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7 December 2003. Related news report:,2763,1101870,00.html

5 December 2003. Samuel Rosenfeld is a former undercover agent of the Ministry of Defence's Force Research Unit (FRU) operating in Northern Ireland.

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The Presiding Judge

2 December 2003

Dear Justice of the High Court,

Re: Secretary of State for Defence v. Samuel Rosenfeld

As you are aware I was notified by the Claimant that they have sought a hearing on 17th December for a judgement for default of Acknowledgement of service.

However it should be noted and brought to the attention of the judge and placed on the Court record the following.

The Claimant has sought the injunction to prevent the exposure of murder -- and crimes committed by those in its employ who have with the backing of the state engaged in a campaign of assisting and directing terrorism -- resulting in the murder and execution of innocent civilians.

Amongst those who have directed these criminal acts have been Major David Moyles, Brigadier Gordon Kerr, and Captain Margaret Walshaw and others. My question to the court (judge) is, since when has it been and offence to expose murder? What should be cause of concern to the court is the fact that the state has been directing a campaign of terror whilst operating from within the ranks of the IRA and other terrorist groups for decades.

How many more lives have to be sacrificed and how many more lives will be lost whilst the state is allowed to operate with absolute impunity.

Be under no illusion as to the (MoD) abilities to lie and mislead the court. I have bitterly complained since 27th November 2002 that the Claimant has lied before this court (ex parte hearing which was held in secret) and in so doing has committed perjury and contempt of court of which I have documentary proof. Yet it is evident that the Court Service and the Lord Chancellor's Department cares little about the wrongdoings of the state, but is quite happy to remove my Article 6 protections on the sayso of a state agency suppressing the exposé of murder.

I am absolutely disgusted by the complicity of the court in assisting the state in its cover up of murder. Since when has a British court given its protection to killers of innocent civilians amongst whose victims can be counted women and children? How is it that a judge can deem that I have no right to protection of the court (Article 6)? Why has the court denied me the right of a fair hearing? Why has the court prevented a record of the hearing being kept? Why are the hearings being held in secret? Why has the court deliberately and willfully agreed to everything the Claimant has sought, yet not given any thought to my rights and how I have suffered under threat of arrest, imprisonment and having my legal documents and personal papers and property, a computer, seized?

Why has the Claimant been able to identify me to armed security teams? Is this just a prelude to my physical harming or the loss of my life?

How is that the judiciary upon hearing the words National Security condemns the citizen without ever considering his rights? Then provides the state with further powers of persecution, thus legitimising its malicious campaign of intimidation and harassment, designed to cover up its dirty war (Murder) in Northern Ireland.

How is it that a state agency can wield such power over the functions of the judiciary to secure a guaranteed outcome over the rights of the citizen. I am just a single solitary citizen being persecuted for seeking justice and the truth. Sadly, the court has decided that I should not have the right to defend myself in open court, that no record of the hearing is kept, and that evidence presented to the court is (redacted).

Since I'm being denied the right to a fair and impartial hearing in breach of my rights under Article 6, I feel it is prudent to advise the court that I will under no circumstances accept any judgement forced on me. Neither will I accept any judicial order issued by the High Court that denies me my rights under Article 6. Further, should the court issue such an order in my absence without my consent, I will without further notice leave the United Kingdom and apply for political asylum in a safe country where I will be protected from any further persecution from the British government (MoD) and others.

Yours sincerely,

Samuel Rosenfeld

Member of the British Association of Journalists

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For the attention of: Mr S Rosenfeld
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I confirm receipt of your faxed letter dated 2nd December 2002. This will be placed on the court file.