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6 September 2010. Note: While a little bit unusual for Cryptome to dabble in the authenticity racket, the "Wikileaks insiders" are likely imposters fabricated by a person or persons unknown. Jónsdóttir is correct in asking that these persons reveal identity.

Cryptome: Assange should not step aside:

4 September 2010. This appears to be an "insiders" forgery. Too:

A sends:

Assange Is no Rapist - He Has Other Problems

The Wikileaks insiders categorically state that it is very unlikely that Assange attempted to rape two Swedish girls. I personally have met Assange on several occasions, and I have never seen or heard of him forcing his attentions upon any women. Assange is many things, but a sexual predator he is not.

What is of real concern here at Wikileaks is the effective implosion of traditional activist involvement in the day to day running and editorial input at Wikileaks. In effect our activists have no say in the running of Wikileaks. We had no input or involvement in the recent release of the Afghanistan War Diaries. This was headed up by Assange and the editor of the Guardian newspaper in England.

The remaining "Insurance" file is not in a raw format. This file has been indexed and categorised by at least two Guardian reporters ready for release. Just when the release will occur depends upon Assange himself. However, the Guardian will lead this effort when it does occur. The longer Assange continues to delay, the more donations will be received from an Internet community who seems to have lost touch with reality.

The level of authority Assange has within Wikileaks is just breathtaking. Assange openly brags that "He (Assange) is Wikileaks" and that nothing can function without him.

The post War Diaries donation has now reached approximately $1,150,000. This is a problem for Assange, for he has promised, but not yet delivered a financial review of Wikileaks via his friends at the Wau Holland Foundation (aka Chaos Computer Club).

We look forward to review the published audit of Wikileaks European operations, however our expectations that Assange will deliver on his promises are small.

The "insiders" here at Wikileaks firmly believe that Julian Assange is no rapist. However, we do believe that Assange is a crook who misappropriates donor funding to support an Austin Powers international lifestyle. Assange's character flaws will eventually bring him down; unfortunately he will drag down Wikileaks with him.

This will be an enormous pity, and a gross disservice to many committed activists within Wikileaks.

Wikileaks Insider

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