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Joint Services Group is the successor name for the murderous Force Research Unit, MOD's uncover operations command in Northern Ireland.

Published by Lobster, 1996. pp. 22-24

Joint Services Group

Thomas Doheny worked undercover for Army Intelligence in Ireland. In March 1993, he was convicted in Omagh of stealing a car but the sentence was suspended for four hours allowing him to leave British jurisdiction. After crossing the border to the South, he moved to London where he was subsequently arrested and imprisoned. Alleging that he pleaded guilty under duress, Doheny claimed to be a victim of rivalry between competing intelligence agencies running agents across the border, one of which was the Joint Services Group, a unit previously only known to be responsible for coordinating intelligence-gathering in Northern Ireland.

In order to clear his name, Doheny launched a series of legal actions based on the document below. Except for brief references in the Guardian (18.11.94), News of the World (3.3.94), Private Eye (18.11.94) and the Ulster Newsletter (13 and 29.3.95) little has appeared on Doheny's case. Coming at a sensitive time with the peace process, the media bowed to pressure from the D-Notice Committee and refused to name names, except, that is, Colonel George Williams, one of the intelligence officers who died in the helicopter crash on the Mull of Kintyre in June 1994.



For some time I was engaged in sensitive undercover work in and relating to Northern Ireland on behalf of Her Majesty's government for the Intelligence Corps (Joint Services Group) of Templer Barracks Ashford Kent TN23 3HH. I have been informed that a 'D Notice' has been issued in respect of media coverage of the circumstances arising out of my activities. I believe this work was of great benefit to the public and was of a nature to attract the hatred of subversive organisations and certain elements within the Royal Ulster Constabulary opposed to Army Intelligence operations of a covert nature, and has placed my life and lives of family members, in grave danger.

I was asked to set up a front company called Rose Northern Ireland Ltd. It was a Timber Frame buildings construction and sales company, but its true nature was to acquire intelligence on republicans in Ulster and the Republic of Ireland on behalf of the JSG, formerly under the command of Col. George Williams, and presently under the command of Lt-Col. P. Everson (0846) 609750. It was agreed from the outset that I would be recompensed all incurred expenditure.

I was sent on missions across the border into the Republic by an Army officer believed to be Captain Rowdon-Smith the former Whiskey Detachment commander of the JSG in Enniskillen, code name Carl, (0365) 32758. They identified all my targets in the Republic and Northern Ireland. My sole purpose in Northern Ireland was for covert intelligence action and as such I followed all the instructions given by the JSC and Col G. Williams at HQNI in Lisburn. At no time was my wife aware of my relationship with the Army. My wife comes from a Republican background, i.e. some members of her family are active within the republican Sinn Fein faction.

I was sent on missions into the Republic from a number of pre-arranged departure points, and given the name of a Military Police officer at an OPV on the border (0365) 748606. I was also given a secure telephone number to use if needed (0365) 324708, at St. Anglos Barracks where the JSG have a hangar to the rear right side of the base.

Carl was able to contact me at any time via my pager and on a number of occasions we meet at various Army posts and at the Drumshane Hotel out side of Irvinestown in Co. Fremanagh. At these meetings I would receive instructions for further missions in to the Republic and on selected targets in Northern Ireland. It was made clear from the out set to me of the risk to myself and my family should the Republicans discover the true nature of my work, and that I should not reveal even to the RUC at anytime my Intelligence work on behalf of the Army. I was informed that they could not even trust the RUC and I was not under any circumstances [to] trust anybody.

I continued to make inroads within the Republican movement and visited the targeted individuals identified by the Army in the Republic, and also at a number of Irish Army bases along the border, with a pro republican member of the Irish Army. I was ordered to establish links with a number of political officials in the Republic, which I did, and cultivate their friendship for any future assistance.

I became aware on a number of occasions upon leaving my home that a silver Ford Granada and a four door blue Volkswagen Golf were following me. I informed Carl who instructed me to go about my business as usual and that they were making enquiries. Their identity was revealed some time later on the Irvinestown to Enniskillen road. The car contained RUC police officers who asked what I was doing in Northern Ireland. We had an exchange of words and I left. Some time later I was informed that I would be left alone by the RUC to get on with my work for the Army. These RUC officers were in fact an Intelligence unit of the RUC opposed to covert operations by the Army.

This harassment by the RUC intensified to such a point that the Army were becoming alarmed at the prospect that I had been followed to an Army base on the border. I was frequently being stopped at night coming back across the border by RUC officers wearing webbing and armed, who were quite clearly Military drilled and were quite threatening in their manner. I reported this to Carl and continued to work, but the Army were quite clearly unable to hold the RUC in check. At this stage I was becoming alarmed myself as it was becoming clear that the RUC's interest was revolving around a target that I was given by the Army in Enniskillen some months previously. This individual introduced me to a number of Republicans I had previously met in the Republic on other missions for the Army. A number of these individuals are wanted in the UK for questioning in relation to terrorist offences committed in Northern Ireland.

As the RUC's harassment intensified I began to notice a change in my relationship to this target. It was at this point around the 10 June 1992 an incident happened at my home which resulted in the death of our unborn daughter when the RUC raided my home. The Army is aware of the nature of the incident, and even contacted the RUC at a very high level and again requested that I be left alone. I was informed by the Army that my work must continue at all costs, we buried our daughter on the 29 June 1992. Since this time the target in question, ******** *** [stars in original], has admitted that he is an informant of DS Peter Wray RUC and this clearly is the reason why the RUC is harassing me.

Around Christmas time December 1992 after attempting to come to terms with the loss of our daughter, the strain afflicting myself and my wife, along with the harassment by the RUC, made it impossible to live and work under these circumstances. My wife moved back to her family in the Republic and I waited for Carl to return from leave so I could inform him that I could no longer to on and that I was going to join my wife and daughter. I made my position quite clear - that promises were made by the Army in particular regarding the safety of myself and my family - and that I would be recompensed all incurred expenditure. I was informed to keep in touch which I did on a weekly basis.

Frequent attempts were made to get us to move back to the North. In fact I made four trips to an Army base on the border to drop intelligence material to the JSG, but I still refused to go any further in to Northern Ireland for fear of risking my life.

In about January 1993 I made [moved] to London and stayed with a friend who I have known for about 12 years. He works at the London Mennonite Centre and he is a Christian Missionary. From his home I contacted Carl to inform him I was in London and that I was most unhappy about the situation. He again attempted to talk me into going back to Northern Ireland. He stated "we have got the RUC under control now, everything is OK". My reply was I will think about it and I then went home to my family in Calway.

On the 08 March 1993 whilst at the London Mennonite Centre visiting my friend again, I was arrested by officers of the Metropolitan Police who stated that I was being arrested for the theft of a Fiat Tempra motor car and that I was being deported to Northern Ireland. I was removed to Holloway Police station where I where I telephoned Carl who was unaware of the situation that was going on, but he ordered me not to say anything to the Police and that under no circumstances was I to inform the RUC or any court that I was an Army Agent as this would place my life, and that of my wife and daughter in grave danger.

I of course complied with this request because of the risk of exposure and endangering my family and my loyalty to the Army and the Crown.

The following day I was removed to Northern Ireland and taken by car to Enniskillen where I was held for a total of four days. In these four days I was arrested four times, and subjected to illegal interrogation and psychological torture which included laughing at the death of my daughter. The RUC demanded to know the names of JSG personnel I was working with, and to identify who the Army had targeted for intelligence purposes in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. I refused to answer all the question put to me. At no time was I ever asked any questions in relation to the theft of the said car. At no time was any statement taken or was I ever interviewed in respect of the car, but I was directly interrogated in respect of my work for the Army. It was made quite clear to me that should I not give them the information they required they would inform the Republicans at the Crumlin Road Prison that I was a British Army spy. This would have been a death sentence. Although I was under extreme pressure and very fearful for my life and that of my family, I refused to provide the RUC with any information as ordered by the Army.

On the 12/03/93 I was removed from the RUC station and taken to Omagh Magistrate's Court under escort of eight RUC police officers in two cars. On arrival at the court I was made to sit in the hall with my RUC escort. At approximately 10 am the solicitor, Mr Fugusion, that the RUC had appointed, arrived at the Court and then entered the Court room with two RUC police officers, DS Peter Wray and J Latemir. I attempted to follow the others to the Court to hear what was being said against me, but the RUC officers in the hall with me physically prevented me from entering the Court. At about 10.30 to 10.45 Mr. Fugusion emerged from the court and was very upset. He took me into the Solicitors' chambers and said when enter that Court you will not be represented by me as I am coming off record. I asked what do you mean? He stated that the Magistrate and police had agreed that "if you plead guilty they would let you go, or if you pleaded not guilty you would be held at Crumlin Road Prison" (which would be a death sentence).

I never committed any crime and would never have pleaded guilty if my life had not been placed in danger by the Army and the RUC. I was given four hours to leave Northern Ireland or go to prison. I left Northern Ireland and in reality have been banned from entering Northern Ireland and the UK. This act of banning has prevented me from visiting the grave of my daughter whose death was caused by the RUC.

I returned to the United Kingdon and was arrested by the Metropolitan Police on 9 May 1994 whilst making a complaint at Tintangel House in the presence of DCI Pickard of CID2, who instructed TI Mark Newton of Hornsey police that I was to be removed from the building and arrested elsewhere because if anything happens to this man "heads will roll". I was taken to Belgravia police station where I was arrested on a committal warrant issued by Omagh Magistrates Court on 12/03/93 for a term of 12 months imprisonment, for the theft of a car that was never stolen. Mark Newton then informed me that the RUC were on the way. In fact I was held on this prison warrant for six months and released on the 07/11/04. Whilst in custody I was in frequent contact with Col. Williams, head of JSG, and the new head, Lt-Col Everson [telephone number] (0846) 609 750, and also the Ministry of Defence, in particular Gen. Sir Charles Guthrie (071) 218 7114, Colonel Commandant of the Intelligence Corps, Brigadier Springfield (071) 218 7849 at the War Office, then Director of the Intelligence Corps, and the present Director, Brigadier Laurie (0233) 657 242, Captain Moorby, Intelligence Corps Support Unit (0233) 657 331.

I was in great fear of my life and communicated this to the Army. I was left as it were on death row not knowing if I was going to live or die for four and a half months, until the Home Secretary granted me the right to remain in England.

As the Intelligence Corps and the Ministry of Defence are holding documents and information that is going to confirm that I was an agent of the British Army and that I was acting with authority engaging in covert action on behalf of her Majesty's Government in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, I would ask the Court to order a disclosure of such information and documentation, as is relevant to this action.

I would further ask this Court, that if it becomes necessary, for permission to issue witness summonses against Lt-Col. Everson and the Director of Intelligence, Brigadier M.I. Laurie, and the former Director, Brigadier E. P. O. Springfield. I further attach an index of Evidence for further consideration by the Court.

I have pursued the Army through every complaints procedure to seek compensation and damages for work undertaken on their behalf. The Intelligence Corps and the Ministry of Defence has blocked all my attempts at seeking redress and monies owed, they have deliberately mounted a cover up and are refusing to assist in seeking an investigation of any kind, I have attempted to settle this dispute in a dignified and honourable fashion but they have continuously and habitually rebuffed my approaches. I therefore have been left with no alternative but to bring these proceedings before this Court on this day the Twenty eight day of the twelfth month in the year Nineteen Hundred and ninety four.


[Parts of following list are illegible. Corrections welcomed; send to jya@pipeline.com]

                 Joint Services Group

JSC  (Illegible)		0846 609 0211   Ext 42011
Lt. Col P. E. Everson [by hand]	
Col. George Williams		0846 609 750    Ext 42750
Int/Cor				     609 194

QSM Maj Ronald Proctor		0846 609 771	Ext 42273
Black Water

Maj Larry Asabridge		0846 409 520	Ext 46320

Auj Kim Crozier Capt		0846 609 727	Ext 43737
Cap B J Simpson

Sgt Nash			08447 25 343
				0462  52 586	Ext 46533

JSG Enniskillen W Det		0245 12 708	Ext 37208

Det. Sgt			0245 12 750	Ext 37256
Det Commander
Capt Rowdon-Smith

Col. Office			0365 322 312	Ext 37509

Maj. Mayre (Opps)		0365 322 312	Ext 37706
						Ext 37262

FRM[?]				0365 132312	Ext

Corpl. Tracey Owen (EQ/NI)	0344 665 111

OPV (Darrylyn)			0365 748 406

E. Det (EQNI)			0346 665 111	Ext 45223/

C. Det (EQNI)			0346 665 111	Ext 42469

Sig (EQNI)			0346 665 111	Ext 42015

C/Clerk (EQ/NI)			0346 665 111	Ext 42013

IIC				0346 665 111	Ext 42087
GI Heilman McMann		0346 609 115

GI				0346 665 111	Ext 41722

S Swidden (Security Complaints)	0346 609 315	Ext 41533

Capt Gale 503 (CAS)		0346 609 524	Ext 42324

TX WAR OFFICE (MOD)				Ext 82849
Brig. Springfield		0233 457 242	Ext 3242

Capt F Rafford			0233 457 243
Fax				0233 457 454

Tim				0233 457 441	Ext 1441

Maj. Jeffreys			0233 457 449	Ext [Illegible]

Capt. A Jones			0233 457 111	Ext 3311

Lt Col [Illegible] Act IERU	0233 457 126

Int Centre			0233 457 260	Ext 1146

Mr Arthur Wright		0233 457 203

Officer Postings		0233 457 399 AS	Ext 3399
Capt/Col Elliot

C/C Templer			0233 457 110

Maj. A.R.E. Ragnall (DINI)	071 218 9000	Ext 03855

A/Maj J P Butler		0233 457 272

Over Hill (Course)		0233 457 371	Ext 1871

[Illegible]			0233 457 156

Mod				0233 457 172

Sq Led Cunningham g/officer	0233 457 306	Ext 3386

Sq Led Wearning (DINI)		071 071 1244

GOC Lt Gen Wheeler (EQNI)	0346 449 408 MPA
				0346 449 111	Ext 43408
Fax				0346 609 785	Ext 42785

Col. Draper (CU20)		0346 445 111	Ext 424100

Maj Hunt Army Complaints	0346 609 470	Ext 41498
Magdi Harper			0346 609 111	Ext 42026
Hutchinson			0346 609 834	[Illegible]

39 Int Brig			0346 609 111	Ext 41011
Capt Richmond/Rickermann

Capt W Tower					Ext 41021

OPO Legal					Ext 42437
						Ext 42439

Madden & Finucane
Garry Hyland			0232 139007
Fax				0232 439276

RUC				0232 650 1222
Inspector John Wright		CC/Office
Fax				0232 700 331
Comm/Room			0232 700 129
Gen McFarland			0365 333 423
Fax				0345 127001
Det/Sgt Peter Wray
Joan Latimer

C/D C.I. Bradley		0361 31331

Robert Porter			0365 322 356
Omagh				0442 242 056

North/Hum			5661 172 355
Inspector Stuart Hall Stalker/Inq

Trevor Francis			0232 137022
Int/Agm/Military Complaints

DRES on Base
Peter Collins
Smither Todd			0346 609 413
				0346 609 111	Ext 42413

SAFER - (Rowland)		0346 445 111	Ext 42004
				0346 609 004

Cann J Everett			0233 420 672

Lt Col [Illegible]		0305 225 109
				0304 202 273

Rev Gen Harkness (CO)		0274 471717

Methodist Church in Ireland

Alan Wardlow Rev		077 03041

Edmund [Illegible]		0232 324 554 (O)
				0232 460 454 (H)
Fax				0232 239 467 (O)

Mr Steven Smith	 CFVAD TO QOC
				0346 609 052	Ext 42052
						Ext 42426

KP (EQNI)			0346 445 111	Ext 40901

Brig. Strodly (EQNI)		0346 645 111

Gen. Sir P [????] (CGS)		071 218 7114
Assistant Tim Allman Fax	071 218 7840

Maj. Gen M.J.D. Walham		071 218 7191

DI Sec				071 218 0557

Lt. Com Tyrral (Indt/Co)	071 218 9000	Ext 12750

MIS				071 491 4463

RUC/Liaison ? Rmaid/Dowing	0345 127 562

A Coy R.I.2.(JR) Army Liaison	0345 327 521
Sgt Maiden

No. 10				071 930 4433

Rt. Hon. Joan Taylor		0461 522 409
London				071 219 4536

Northern Ireland [Illegible]
Sir P Mayhew			0232 528 108
				0232 528 112
Fax				0232 744 958
Police Division (?)		0232 527 069