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19 September 2014

Giganews Data Foundry DMCA Takedown

From: A
Subject: 0002
Sent: Thu Sep 18 2014 23:22:32 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time)

I just received an email from the Internet Archive that the Data Foundry (which, according to Mr. Caputo, is interconnected to Giganews) has filed a copyright claim on the giganews-fbi file. Apparently the Giganews/Data Foundry folks are not very happy about being exposed. Since you've dealt with matters like this before, I seek your advice: should I appeal this copyright claim, or would it be a waste of time?

If you wish, I have attached the original ZIP file containing the two lists, in case you wish to re-upload it.


P.S. You may of course rename the file to giganews-fbi or giganews-fbi-01 or whatever.

Message from the Internet Archive below:

Subject: item subject to copyright claim
From:"Internet Archive"
Date:Sep 18, 2014 9:41:11 PM


Access to the item at has been disabled following receipt by Internet Archive of a copyright claim submitted on behalf of Data Foundry, Inc ( The claim was submitted with information and statements requested by Internet Archive's Copyright Policy (posted at near the bottom of the page). If you have questions regarding the claim, please let us know.


The Internet Archive Team