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The Anonymous Photographer is Cryptome.

4 October 2001. Thanks to Anonymous Photographer (AP).

World Trade Center Photographs


These 72 photographs of the World Trade Center disaster site in New York City were taken by AP on 3 October 2001, about noon. The first few, 001-004, were taken from Broadway, walking south, several blocks east of the WTC site from street corners where a part of the site can be seen. These locations are where the public is blocked by barricades and guards.

Then a few photos, 005-012, were taken during a walk along a street off Broadway going west, a couple of blocks south of the site. Every cross street was barricaded and guarded.

This street intersected the West Side Highway, a wide boulevard which passes by the WTC site. A series of photos, 013-018 were taken walking north toward the site. There were no barricades or guards along this path, which was surprising for the site is carefully guarded at most of its perimeter by police and the military and the public is kept at least two blocks distant and usually much farther away.

The next photos, 019-051, are close-ups of the site looking east and west from the West Side Highway, east to the location of the collapsed World Trade Center and west toward the heavily damaged World Financial Center (WFC) located across the West Side Highway from WTC.

Photos were taken from several angles during a walk north past the sites, and then more, 052-073, taken retracing that path walking south.

At the end of this return walk a NYC police officer asked to be shown authorization for taking photographs. AP said there was none. The officer asked how access to the site was gained. AP said I just walked in. Other police officers were consulted, several said this is a crime scene, no photographs allowed.

A NYC police captain was consulted who directed that AP be escorted from the site but that the digital photos need not be confiscated. The captain advised AP to apply for an official permit to photograph the site.

A NYC police officer took AP to New York State police officers nearby who asked to examine the digital camera and view the photographs. Without telling AP, who was being questioned by a State police officer, the photographs were deleted from the camera's compact flash memory chip by another State police officer.

AP was then escorted to the perimeter of the site by yet another NYC police officer who recorded AP's name, and who issued a warning to stay away from the site or face arrest.

Map of AP's route to take photos and escorted from the site:


While waiting to leave the site, a group of victim families were escorted toward the ruins. Many carrying flowers, crying, holding hands, stumbling, dreading their walk into hell -- which the site truely is. A terrible scene of heartbreak far worse than photographs can ever show.


Later, AP, after discovering the photographs had been deleted, restored them with a program called Photorescue sold by DataRescue, a Belgian company which offers the program online.

The camera used was a Nikon CoolPix 880, with a 192MB Compact Flash memory chip.

For public education. No restrictions on non-commercial reproduction. Credit Cryptome.

[Mirrors were set up when the photos were first published. Most now dead.]

10 September 2010:

A sends: There's a mirror of your WTC photos on MIT's servers (note: resolution has been reduced to 1024x768):

World Trade Center Photographs, 3 October 2001.

Each image is about 1MB, of high resolution JPG. Best viewed on a large monitor.

From Broadway looking west, walking south, blocks from WTC site:


From street off Broadway looking north, walking west, still blocks away:


From the West Side Highway looking north, walking toward WTC:

wtc017.jpg   South bridge connecting WTC and WFC.

From the West Side Highway walking north, looking east to the WTC and west to the World Financial Center (WFC):

wtc019.jpg   WTC, southwest corner, bridge at left to WFC.
wtc020.jpg   WTC, with two-story remains of 12-story Vista Hotel at the base of WTC.
                     Crimson screened building beyond is the damaged Millennium Hotel.
wtc021.jpg   WTC. Tall creamy building beyond is the historic Woolworth Building.
wtc022.jpg   WTC
wtc023.jpg   WTC
wtc024.jpg   WTC
wtc025.jpg   WTC
wtc026.jpg   WTC
wtc027.jpg   WFC, American Express (Amex), showing parts of WTC embedded high on the
wtc028.jpg   Port Authority Visitor Viewing Stand.
wtc029.jpg   WFC Bridge.
wtc030.jpg   WTC
wtc031.jpg   WTC. Tall creamy building beyond is the historic Woolworth Building.
wtc032.jpg   WTC
wtc033.jpg   WTC
wtc034.jpg   WTC. Dark building facade beyond shows 10-story gash caused by tower collapse.
wtc035.jpg   WTC
wtc036.jpg   WTC
wtc037.jpg   WTC
wtc038.jpg   WFC, Amex tower.
wtc039.jpg   WTC
wtc040.jpg   WTC
wtc041.jpg   WTC
wtc042.jpg   WFC, Amex tower.
wtc043.jpg   WTC
wtc044.jpg   WTC
wtc045.jpg   WTC
wtc046.jpg   WFC, Amex tower base, damaged Wintergarden Pavilion at left.
wtc047.jpg   WTC (partial photo)
[wtc048 not used]
wtc049.jpg   WTC
wtc050.jpg   WTC
wtc051.jpg   End of walk north.

From West Side Highway, walking south:

wtc052.jpg   WFC, base of Amex tower.
wtc053.jpg   WFC, Crystal Pavilion.
wtc054.jpg   WFC, Amex tower.
wtc055.jpg   WTC, looking southeast.
wtc056.jpg   WFC, Amex tower base, Wintergarden Pavilion.
wtc057.jpg   WFC, Amex tower base, Wintergarden Pavilion. Large crane being assembled.
wtc058.jpg   WTC
wtc059.jpg   Building north of WTC. Holes in facade may have been cause by heavy aircraft
                     debris which rocketed from the South Tower.
wtc060.jpg   WTC
wtc061.jpg   WTC, remains of low building at northwest.
wtc062.jpg   WTC, remains of low building at northwest.
wtc063.jpg   WTC, remains of low building at northwest.
wtc064.jpg   WTC, remains of low building at northwest.
wtc065.jpg   WTC, remains of low building at northwest.
wtc066.jpg   WTC, large box columns, probably base columns.
wtc067.jpg   WTC
wtc068.jpg   WTC, elevator machine motor.
wtc069.jpg   WTC, elevator machine motor.
wtc070.jpg   WTC
wtc071.jpg   WTC
wtc072.jpg   WTC
wtc073.jpg   WTC