htm       + Garda Ham: It Happened in November               May 23, 2004
special-branch2.htm + Photos of Special Branch-Irish Secret Police 2   May 21, 2004
special-branch.htm  + Photos of Special Branch-Irish Secret Police     May 20, 2004

A6. writes June 13:

You are being played.

Anyone who wants to portray the Irish Police as puppets of the NWO is having you on. Your chain is being pulled. They refused to help out the Brits in time of trouble and are more than a little independent.

Whoever is sending you the Int published on your page is either trying to make you a target for Brit G2 or is using you as a conduit for PR. Either way -- avoid. You, or your relatives, will get hurt by these guys. They play big boys rules. For keeps.

The problems the Gardai have to deal with re corruption and bent coppers beggar belief. Please, for the love of God, don't become just another brick in the wall, a cog in the machine that is criminals besmirching law enforcement. Wise up.

The People (Ireland), June 6, 2004

Wackos spark second alert
as danger details of top Irish
cops are posted on website



IRISH website wackos have exposed some of the most secret details of the Gardai's Special Branch unit.

The damaging details were posted on a top American security website in recent days.

The same website, uncovered by the Irish People, previously put up pictures of TEN of Ireland's top undercover cops.

However, the latest revelations go even deeper and are set to cause a huge internal investigation within An Garda Siochana.

Among the latest details posted on the website are:


The Gardai are aware that the website is printing the identities of the identities of the officers involved.

We informed the Gardai of the developments three weeks ago after the pictures of ten top officers were posted on the internet.

Many of the undercover detectives are involved in anti-terrorism and surveillance operations.

One picture even showed an undercover detective shadowing Taoiseach Bertie Ahern as he chatted on his mobile phone.

Others pictured work regularly with President May McAleese while at least two have been detailed to work on American President George W Bush's forthcoming visit here.

Another showed undercover officers using recording equipment to monitor the recent May Day riots.

A spokesman for the Garda Press Office confirmed at the time it was aware of the site but did not want to comment on the matter.

However Irish People has learned that a full investigation has been launched into those behind the site.

The Garda even went so far as to attempt to have an injunction taken out against the posting of the site in the interests of national security.

However, it is believed that because the website is operated from a different jurisdiction it was out of the Gardai's control.

The latest security scare is set to cause even further shockwaves for the force here.

As well as listing the radio frequencies used by the elite Garda squad, the website also gives details of how to pick up the signals on hand-held scanning machines.

But even more damaging for the force is the naming of a number of top officers on the website.

We have viewed the names but agreed not to print them for security reasons.

Last night a senior Garda source admitted that the details being revealed on the site were of a very worrying nature.

"The fact that people have access to this site and are submitting details is extremely worrying."

"This information in the wrong hands could be very dangerous indeed."

"These officers work at the cutting edge of surveillance and they depend on their identities being kept as low profile as possible."

"Obviously those who are submitting the follow-up information on the officers have a detailed knowledge of the Gardai and that in itself is worrying."

"It is getting to the stage where something is going to have to be done."

"The identities of some of the country's most senior police officers and their work is not something that can be just thrown about for everyone to see," said the source.