7 July 2002. See Verint System's predecessor firm, Comverse Infosys, spying products:


6 July 2002
Source: http://www.telecomweb.com/reports/calea/Press_Releases.htm

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VeriSign ("Trust is the Foundation of Every Human Relationship") sells digital certification services and runs the Internet registry, thus is well prepared to sell private information on its all-too-trusting customers and to assist ISPs and wireless providers in the business of betrayal, though it is hardly alone in spying boomtime.

VeriSign® to Launch NetDiscovery™ Service Enabling Carriers to Meet June 30 CALEA Deadline with Minimum Expense

One-stop solution blends VeriSign’s IP and telecom network infrastructures and core expertise in security to solve CALEA compliance challenges for service providers

SUPERCOMM 2002 - ATLANTA, GA, JUNE 3, 2002 – VeriSign, Inc. (Nasdaq:VRSN), the leading provider of digital trust services, plans to launch its new NetDiscovery™ Services, a one-stop, turnkey solution for telecom carriers facing the June 30, 2002 deadline for compliance with CALEA – the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act. The FCC’s 1994 CALEA mandate, recently moved along by passage of the USA Patriot Act, requires telecom service providers to support the ability of law enforcement agencies to conduct lawfully authorized electronic surveillance of call content and call data. Before VeriSign’s solution, compliance required potentially costly new equipment or system upgrades by the carrier, as well as maintaining special security staff and facilities.

After June 30, non-compliant carriers could face a fine of $10,000 per day for each intercept request from a law enforcement agency.

VeriSign’s nationwide signaling network infrastructure, digital certificate technology and secure data centers enable it to provide a scaleable service bureau solution that saves carriers significant capital expense and virtually eliminates administration costs involved in meeting the legal, technical and operational requirements of CALEA. Using Verint Systems’ (Nasdaq:VRNT) STAR-GATETM, a series of solutions that connect switching systems and provide the means to access and deliver intercepted communications content and call data to law enforcement agencies, VeriSign offers a streamlined solution that meets the needs of all wireline, wireless and cable telephony carriers.

"Our NetDiscovery service bureau is an enterprise-wide initiative," said Terry Kremian, Executive Vice President, VeriSign Telecom Services. "It takes full advantage of VeriSign’s core expertise in security and bridges our telecom, PKI, and IP network assets to deliver a cost-effective solution serving the needs of communications providers and law enforcement agencies. VeriSign’s technology further ensures that this public law enforcement activity is trusted and secure."

"In addition to sunk costs, administration is perhaps the biggest headache for carriers," Kremian said. CALEA requires that carriers provision network elements for the intercept event, intercept the call content and data, deliver it directly to one or more law enforcement monitoring facilities in a standard format, and provide secure records storage. Depending on the city, type and number of switches involved, carrier costs for compliance are estimated to be as much as half a million dollars per switch to upgrade, and at minimum $150,000 annually to implement and maintain the credentialed staff, secure processes and facilities required to properly administer intercept requests under CALEA.

VeriSign’s maximum security facilities and trained personnel can deliver all CALEA requirements for carriers, as needed, at a fraction of the cost.

Wireless carriers face special pressure, according to Terry Addington, President and CEO of First Cellular of Southern Illinois and member of the Board of Directors of Rural Cellular Association and Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA).

"Many small and rural wireless carriers have been in business for many years and have never received a communications intercept request - most haven’t even begun to consider the expense and time associated with administering the FCC’s CALEA mandate," Addington said. "In our company’s case, because of our size, the cost to purchase the required capabilities is prohibitive. VeriSign offers a service bureau option that allows us to apply capital previously planned for CALEA compliance to products and services our customers are asking for. We are able to fulfill our commitment to the government while offloading the onerous administrative requirements associated with an intercept request."

VeriSign is hosting two panel discussions on CALEA compliance issues this week during SUPERCOMM 2002, the annual communications and IT industry conference and expo, in Atlanta. Sessions take place in the Exploration Theater at the Georgia World Congress Center at 9:40 a.m. Tuesday and Thursday June 4 and 6.

Welcome to Verint Systems....a global organization providing analytic software solutions for communications interception, digital video security and surveillance, and enterprise business intelligence. We generate actionable intelligence through the collection, retention and analysis of voice, fax, video, email, Internet and data transmissions from multiple types of communications. Please explore our site to learn how Verint can help your organization.

-- Verint Systems (formerly Comverse Infosys, a long-time spying firm.)

The FBI CALEA site: http://www.askcalea.net/programs/deployment.html

The FBI published the CALEA Flexible Deployment Assistance Guide, Third Edition in May 2002. This third edition guide further assists telecommunications carriers in meeting assistance capability requirement deadlines. It explains under what circumstances the FBI might support a carrier's request of the FCC to extend the June 30, 2002, compliance date for the six missing capabilities required by the Order on Remand, and/or further extend the June 30, 2000, compliance deadline under Section 107(c) of CALEA. A Third Edition schedule template is available in Microsoft Excel format to assist with collecting data that is necessary for review by the FBI.