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17 December 2009. SD sends a aerial photo:


14 April 2008. See later construction photos:

25 February 2008

Thanks to A. Photos by Shepherd Johnson, dated 25 February 2008.

Previous Cheney new house site eyeball:

Also: (Cheney Maryland residence)

House first reported by the Washington Post:

The New Neighbors Sure Like Black SUVs

By Al Kamen

Wednesday, January 30, 2008; Page A13

Dick Cheney's New House Under Construction



1 Observatory NW Circle (below) is the Vice Presidential Residence


Dick Cheney's next door neighbors, 1132 Chain Bridge Road. Confirms Birdseye of construction site of Cheney's house. 

1126 Chain Bridge Road

Christian Zapatka Architect LLC

The builders sign.

I asked the guy in the dumpster, "Is this Dick Cheney's house?"

He replied nervously, "I'm not sure."

A non-denial denial if ever I heard one. Is he taking lessons from Cheney? 

Same guy in the dumpster. The Chinese gardener, who was working in yard across the street and who was extemely affable confirmed that it was Dick Cheney's house.

Me: "Do you know who lives there?"

Gardener pointing:" Vice-President!"