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13 April 2006. Reposted in reference to the audio tape of John Dignam's confession before he was executed and the murder of Denis Donaldson:

22 November 2003. Thanks to a member of the UK Press Association. The Queen has not responded to letters from the FRU agent.

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01st June 2003

Your Majesty,

Over the years I have written to you regarding my case and the manner in which I have been treated by both the Army and the RUC in Northern Ireland.

Both these authorities have not only withheld information from me regarding the death of my daughter which I personally regard as murder. I have been continually in communication with the MoD. Sadly it would seem that they have no interest in seeking closure which is causing me great distress and indeed suffering, something I am no longer able or prepared to accept. I have never taken life, neither have I engaged in any form of terrorist crime or activity. When I was recruited by the Army (FRU/JSG) a sub unit of the Intelligence corps I believed it was my duty to assist both the Army and my country.

I have since discovered that the Army cares little about who it induces and recruits to engage in covert action on your behalf, in fact, your majesty, the Army not only recruits agents and sources of intelligence, it induces some of these individuals to engage in terrorist activity such as bomb making, killing, torture, and maiming.

The question you should be asking Brigadier Peter Everson, Director Intelligence Corps (DISC), is how many of his agents have been responsible for the killing of innocent victims. Perhaps you should also ask him why the Army is protecting IRA killers such as Stakeknife, and those who directed the intelligence war against the IRA such as Brig Gordon J Kerr and Captain Margaret Walshaw (Int), who, with the military's blessing, colluded with loyalist terrorist forces to engage in a sectarian terrorist campaign against your own subjects who just happened to be Catholic.

How can you as Queen allow the very institutions of state which you head to engage in a campaign of terror against your own citizens. More importantly, how many innocent lives were taken as a direct result of agents penetrating the IRA, subsequently becoming entrenched and hunting British agents out of its ranks? The obvious question here is how many agents lives were sacrificed to protect others, how many were murdered by other agents operating within the IRA, and who directed and sanctioned these killings?

Enclosed you will find the photos of three Army intelligence agents (Dingham [Dignam], Starrs, Burns) who were abandoned by the British Army at the behest of Brigadier Gordon Kerr your military attaché to Beijing, China. These man served your majesty, yet they were tortured, beaten, and then murdered by the IRA. The Army decided to do nothing. And the reason? Brigadier Kerr decided it wasn't worth spending money on relocation.

Perhaps you can explain why there is no regulation or statutory instrument in place to monitor the activities of the Force Research Unit (JSG) the Intelligence Corps in respect of accountability of its activities and recruitment of agents. Clearly without any oversight the present system is open to abuse. I am just one example of what happens when there is no accountability, another is Fulton a former British solider (RIR) who was induced to leave your service to go undercover within the IRA. This individual has by his own admission engaged in terrorist activities, and was also responsible for giving a warning over the Omagh bombing.

Where does it stop? How long has the engagement in Northern Ireland been prolonged due to the activities of the covert elements of the British army and their agents.

Who has been killing who, and under whose authority have these crimes been committed? Contained within the Stevens 3 report dated 17th April 2003, a twenty-page summary was published which directly lambasted the military over its covert handling of agents. Stevens also goes on to complain of obstruction, and that crucial evidence had been concealed, and that false statements were manufactured. His incident room was destroyed by fire (arson). In other words the Army has and is conducting a war against your citizens, presumably with your government's blessing. I also understand from my attendance at the Bloody Sunday Tribunal Hearings at the Methodist Central Hall, that intelligence reports were seen at ministerial level and indeed by the presiding Prime Ministers who presumably briefed your majesty.

How is it possible that one of our finest institutions, the British Army, has been subverted and compromised? I am, like the vast majority of your citizens, a loyal subject, but my loyalty has been tested to breaking point. I was prepared to give my life to save others, in your name and in your service.

Yet, to the British Army, my activities were nothing but a practical test. My life was ripped apart, with little or no thought for me or my family's safety or welfare. I lost everything I hold dear, my daughter (June 1992). I have two wonderful children that I have been unable to see. I was deported and prevented from re-entry to the United Kingdom, yet by birth I'm a British citizen.

The MoD were served with section 17 notices (CCRC) but failed to provide any information or access to documentary evidence (disclosure), something which is causing me considerable distress. Again it would seem that your government (MoD) has chosen to lie and cancel the truth and facts. In particular they have not only lied and manufactured falsehoods, they lied to a High Court judge - and even deliberately misquoted Rear Admiral Nick Wilkinson of the MoD's D-notice committee - to ensure that an order was granted. The order in question serves only one function: to prolong what can only be regarded as deliberate and wilful campaign concealment.

I have and will continue to pursue those individuals and authorities responsible for what has happened to me. Most recently I was fortunate in identifying one of my former handlers Major David Moyles (Int), after issuing legal proceeding against him and the MoD (26th November 2002), I was served with a number of MoD injunctions (27th November 2002) preventing me from lodging a full statement of claim or making any amendments or issuing any further proceeding against anyone or any authority that I wish to hold accountable.

Clearly these actions are denying me the right of a fair and impartial hearing and seeking an effective remedy before a court of law within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Have I not suffered enough, or is it that your government cares little or nothing about people who assist the Army? I need closure, but using judicial harassment to force my silence is not going to work, as I cannot live my life without closure. All I have ever asked is that the Army and the MoD give me closure, but sadly they only want to prolong my suffering.

I have repeatedly approached the MoD over the years, but these have been rebuffed. The exceptions have been Bill Byatt, Dan Costley (sec. HSF) and Brigadier Chris Holton, former director of the Intelligence Corps. All, I believe, have honestly attempted to find a way forward. Now I look to your majesty as my last hope. I have spoken with the Treasury Solicitor David Lewis, a gentlemen by anyone's standards, who is aware that I have reproached Bill Byatt (Bloody Sunday Investigation Unit, MoD) who in turn has sought permission to meet in the hope that an amicable resolution can be found. Sadly, again the MoD is dragging its feet. I have always been open to seeking a middle ground, in fact the Treasury Solicitor David Lewis has sought my agreement in finding a resolution. The terms offered by the MoD were absolutely laughable and not in any way acceptable. I was then asked to consent to a life long banning order preventing me from taking any legal proceeding, which I was willing to give if three conditions were met. I have not received any formal response to what I believe was an amicable resolution. Clearly I do not believe that the MoD is actively seeking closure, therefore I have decided to approach your majesty directly in the hope that you can persuade the MoD to allow Bill Byatt to meet with me in the hope of reaching an amicable resolution..

I have never asked for the impossible but I am asking for honesty and the truth from an authority which your majesty heads. All I have ever asked for is closure, I am and have always been willing to do whatever is asked of me to this end which includes my consent in respect of a permanent order as referred to by David Lewis.

If a permanent order is forced on me I will seek the protection of a foreign government (political asylum), and I will pursue both the individuals and the authorities through every judicial process open to me which would also include the European Court of Human Rights, and the French judicial system. Clearly this is not my desire but I am being left with no other option. England is my home and I am being denied justice and closure. Why should I have to seek justice outside the United Kingdom? The reality is, your majesty, I am being forced to consider leaving my country as the judicial doors are being closed to me for life.

Why? Because your government has engaged in a campaign of killing innocent people in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Perhaps the Secretary of Sate for Defence (Jeff Hoon), would be kind enough to explain to your majesty why I am being denied my right to justice yet at the same time his department has frustrated every attempt at exposing murder. Of course your majesty would not consider allowing yourself to be tainted with the brush of collusion, or indeed be seen to assist in the concealment of murder. I look to you for assistance as do the people of Northern Ireland. If you close your eyes and do nothing, then, your majesty, we your people will have no protection from the excess of the state, in this case state-sponsored terrorism. As hard as it is to accept, collusion equates to terrorism, and your majesty should be asking the (CGS) how many British soldiers were murdered by British intelligence agents operating within the ranks of various terrorist factions.

You are the highest authority in the land and it is to you I now look to for a resolution. Your government which includes Tony Blair has chosen to ignore this issue. As your subject I appeal directly to you to intercede and bring closure, for me and the many grieving families across our great county. Your majesty you have a historic opportunity of reaching out to the people of Northern Ireland, for ever closing the door on a dirty and bloody episode in our countries military campaign in Northern Ireland.

Please give me my life back, allow me to move on, give me closure. I don't have a life, I have not lived since 1992/3. I need to move on to put all this behind me. To do this the MoD must to give me closure.

I, therefore, look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Samuel Rosenfeld
Enc: Statement of KF (Kevin Fulton) [not provided]
Ps: Please forgive the way I write - I'm a dyslexic.