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16 November 2003. A. writes:

The person to the right of Margaret Walshaw, Row 2/7, is David Moyles (with beard), the handler of Stakeknife. [See court claim against Moyles: ]

If anyone has questions on the FRU, i.e., have lost loved ones in N. Ireland, they should contact the head of cover ups:

Mr. Hugh Kernohan
Head of Special Forces Section
[Ministry of Defence]
Room RM 3/67 Metropole Building
Northumberland Avenue
London WC2N 5BP
Phone: 020 721 83299
Fax: 020 721 85081

15 November 2003. Thanks to A.

This shows members of the UK Force Research Unit (FRU), in charge of undercover operations in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Photo date not provided.

Cryptome welcomes identification of the persons shown; send to:

ID persons counting from left, by row 1, 2 or 3, say: Row 1/5, Row 2/7, Row 3/9.

A woman in the FRU has been publicly identified, Margaret Walshaw, reportedly the woman in this photo:

FRU is still operating, running agents in Ireland. Since it became controversial, it has adopted a new cover name. This is JCU(NI). It stands for the Joint Collection Unit (Northern Ireland). It works directly with the British Security Service (“MI5”), which also has offices and technical teams on the ground in Northern Ireland.

To confuse the many British journalists who are now investigating the activities of FRU, another intelligence unit was renamed FIU. This is the Force Intelligence Unit. It has nothing to do with FRU, but runs more orthodox intelligence activities, such as the computer called CAISTER which holds “fine grain” intelligence files on most of the Northern Ireland population. It was formerly called 12 Intelligence Company.

A third group in the undercover world of Northern Ireland is the Joint Support Group (JSG). Formerly known by a variety of names such as “14 Intelligence Company” or “The Dets”, it provides undercover surveillance teams for long-term surveillance activities. Its teams work closely with the SAS detachment based in Northern Ireland.

Until now, mystery has surrounded the identity of the agent handler who was Brian Nelson’s link to the Army and who passed on the critical instructions and government intelligence to enable the protestants to murder the Army’s selected targets. But the name leaked out late last year.

Early in December, the government threatened legal action to gag the Sunday Herald, a Scottish newspaper, after former colleagues of Nelson’s handler revealed her identity to their journalists. The paper was compelled under threat of legal order to undertake that it would not reveal her name, location or identify her by printing a photograph.

Then the case for conspiracy to murder against her and the officers who gave her orders grew stronger, after police Commissioner Orde revealed that he had recovered boxes of army intelligence documents called "contact forms" and MISRs (Military Intelligence Source Reports). The contact forms give details of every meeting between agents and their handlers. The MISR reported detailed and assessed the intelligence provided by the agents. The police found that some of the reports were “incriminating”.

The officer who commanded the Force Research Unit during the killing years was Lt Colonel Gordon Kerr. He has since been promoted to Brigadier. As the British police homed on his importance, he was sent to the other side of the world, to serve as the British military attaché in Beijing.

The intelligence operator who handled Brian Nelson - whose name is banned in Britain - is Captain Margaret Walshaw. Although any British newspaper editor who published her name is threatened with imprisonment, she is openly listed in the current official British government publication, the “Army List”. At the time she ran agent Brian Nelson and supervised his murderous activities, she was a non commissioned officer (sergeant) in Britain’s Intelligence Corps.

The person in Row 1, just right of center, is identified as Gordon Kerr in the Force Research Unit (FRU) Index:

An unknown number of persons are trimmed at left and right in the original photo.

Uncompressed version of this photo: (1.1MB)