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2 June 2007


nsa-ip-blocks.htm   + More NSA IP Blocks in CIDR Format Update         May 28, 2007

A sends:

Subject: NSA Resources For Rapid Targeting and Routing Analysis
Date: Sat,  2 Jun 2007 08:53:31 +0200 (CEST)

In order to send ICMP or TCP packets (or spoofed UDP packets), "pinging" for rapid 
acquisition and analysis of a target IP's packet traffic routing data at the Internet 
IXP-level, NSA has primarily used, starting earlier than early 2006, the following 
IP ranges, with identification information where available, for initial rapid target 
"pings." Other resources for subsequent tracking of a target's IP packet traffic have 
been previously reported via Cryptome.org.

NetRange: -
Hurricane Electric
760 Mission Court
Fremont CA 94539
ns3.he.net []sandy.thehideout.net.
ns2.he.net []sandy.thehideout.net
ns1.he.net []sandy.thehideout.net. 
Previously, while using the name of "FAST COLOCATION SERVICES," with an address in 
Wasilla AK (Alaska), USA; DNS was:
sandy2.thehideout.net []
sandy.thehideout.net []

Interestingly enough, NSA has made active use (through means of acquisition for which 
is unknown) the following Chinese (PRC) (APNIC assigned) IP resources: -
CNCGROUP Jilin province network
Address: NO.3535,Renmin Street, ChangChun ,
Jilin province , 130021 , P.R. China
ns.jlccptt.net.cn []
ns2.jljlptt.net.cn [] -
Wenzhou,Zhejiang CN
ns.zjnbptt.net.cn []	
dns-noc.zjhzptt.net.cn [] -
address:     No.72,Wen Miao Qian Str Chengdu SiChuan PR China
ns2.sc163.net []
ns1.sc163.net [] -
Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.
Taipei 100, Taiwan/R.O.C.
ipdns2.hinet.net []
ipdns1.hinet.net []

Periodically, NSA uses IP resources leased from: -
rev2.kornet.net []	
rev1.kornet.net []