Cryptome JUNE 2001
reliefmap.htm   Military Intel Relief Maps (1918) June 30, 2001
surve-pro.htm   The Surveillance Project Post-doc June 27, 2001
l2c-mhz.htm   More on GPS Civil Signals June 27, 2001
ku-band.htm   Non-geostationary satellite orbit (NGSO FSS) June 27, 2001
rembass.htm Battlefield Sensor Drills June 22, 2001
battle-int.htm   Battlefield Intelligence Drills June 22, 2001
gps-mhz.htm   New GPS Civil Signals June 21, 2001
target.htm   Precision Weapons Targeting June 21, 2001
navypub.htm   NRL Mapping, Charting & Geodesy Abstracts June 19, 2001
diginaut.htm   NIMA Digital Nautical Chart: Download Demo June 19, 2001
digitamper.htm   Tamper Damper June 18, 2001
biocam.htm   Multi-rez Bio Cam June 18, 2001
panopticon.htm   Theory of Surveillance: The Panopticon (1787) June 16, 2001
crow.htm   Information Superiority & Lunch June 15, 2001
geolite.htm   NRO GeoLITE Satellite Launch June 14, 2001
dual-airforce.htm   2002 Dual Use Solicitations: Air Force June 13, 2001
dual-army.htm   2002 Dual Use Solicitations: Army June 13, 2001
datawall.htm   Interactive DataWall June 12, 2001
annotator.htm   Collaborative Map Annotator June 12, 2001
mapschool.htm   Defense Mapping School June 12, 2001
nanostorage.htm   Fluorescent Nanostorage June 12, 2001
metadata-int.htm   Standards: Remote Sensing Metadata June 11, 2001
grid-int.htm   US National Grid for Spatial Addressing June 11, 2001
address-int.htm   Address Content Standard June 11, 2001
road-int.htm   NSDI Transportation Identification June 11, 2001
homeland.htm   Homeland Defense and the Prosecution of Jim Bell June 8, 2001
    MARCH 2001
info-assure.htm   Information Assurance Policy for Space Systems March 26, 2001
chaos-int.htm   Secure Image Ciphering Based on Chaos March 26, 2001
min-rez.htm   Stds: Min. Resolved Object Sizes for IM Interpretation March 24, 2001
web-isr.htm   Soliciting GIS Web Mappers for .MIL Interoperability March 24, 2001
meta-fund.htm   Metadata Funding for Spatial Data Infrastructure March 24, 2001
battle-fusion.htm   Battlefield Sensor Fusion March 20, 2001
mars-int.htm   NIMA Spots Lost Lander? March 20, 2001
whale-int.htm   Surveillance Sensors Harass Marine Mammals March 19, 2001
nro-fia.htm   Covert Recruiting for NRO Future Imagery Architects March 18, 2001
mapgag.htm   Feds Gag Bio-Mapping Specialist March 18, 2001
birdsat.htm   Migrating Bird Microsats March 16, 2001
nanosat.htm   Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation March 15, 2001
fbifinger.htm   FBI Fingerprint Image Compression Standard March 15, 2001
remsendata.htm   Remote Sensing Data Archive Meeting March 15, 2001
fm30-21.htm   Aerial Photography, Field Manual (1944) March 13, 2001
steganalysis.htm   Current Softwares Imagery Steganalysis March 12, 2001
usmc-camo.htm   Camouflage Uniforms, USMC (110K) March 12, 2001
fm5-20-toc.htm   Camouflage, Field Manual (1944) March 11, 2001
steganowork.htm   4th Int. Information Hiding Workshop (25 - 27 April 2001) March 07, 2001
dualsensors.htm   Sensors - Dual Use Solicitations: FY 2001 March 05, 2001
ciolibe.htm   DoD Imagery Library (1995) March 05, 2001
doduav.htm   DoD Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) (1996) March 05, 2001
warwindow.htm   Warfighter's Window to the Battlefield (1996) March 05, 2001
battleviz.htm   Battlefield Visualization (1997) March 05, 2001
robustfuzzy.htm   GIS Symposium: Robust Statistics / Fuzzy Techniques (2001) March 05, 2001
dualrez.htm   Mid-East: Dual Use Aspects of Commercial High-Res Imaging Satellites (1998) March 05, 2001
birdalgorithm.htm   A New Algorithm to Identify Errors Caused by Migrating Birds in Profiler Winds (1996) March 05, 2001
newsat.htm   New Satellite Images For Sale: The Opportunities and Risks Ahead (1994) March 05, 2001



ARCHIVE 2001: Jan-Feb


"Hence the major effect of the Panopticon: to induce in the inmate a state of conscious and permanent visibility that assures the automatic functioning of power. So to arrange things that the surveillance is permanent in its effects, even if it is discontinuous in its action; that the perfection of power should tend to render its actual exercise unnecessary; that this architectural apparatus should be a machine for creating and sustaining a power relation independent of the person who exercises it; in short, that the inmates should be caught up in a power situation of which they are themselves the bearers." Michel Foucault on Panopticism


"A sparsely attended trial which unfolded in Tacoma�s US district courthouse the first week of April 2001 hardly seemed an event that might open a small but revealing view onto the shifting national security apparatus. But to outside observers following the criminal prosecution of Washington State resident Jim Bell, accused of stalking and intimidating local agents of the IRS, Treasury Department and BATF, the defendant was a symptomatic target, and the government�s stated case against him only a fragment of a more complex campaign linked to the evolving landscape of national and homeland defense.

In the government�s estimation, Bell had placed its Pacific Northwest agents "in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury". But for some trial-watchers, the case against James Dalton Bell, 43, was underpinned by a constellation of factors that made him more than the disaffected neighbor projecting antigovernment bile. Bell had invited the government�s fullest prosecutorial zeal because his technical skills placed him in more ambiguous terrain, that of untested gray zones within emerging national defense landscapes, which, by calling into question the impregnability of the national border, have been taking national security tactics incountry in unprecedented ways, deploying new rules of engagement to challenge national security threats within the US domestic interior." Deborah Natsios, Homeland Defense and the Prosecution of Jim Bell

"The National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) has been quietly scanning Mars pictures, looking for the Mars Polar Lander since early December 1999. According to a source close to the NIMA effort, photographic specialists at NIMA think they�ve spotted something." NIMA Spots Lost Lander?

"My entire website http://www.mbr-pwrc.usgs.gov/geotech/ has now been removed from the internet. This represents about 3 years worth of work and 20,000 plus maps showing bird, mammal and amphibian distributions, satellite imagery, landcover and vegetation maps for countries and protected areas all around of the globe." Ian Thomas, Former Mapping Specialist,GIS & Remote Sensing Unit,Patuxent Wildlife Research Center

"Classes of aerial photography are: (1) Intelligence. Aerial photographic information of terrain, activities, or installations. (2) Mapping and charting. Aerial photographs used in the compilation and correction of topographic and planimetric maps, photomaps, models, aeronautical and hydrographic charts of all types. (3) Bombardment. Orientation photography of terrain at time of bombing release and bomb impact photography to show location of bomb bursts with respect to target."
Aerial Photography, Field Manual (1944)

"The S2 clicks on the zoom button and the enemy element is quickly portrayed in a high-fidelity, three-dimensional (3D) virtual rendition of the battlespace 50 km ahead. The high-resolution view of the terrain indicates a small valley through which the enemy will have to move perfect killing ground."
Captain Harry E. Jones, II , DCSINT
Information Dominance for Army XXI: Battlefield Visualization




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PNC/ECAI 2001 Joint Meeting
ADR 2001: Information Superiority and Space
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