27 August 2004. See today's follow-up:

These photographs appear to show that a 26-inch diameter high-pressure natural gas pipeline serving from one-half to two-thirds of Manhattan, including electrical powers plants in Manhattan and Queens, is easily accessible under temporary covering at one location, perhaps at three, along West 75th Street, on the weekend before the reportedly heavily-secured Republican National Convention is to begin. Demonstrating the joke: it is easier to find something in the dark if you look only where the light is, in this case over-spotlighted icons.

27 August 2004

Previous red-team reports of convention preparations:



One of the two natural gas pipelines which serve Manhattan runs along West 75th Street. At West 75th Street and West End Avenue there is a street opening for repair work which is covered with heavy timber and steel plates when no work is going on. Yesterday the pit was open and 4 workmen were present.

Markings on the street identify the pipeline as gas, "G"; type, "Trans Main"; diameter, "26"; depth below the surface, "30"; and directional arrow as along West 75th.

A new gas pressure regulator/vent has been installed nearby recently.

Cryptome photos, August 21, 2004.

West 75th/East 71st Streets Pipeline, Manhattan.

Yellow line, pipeline. Red circle, street opening. Red boxes, possibly exposed pipeline. Red dots, regulators/vents. Blue dots, pipeline markers.

For repair access and to avoid train vibration below tracks, it is possible that this pipeline is exposed or lightly covered over
(1) the Amtrak railroad tunnel, (2) over the IRT subway at Broadway, (3) over the 8th Avenue subway at Central Park
West, (4) over the Metro North railroad tunnel at Park Avenue, and (5) over the Lexington Avenue subway.