9 March 2004

A. writes, 9 March 2004:

British cable group, NTL are to investigate the tampering of its phone line after former British secret agent Kevin Fulton's house phone was tampered with last week. This was after the leaking of tapes of Stakeknife to Cryptome. NTL have confirmed to Fulton that wires to his phone were not in the proper place and that no work order was given on his line.

This follows a Special Branch raid last year at the request last year by MI5 under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) act to search Fulton's London home. Two months later the police refused a request by the Ministry of Defence to arrest Fulton under the OSA act as they had no proof he was the source of the leak.


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A. writes, 3 March 2004:


Queens Bench Division Thursday 4th March 2004

Not before half past 11


Non Jury List


03/ATC/1379    Secretary of State for Defence v Rosenfeld


This is an action of MoD to imprison former British secret agent Samuel Rosenfeld. It is reported that the judge denied the action pending submission of more evidence.

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http://cryptome.org/fru-claimant3.htm (a supporting statement by Kevin Fulton)