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20 January 2005. See related International Voice Service Numbers:

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The International Voice Gateway (IVG) is the Department of State's control PBX that connects Washington, D.C. metropolitan offices with embassies overseas. Following are the dialing directions. NOTE: The Department will transition to FTS2001 in February 2000. The Department's new, domestic, long-distance carrier will be MCI.


Embassy to FTS2000 Network A (ATT)

(Post PBX access no.)-(91)-XXXXXX-XXXX)-(FTS calling-card no.)

Alternate Access

(Post PBX access no.)-(93)-(1-800-4FEDCRD)-(XXX-XXX-XXXX)-(FTS calling-card  no.)


(Post PBX access no.)-(93)-(1-800CALLATT)-(XXX-XXX-XXXX)-(FTS calling-card no.)


(Post PBX access no.)-(90)-(10288 OHXXX-XXX-XXXX)-(FTS calling-card no.)

Helpful Hint: Some users may be required to press the pound sign (#) after dialing the desired number, just prior to inputting the FTS calling card number. Pressing the pound sign (#) will return the dial tone and the prompt, which will allow the user to dial the calling-card number.

Embassy to FTS2000

Network B (Sprint) (Post PBX access no.)-(92)-(FTS calling-card no.)-(XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Alternate Access (Post PBX access no.)-(93)-(1-800-366-4000)-(FTS calling-card no.)-(XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Embassy to AT&T ID3 Service (Post PBX access no.)-(90)-(1-800-498-9414)-(AT&T ID3 calling card no.) If AT&T Direct Service is not available, dial the in-country number to reach the in-country operator.

Embassy to 800 Services/Local Calls/WITS (Post PBX access no.)-(93)-(l-XXXXXX-XXXX or 1-800-XXX-XXXX)

Embassy to Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) (Post PBX access no.)-(96)-(1-710-NCS-GETS)-(GETS PIN Number)-(XXX-XXX-XXXX) 

Helpful Hint: Some users may be required to press the pound sign (#) after dialing the GETS access number, due to a limitation on the length of the dial number string in some PBXs, specifically, some MITEL SX2000 models. Pressing the pound sign (#) allows the user to dial the remaining number sequence.

Embassy to Autovon (Post PBX access no.)-(94)-(7- or 10-digit Autovon number)

Embassy to International Service (other than AT&T ID3 service) Direct Dial (Post PBX access no.)-(90)-(10XXX 01)-(international no.)-(calling-card no.) Operator Assistance (Post PBX access no.)-(90,)-10XXX 0)-(Operator will assist) (Example: 10288 = AT&T; 10222 MCI; 10333 = Sprint)

Embassy to Personal Calling Card Use (Post PBX access no.)-(90)-(Long-distance vendor code-10XXX)-(XXX-XXX-XXXX)-(personal calling card no.)

Embassy to Embassy (Post PBX access no.)-(8)-(RNX-XXXX)

Embassy to Department of State Domestic Network (Post PBX access no.)-(5-digit extension)

FTS2000 Network A (AUT)

Location to Embassy (1 -700-425-991 0)-(8)-(RNX-XXXX)


(1-700-425-9910)-(5-digit OPX no.)

FTS2000 Network B (Sprint) Location to Embassy (1-700-920-1020)-(8)-(RNX-XXXX)


(1-700-920-1020)-(6-digit OPX No.)  Home In U.S. to Embassy FTS2000 Network A (AT&T):

(1-800-4FEDCRD)-(700-425-9910)-(FTS calling-card no.)-(8)-(RNX-XXXX)


(1-800-4FEDCRD)-(700-425-79910)-(FTS calling-card no.)-(5-digit OPX no.)

FTS2000 Network B (Sprint):

(1400-366-4000)-(FTS calling-card no.)-(700-920-1020)-(8)-(RNX-XXXX)


(1-800-366-4000)-(FTS calling-card no.)-(700-920-1020)-(5-digit OPX no.)

Autovon to Embassy (294-9000)-(8)-(RNX-XXXX) or (294-9000)-(5-digit no.)

DOS Network to Embassy



(5-digit OPX no.)

Home to OPX Service to Embassy


WITS Agency Location to Embassy From Maryland locations dial: (9)-(985-9300)-(8)-(RNX-XXXX)

From Virginia and D.C. locations dial: (9)-(301-985-9300)-(8)-(RNX-XXXX)

Reporting Trouble All dialing difficulties should be reported to the DTS-PO  Customer Assistance Desk by calling 1-800-4 DTS HLP (1-800-438-7457). Local  on-net users can report troubles by dialing extension 2-7899. Overseas  users can either call the DTS-PO Customer Assistance Desk at 1-800-438-7457; the 5-digit extension 2-7899; or notify the Desk telegraphically.