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2 August 2003. Kevin Fulton names second British agent:

18 May 2003. "KF" is likely "Kevin Fulton," whose home was raided by British police on 17 May 2003 in connection with the naming of Stakeknife. Fulton is reportedly under arrest. See:,6903,958314,00.html

10 May 2003. British FRU secret agent/killer Stakeknife has been named:

15 December 2002. See Neil Mackay's report in the Sunday Herald:

11 December 2002. Transcription of hardcopy.

See related court documents concerning Samuel Jay Rosenfeld.

[2 pages. Syntax and spelling in the original.]

Filed on behalf of the Defendant
First Witness Statement
6th December 2002
Claim No. HQ02X0425





- And -






I, KF, Suite 253 - 235 Earls Court Road London SW5 9FE, DO SAY AS FOLLOWS:

1. I am a former member of the British Army (RIR) service number 2453 8784 and presently am unemployed. and in hiding from the Provisional Irish Republican Army and other terrorist groups.

2. I make this statement in support of the above named defendant Samuel Jay Rosenfeld. Insofar as the facts and matters in this statement are within my own knowledge they are true. And derived from my personal experience.

3. In 1979 I was approached by the Intelligence Corps a branch of the British Army whilst serving with my regiment the Royal Irish Rangers in Northern Ireland.

4. I was asked to infiltrate a terrorist group namely the (PIRA) during this time of my uncover work for the Force Research Unit I was active in the commission of terrorist acts and crimes such as bomb making and development of detonating devices and other equipment used in terrorist crimes.

5. During this time my handlers were fully conversant with my activities and had guided me in my work which included the security section of the (PIRA) the commanding officer of this section was John Joe Magee a former member of the Special Boat Squadron. The purpose of this unit was solely to hunt out agents and informers of the British State. The suspected agents and informers would be abducted, interrogated, tortured and murdered after obtaining any information.

6. My unit had received instructions in 1993 to search for and abducted an agent know as (Rosebud) after the screening of a BBC documentary. I now know this to be Samuel Jay Rosenfeld (Tommy). I believe that the Defendant's life and that of others is and has always been at risk from terrorist actions, clearly the Claimant has a responsibility to all its intelligence contacts both past and present.

7. The Claimant has deliberately sacrificed the lives of intelligence agents and has willfully through covert action allowed lives to be taken.

8. The Claimant has a history of abandonment, willfully placing the lives of intelligence agents at risk subsequently lives have been lost. In the eyes of the terrorist any fraternization with State Agencies would be punishable by death.

9. I believe the British Government has given terrorists a mandate to abduct, interrogate and murder sources of intelligence and information such as the murder of Charles Bennett, these activities have been described by the British Government (Mo Mowlam/1999) as internal housekeeping, clearly the Defendant Samuel Rosenfeld had a relationship (Intelligence) with the Crown. In so saying through their own admissions is now a person at risk.

10. I believe the Defendants' life and anyone he has knowledge of is now in extreme danger, the present actions taken by the Claimant has confirmed and strengthen this believe. I am of the opinion that terrorists will attempt to adduct and extract information from Defendant and others, it is my belief that Defendant Samuel Jay Rosenfeld will be murdered, but clearly the Claimant and the State has responsibility towards the Defendant and others under Article 2 of the Human Rights Act of 1998 (the right to life) and should act accordingly.

I believe the facts stated in this witness statement are true.

SIGNATURE           K.F.

DATED 6-12-02