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William H. Payne - Arthur R. Morales Documents

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Last Revised 19 July 1998

21 June 1997


These documents pertain to a suit by cryptographer William H. Payne and Arthur R. Morales against the National Security Agency  (NSA) and related complaints by Payne against his former employer Sandia National Laboratories (SNL or Sandia), US Department of Energy, and federal officials. Sandia performs contract work for NSA, part of which involves cryptographic systems for nuclear weapons controls.

Payne worked on classified cryptographic systems at Sandia. He is a noted scholar, scientist and author of cryptography and computer programming books and articles.* Morales is currently employed at Sandia.

The documents describe Sandia's termination of Payne for alleged security violations, Payne's defense against the security violation charges, and Payne's counter-charges against Sandia and NSA of wrongful termination for criticizing NSA's cryptographic deficiencies and other cryptography-related misdeeds.




19 July 1998 Plaintiffs Repond to Court of Appeals Orders, July 15, 1998
7 July 1998 10th Court of Appeals Dockets, July 1, 1998
30 June 1998 Judge Campos Letter on Classified NSA Declaration, June 29, 1998
30 June 1998 Plaintiff's Response to Motion and Memo For Remand of First FOIA
30 June 1998 Pilot Project on Electronic Court Filing, U.S. District Court of New Mexico
30 June 1998 Web Site, U.S. District Court, District of New Mexico
30 June 1998 Web Site, U.S. 10th Circuit Court
30 June 1998 Web Site, U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library, Federal Court Decisions and Rules
27 June 1998 US Attorney on Classified NSA Declaration
27 June 1998 US Attorney Motion and Memorandum for Remand of Plaintiff's First FOIA
815 June 1998 U.S. Attorney's Demand for Plaintiffs' to Pay Attorneys' Fees
12 June 1998 Morales Case Dockets, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals
12 June 1998 Payne v NSA - Appeal of Order of April 30, 1998
12 June 1998 Payne v NSA - Appeal of Order of May 21, 1998
30 May 1998 Docket as of May 28, 1998
28 May 1998 Plaintiff's Motion to Amend Judge's Order and Object to In Camera Ex Parte Meeting
28 May 1998 Administrative Procedures Act (APA) 5 USC - Chapter 7 -- Judicial Review of Government Agencies
27 May 1998 National Security Agency Court Cases
23 May 1998 Thirty Years Experience with the FOIA and Glomar Reponse
23 May 1998 Docket as of May 22, 1998
22 May 1998 Judge's Memorandum Opinion and Order Denying Plaintiff's Motion to Amend
22 May 1998 U.S. Attorney letter to Judge Campos on procedure to review classified material
9 May 1998 Michael Froomkin on Plaintiffs' Motion to Amend Judge's Memorandum Opinion and Order
9 May 1998 Plaintiffs' Motion to Amend Judge's Memorandum Opinion and Order
5 May 1998 United States Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit, Docket sheets for Cases No. 94-2205 and No. 97-2233
4 May 1998 Judge's Memorandum Opinion and Order
8 April 1998 Greene v. McElroy
15 February 1998 RSA and Sandia National Laboratories
28 January 1998 Judge's Order to Strike Plaintiff's First Set of Requests for Admissions to Various Employees of the National Security Agency and to Various Employees of Sandia National Laboratory
23 January 1998 Plaintiffs' Reply to Defendant's Response to Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment Based on Evidence From Admissions
16 January 1998 Defendant's Response to Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment Based on Evidence From Admissions
23 December 1997 Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment Based on Evidence from Admissions
28 November 1997 Plaintiffs' Answer to Defendant's Cross-Claim Reply to Plaintiffs' Response to Defendants' Motion for Partial Dismissal and Motion for Summary Judgment
19 October 1997 USA/NSA Motions for Partial Dismissal and Summary Judgment
29 August 1997 Payne Privacy Act Appeal Granted by DOE (see related files)
16 August 1997 Payne-Morales Writ of Mandamus Against US District  Court Judges Svet and Campos
21 June 1997 NSA Suit - Motions and Scheduling Order
4 June 1997 Complaints to Supreme Justice Scalia
4 June 1997 U.S. Attorney Warns Payne
1 June 1997 Data Authenticator for the Deployable Seismic Verification System
1 June 1997 Secret Compartmented Information Nondisclosure Agreement
31 May 1997 Embedded Controller Forth for the 8051 Family
29 May 29 1997 Notification to Secretary of Energy Pena
16 May 1997 Payne on RSA and NSA
13 May 1997 Payne Accuses Sandia Labs Director
11 May 1997 NSA  Suit - Initial Scheduling Order
21 April 1997 NSA Suit - SNL Affidavits/Letters on Classified Data
12 April 1997 NSA Suit - Answers from NSA
14 March 1997 Payne Letter to the FBI
8 March 1997 News Report on NSA and Crypto AG
8 March 1997 News Reports on NSA Suit
8 March 1997 NSA Suit - FOIA Appeal
8 March 1997 NSA Suit - Complaint for Injunctive Relief
Following are Department of Energy decisions and orders on William H. Payne's appeals of actions on his requests for information.
20 February 1997 Case No. VFA-0262, 26 DOE ¶ 80,161
16 December 1996 Case No. VFA-0243, 26 DOE ¶ 80,144
10 July 1996 Case No. VFA-0178, 25 DOE ¶ 80,214
6 May 1996 Case No. VFA-0148, 25 DOE ¶ 80,190
26 March 1996 Case No. VFA-0128, 25 DOE ¶ 80,184
8 November 1995 Case No. VFA-0091, 25 DOE ¶ 80,147
10 October 1995 Case No. VFA-0076, 25 DOE ¶ 80,140

* Selected Works of William H. Payne

Payne, William H., Data Authenticator for the Deployable Seismic Verification System, Sandia Report SAND91-2201, UC-706, Sandia National Laboartories, June 1992.

Payne, William H., Embedded Controller FORTH For the 8051 Family, Academic Press, Harcourt, Brace and Jovanovich, 1990.

Payne, William, and Payne, Patricia, Implementing Basics: How BASICs Work, Reston Publishing, Reston, Virginia, 1982.

Payne, W.H., and McMillen, K.L., Orderly Enumeration of Nonsingular Binary Matrices Applied to Text Encryption, Communciations of the ACM, vol. 21, 4 (April 1978), 259-263.

Lewis, T.G., and Payne, W.H., Generalized Feedback Shift Register Pseudorandom Number Generator, Journal of the ACM 20, 3 (July 1973), 456-468.