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A sends 15 January 2010:

I thought you might be interested in the latest USCC annual report:

Information of interest includes:

Recent Chinese espionage activities targeting rocket launch data, space shuttle technology, missile technology, naval warship data, UAV technology, thermal imaging systems, military night vision systems, and design and electronics systems' of the F35 Lightning II.

Enforcing visa restrictions on academics to encourage self-censorship.

Manipulating foreign companies to relocate to China where their technology can be reverse engineered. The products are then produced domestically and the foreign companies pushed out.

Name calls US law firms who are lobbying on behalf of China.

Name calls Chinese entities and front companies engaged in intelligence gathering.

A detailed rundown of current cyber operations, including Green Dam and Ghostnet.

Allegations of Chinese cyber involvement in the 2003 and 2007 US electric grid blackouts.

Restrictions on the export of rare earth minerals used in high-technology goods.

Also, here is the Annual Report To Congress: Military Power of the People's Republic of China 2009. Every year China publicly expresses its outrage at this report. The 2010 version will be out in March:

Lastly, the Cryptome CN site says it "publishes information, documents and opinions banned by the People's Republic of China". So I thought I would include a copy of Charter 08, a pro-democracy manifesto, and two key texts of Falun Gong:

cn-mil-air2.htm       People's Republic of China Military Air Bases 2      March 7, 2009

cn-bases.htm          People's Republic of China Airports and Bases        March 7, 2009
us-cn030609.htm       US-China Economic and Security Review Commission     March 6, 2009
CLR                   2007 Circumvention Landscape Report                  March 5, 2009 (offsite)
tw-bases.htm          Taiwan Airports and Air Bases                        March 2, 2009
cn-mil-air1.htm       People's Republic of China Military Air Bases 1      March 2, 2009

ustr021709.htm        WTO Dispute Settlement Regarding China               February 16, 2009
Frog Hop              China Will Use Cyberwarfare to Leapfrog Foes         November 1, 2008 (offsite)
prc-tslc.htm          PRC Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center Eyeball          May 31, 2008
prc-xslc.htm          PRC Xichang Satellite Launch Center Eyeball          May 31, 2008
prc-nukes.htm         China's Nuclear Weapons Facilities Eyeball           May 28, 2008

cn-fuel-low.htm       China Vehicle Fuel Shortage                          May 26, 2008
baozhusi-dam.htm      Baozhusi Hydropower Plant and Dam Eyeball            May 25, 2008
cn-npp.htm            People's Republic of China Nuclear Power Plants      May 24, 2008
cn-quake6.htm         China Earthquake Photos 6                            May 17, 2008
cn-quake5.htm         China Earthquake Photos 5                            May 16, 2008

zipingpu-dam.htm      Chinese Zipingpu Dam Eyeball                         May 15, 2008
cn-quake4.htm         China Earthquake Photos 4                            May 15, 2008
cn-quake3.htm         China Earthquake Photos 3                            May 14, 2008
cn-quake2.htm         China Earthquake Photos 2                            May 14, 2008
cn-quake.htm          China Earthquake Photos                              May 12, 2008

uscc042808.htm        Hearing: CN's Cyber-Space Warfare Capabilities       April 28, 2008

torch-thugs.htm       Chinese Olympic Torch Thugs                          April 9, 2008
torch-protests.htm    Olympic Torch Protests Photos                        April 7, 2008
cn-troops.htm         Chinese Troops Converge in Tibetan Areas             March 21, 2008
tibet-videos          Censored Tibet March 2008 protest videos             March 20, 2008    (offsite)
tibet080316.htm       Tibet Protest Photos 080316-0317                     March 18, 2008

tibet080315.htm       Tibet Protest Photos 080315                          March 15, 2008
cn-recruit.htm        China Mainland Democracy Movement Recruiting         May 26, 2007
CN Intel              DoD Report on Pre-war PRC Intelligence               May 26, 2007      (offsite)
SIOP 62               US Plan for PRC Nuclear Megadeath 1962               May 26, 2007      (offsite)
prc-mil-rise.pdf      Chinese Military on the Rise (460KB)                 November 22, 2006

prc-mss.htm           PRC Ministry of State Security Eyeball               November 19, 2006
13m-quit-ccp.htm      13 Million Quit the Chinese Communist Party          September 22, 2006
ucesrc081506.htm      Hearing on Chinese WMD Aid to Iran/North Korea       August 15, 2006
prc-ape.htm           PRC-Ape Scientology Kills Another Web Site           June 21, 2006
china-vise.htm        China Tightens Vise on Internet                      June 6, 2006

gates-birdseye.htm    Bill Gates Chinese Whorehouse Birdseye               June 6, 2006
fbi-prc-spying.htm    FBI Report: PRC Spying in the US - 1954              June 5, 2006
VOA                   USG Spammer                                          March 3, 2006     (offsite)
cn-torture.htm        CN Journalist Driven Insane by Prison Torture        February 23, 2006
li-datong.htm         The Letter of Li Datong (Freezing Point Editor)      January 26, 2006

Iced                  China Closes Investigative Freezing Point            January 26, 2006  (Offsite)
tiananmen-kill.htm    Eyeballing Tiananmen Square Massacre                 January 24, 2006
massacre              Tiananmen Square, 1989, Declassified History         January 24, 2006  (Offsite)
CPJ                   Chinese Actions Against Journalists                  January 11, 2006  (Offsite)
IFEX                  Do Internet Companies Need FOI Regulation            January 11, 2006  (Offsite)

ms-cave.htm           Microsoft Shuts Blog's Site After PRC Complaints     January 9, 2006    English, 6KB
cn-ny-birdseye.htm    PRC Consulate-General in New York Birdseye           January 9, 2006    English
cn-filter.pdf         Internet Filtering in China in 2004-2005             January 8, 2006    English, 1.7MB
cn-jp-us.pdf          On Sino-Japanese Tensions and the US Approach        January 8, 2006    English, 78KB
cn-bypass.pdf         Circumventing Chinese Censorship                     January 8, 2006    (Offsite) Chinese, 535KB

cn-strain.pdf         Chinese NatSec Decisionmaking Under Stress           January 8, 2006    English, 942KB
cn-vanish.pdf         Retaliation and Abuses Against Chinese Petitioners   January 8, 2006    English, 957KB

Published on Cryptome earlier

cuw.htm               Chinese Unrestricted Warfare                         January 18, 2000
cn-p3-peril.htm       China Sees NatSec Threat in Intel PIII Serial Number July 2, 1999
cndocs-gertz.htm      Secret Reports on Chinese Ballistic Missiles         May 30, 1999
hr-cn-harm.htm        House Report on NatSec Harm by China                 December 31, 1998
wass-hk-cn.htm        Hong Kong/China Ape Wassenaar                        December 16, 1998

cn-missile.htm        US Protests CC Shipment of Missile Tech to Iran      December 8, 1998
dod1226-98.htm        DoD Report on China's Military Modernization         November 6, 1998
hr3616-1237.htm       Reporting on Chinese Military in US                  September 24, 1998
fcm091798.htm         DoD's Miller on Technology Transfers to China        September 18, 1998
war091798.htm         BXA's Reinsch on Chinese Satellite Exports           September 18, 1998

jdh091798.htm         State's Holum on Technology Transfers to China       September 18, 1998
cn-sat-export.htm     Senate Hearing on Transfer of Sat Tech to China      September 17, 1998
dasch071798.htm       Dacschle and Levin Answer Lott on China Probes       July 20, 1998
hr463.htm             Select Committee on Chinese Sat Exports              July 16, 1998
lott071498.txt        Senator Lott on Satellite Exports to China           July 15, 1998

dod071498.htm         DoD on DTRA, Chinese Satellites, TWA800 EMI          July 14, 1998
jdh061898.htm         Holum on US/Chinese Satellites                       July 14, 1998
jml061898.htm         Lodal on US/Chinese Satellites                       July 14, 1998
war061898.htm         Reinsch on US/Chinese Satellites                     July 14, 1998
ispf070898.htm        Chinese Satellite Licenses                           July 14, 1998

nsa-ttc.htm           NSA on Chinese Satellite Crypto Device               July 14, 1998
cia-cn-spies          CIA Honors Its China Spies                           July 5, 1998
cn-sat-aid.htm        Security Violations by Sat Makers That Aided Chinese June 27, 1998
dod061898.htm         Lodal Testimony on China Satellite Exports           June 18, 1998
dos061898.htm         Holum Testimony on China Satellite Exports           June 18, 1998

bxa061898.htm         Reinsch Testimony on Satellite Export Policy         June 18, 1998
daley-oped.htm        Commerce Secretary: Satellites, Exports, NatSec      June 5, 1998
cnspy-tiz.htm         Terminal Project Caught up in Spy Tiz                June 10, 1998
us-cn-sat.htm         How China Won Rights to Launch U.S. Satellites       May 17, 1998
prc-prolif.htm        China's Proliferation Activity                       March 14, 1998

cn-netreg.htm         New Internet Regs Codify PRC Internet Practice       January 20, 1998
china-rc.htm          China-Related Challenges                             July 4, 1997
ita-china.htm         ITA Rules Against China                              June 11, 1997
peking.htm            Peking                                               March 27, 1997

Congressional Research Service Reports on China (Thanks to Wikileaks and UNT Libraries)
Added 14 February 2009 crs-96-246.htm Taiwan: Texts of the Taiwan Relations Act May 21, 1998 crs-96-272.htm China: U.S. Economic Sanctions October 1, 1997 October 1, 1997 crs-96-566.htm Europe and China — An Emerging Relationship June 21, 1996 crs-96-518.htm China's Rising Power: Alternate US NatSec Strategies June 6, 1996 crs-96-940.htm Disapproving China's Most-Favored-Nation Status May 31, 1996

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