Cryptome Archive DVDs composed of 65,000 files on 3 disks (12GB) for the 15-year period from June 1996 to May 2011.

fbi-pentagon.htm      FBI Pentagon 9/11 Attack Investigation Photos    September 18, 2011
occupy-wall-st.htm    Occupy Wall Street Photos                        September 18, 2011
packet-spy.htm        Deep Packet Spying Breaches Gmail and All Sec    September 18, 2011
fusion-centers.pdf    National Fusion Centers Location                 September 18, 2011

dhs-privacy.pdf       Homeland Spying Privacy Guidelines               September 18, 2011
911-loss-lib1.pdf     Liberties Lost Since 9/11 1                      September 18, 2011
911-loss-lib2.pdf     Liberties Lost Since 9/11 2                      September 18, 2011
daiichi-091711.htm    Fukushima Daiichi NPS 15-16 September 2011       September 17, 2011
nro021811.pdf         NRO Only Honest Spy Agency via Secrecy News      September 17, 2011

gao-119-38t.pdf       Aviation Security Still Being Faked              September 17, 2011
rumsfeld-mdr.pdf      Documents Released to Rumsfeld Under MDR         September 17, 2011
cbp091611.htm         EIS of Huge Security Complex Along US-CA Border  September 16, 2011
fincen091611.htm      Electronic Filing of Bank Secrecy Act Reports    September 16, 2011
dod091611.htm         Unfortunate Sequelae From Noncovered Services    September 16, 2011

insa-spy-board.pdf    John Brennan ex-Board Chairman of INSA Spies     September 15, 2011
eo13584.htm           Strategic Counterterrorism Communications Set    September 15, 2011
dot091511.htm         Electronic Cigarettes Banned on Aircraft         September 15, 2011
usgif-spies.pdf       Geospatial Corporate Spies                       September 15, 2011 (1.1MB)
cia-golfer.pdf        Threat for Naming "Golfer" CIA Lockerbie Tamper  September 14, 2011

dos-bigamy.htm        State Dept Bigamist Love of Another Killer Mil   September 14, 2011   Libyan-Shutdown 854 Articles        September 14, 2011 (1.1MB)
debt-humor2.htm       VIP War Debt Black Humor 2                       September 13, 2011
daiichi091211.htm     Fukushima Daiichi NPS 12 September 2011          September 13, 2011
insa-spies.pdf        INSA Nest of Official and Corporate Spies        September 13, 2011 (1.2MB)

mci-spy.pdf           MCI Lawful Spying Guide                          September 12, 2011
net-sec-ever.htm      Can Internet Security Ever Work?                 September 12, 2011
kernohan-gillard.pdf  Robert Kernohan Statement on AU PM Julia Gillard September 12, 2011 (2.8MB)
wl-dirt-ship.htm      Endless Pursuit of Wikileaks Dirt Ship           September 12, 2011
bis091211.htm         Biological Weapons Export Controls Revised       September 12, 2011

nist091211.htm        RFC Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network   September 12, 2011
tor-russia.htm        Tor in Russia                                    September 12, 2011
hurst-fru.pdf         Ian Hurst Non-Public Smithwick Statement on FRU  September 11, 2011
egypt-israel.htm      Egyptians Protest Israeli Embassy Photos         September 11, 2011
fbi-al-qaida.htm      FBI Notice of Potential al-Qa’ida NYC DC Threat  September 11, 2011

bitcoin-hashleak.htm  Bitcoin Password Hashes May Have Been Leaked     September 11, 2011
daiichi090911.htm     Fukushima Daiichi NPS 9 September 2011           September 10, 2011
debt-humor.htm        Black Humor for War Time Debt Profligacy Panic   September 10, 2011
DTM-08-060.pdf        DoD Site Access Consent Banner                   September 10, 2011
us-smartpower.htm     Backgrounder: US Smart Power Counterterrorism    September 9, 2011

uzbek-end-user.pdf    Uzbekistan End User Certificate for TSCM Equip   September 9, 2011
usinfraspy-law.pdf    Legality of US Spying on Private Infrastructure  September 9, 2011
911x10.htm            911 x 10 Photos                                  September 9, 2011
munich-spy.pdf        Munich Prosecutor Classified Data Spy Guide DE   September 8, 2011
mossad-egghead.htm    FBI Mossad Sting Bags Big-Headed Egghead         September 7, 2011

un-gaza-flotilla.pdf  UN Palmer Report on the Gaza Flotilla Incident   September 7, 2011
spain-protest2.htm    Barcelona and Madrid Spain Protest Photos 2      September 7, 2011
disclosure-insec.htm  Disclosure Sites Insecurity Inevitability        September 7, 2011
bn350-dryrun.htm      BN-350 Dry Run of Spent Nuclear Fuel Transport   September 5, 2011
idave-search.htm      Classified iDAVE Uranium Sample Search Engine    September 5, 2011

diginotar-insec.pdf   Insecurity Analysis of DigiNotar Certificates    September 5, 2011
cert-poobah.xls       DigiNotar Certs Punk Poobahs                     September 5, 2011
israel-protest2.htm   Israel Protest Photos 2                          September 4, 2011
tempest-cables.htm    TEMPEST and Countermeasures Cables               September 4, 2011
au-sec-pump.pdf       AU Sets Ad Campaign to Inflate Security Fears    September 4, 2011

sha1-preimages.htm    SHA1 second preimages remain an unsolved problem September 3, 2011
dugway-horrors.htm    CB Megadeath Horrors From Dugway Proving Ground  September 3, 2011
tor-bridge-why.htm    Massive Automated Tor Bridge Requests: Why?      September 3, 2011
beast-rescue.pdf      Rescuing the Beast from Irish Spud Gate          September 2, 2011
z.7z                  Decrypted Wikileaks Archive z.gpg File           September 1, 2011 (368MB)


O f f s i t e 

OWSU 2                Occupation of Wall Street Underway 2             September 17, 2011
OWSU 1                Occupation of Wall Street Underway 1             September 17, 2011
OOFITB                OpenBSD Offers Fix for Iran TOR Block            September 17, 2011
IQHHFSR               INSA Quacks "Hack Hack" to Flack Spy Racket      September 17, 2011
OSAUAJ                Official Secrets Act Used to Attack Journalists  September 17, 2011

IRGS                  Importance of Resisting Government Spying        September 17, 2011
CINRS                 Cryptome: Interrogating NYC's Ring of Steel      September 15, 2011
NBTCFTC               NYC: By the City For the City                    September 15, 2011
NLEPH                 New Law Enforcement Polygraph Handbook           September 15, 2011
MFRFM                 Manual for Federal Radio Frequency Management    September 15, 2011

SDRMC                 Superb David Rumsey Map Collection               September 14, 2011
NYPLMD                New York Public Libary Map Division              September 14, 2011
HMKDBH                HDCP Master Key Deployed by Bunnie Huang         September 14, 2011
UCLCCS                US Courts to Limit Civil Case Sealing            September 13, 2011
DCCTWKS               DoS & Celeb Chef Target World's Killer Stoves    September 13, 2011

2712+4792             7504 Military Dead Not in Big-$ WTC Dead Read    September 13, 2011
CURWC                 Compare Original/Redact Wikileaks Cables -Io     September 12, 2011
MRUWC                 Mismatch of Original/Redact Wikileaks Cables -Io September 12, 2011
CACCT        Adds Cable Comparison Tool -Io   September 12, 2011
CSC          Source Code -Io                  September 12, 2011              

LNVANBB               Libya Net Spies Aided by Net Big Brothers        September 12, 2011
BGWNT                 The Bad Guys Won, Not Terrorists                 September 11, 2011
IPCP                  Insecurity in Public Communications Project 25   September 11, 2011
UDCWR                 Use of Dogs in ChemBio WMD Research              September 11, 2011
SONBKMB               Special Operations Network: BTDT Kill Maim Brag  September 11, 2011

DSBCCS                DoD Seeks Balanced Cloud Computing Solution      September 11, 2011
MCCC                  Military Cloud Computing Conference              September 11, 2011
ESFH                  Exchange Stabilization Fund History              September 11, 2011
DFSBC                 DoD-FBI Spying Business Card                     September 11, 2011
QCP                   The Quest for Cyber Peace                        September 10, 2011

DS                    Doppelganger Spying                              September 10, 2011
NGCC                  The network of global corporate control          September 10, 2011
TWGS                  Tax Whistleblowers Get Trashed                   September 9, 2011
MSONGT                Military SAFER Onions "Next Generation Tor"-DJ   September 9, 2011
9AT                   9/11 Full Audio Transcripts                      September 9, 2011

SWP                   Searching for Weak PRNGs (Re CNTPC h/t TR-IG)    September 9, 2011
FSKK                  Factoring silly keys from the keyservers (Ditto) September 9, 2011
CRPKIS                Cracking RSA and PGP, Keeping It Secret (Ditto)  September 9, 2011                           
CNTPC                 Cryptanalysis of NTRU with two public keys       September 9, 2011
EAANSUP               EFF Arguments Against NSA Spying on US Persons   September 9, 2011

UTCEP                 Used Technical Countersurveillance Equip Prices  September 9, 2011
LDU                   Leak Directory Updated                           September 9, 2011
CHUDHC 4              Comodo Hacker Updates DigiNotar Hack Comments 4  September 8, 2011
SS2                   Sans Smoke 2: Andy Müller-Maguhn in WL "Leak"    September 8, 2011

SS1                   Sans Smoke 1: The WL Unredacted "Leak" Analyzed  September 8, 2011
CHUDHC 3              Comodo Hacker Updates DigiNotar Hack Comments 3  September 7, 2011
CHUDHC 2              Comodo Hacker Updates DigiNotar Hack Comments 2  September 7, 2011
CHUDHC 1              Comodo Hacker Updates DigiNotar Hack Comments 1  September 7, 2011
HCSSBM                HomeSec Classified Spy Spam Blackhole Moneypit   September 7, 2011

CODHMC                Comodo Hacker Outs DigiNotar Hack, More Coming   September 6, 2011
DCB25                 DigiNotar Certificates Ballooned 250 to 531      September 5, 2011
DBUSNS                DigiNotar Blames Usual Suspects to Ex-Culprit    September 5, 2011
IRrUS                 IR Gov Whois Uses US Email Services              September 5, 2011
NPGGOD                New Players in the Great Game of Open Democracy  September 5, 2011

WLPLF                 Wikileaks Password Leak FAQ                      September 5, 2011
PCACHC vimeo          Pseudonyms contracts accounts cheques hide cash  September 5, 2011
BMDAH vimeo           Bitcoin Markets, Destruction of account history  September 5, 2011
NSAAP                 NSA Accumulo Proposal                            September 4, 2011
DPPTS                 Dutch Police Probe and Tor Spike                 September 4, 2011

DSUDC                 Dutch Websites Using DigiNotar Certificate       September 4, 2011
BANI                  Blogger Arrested for Naming Infiltrators         September 3, 2011
WL SQL                Wikileaks Release of cable_db_full.7z  (SQL)     September 3, 2011 (360MB)
RSARE                 RSA Compromise Email Reverse Engineered          September 2, 2011
NPALPUT               Nigel Parry: Assange-Leigh Passphrase-User Trap  September 2, 2011


A sends: Allegedly media is blacking out Wall Street Occupation:


A police officer covers his ears to block out noise from demonstrators gathering to call for the occupation of Wall Street, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011, in New York. According to their website, the mission of the leaderless resistance movement is to flood thousands of people into lower Manhattan, set up beds, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months in order to persuade President Barack Obama to establish a commission to end "the influence money has over representatives in Washington." (Frank Franklin II)


Demonstrators gather to call for the occupation of Wall Street, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011, in New York. According to their website, the mission of the leaderless resistance movement is to flood thousands of people into lower Manhattan, set up beds, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months in order to persuade President Barack Obama to establish a commission to end "the influence money has over representatives in Washington." (Frank Franklin II)


Demonstrators gather in front of a police barricade to call for the occupation of Wall Street, Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011, in New York. According to their website, the mission of the leaderless resistance movement is to flood thousands of people into lower Manhattan, set up beds, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months in order to persuade President Barack Obama to establish a commission to end "the influence money has over representatives in Washington."


17 September 2011. An inquirer asks how to be sure no covert spy is on the INSA member list and that publication of a protected identity violates the Intelligence Identities Protection Act and puts a protected spy at risk.

Answer: Those protected as covert spies do not join public organizations under their true identity. Spy literature states that it is common practice to join under false identities a variety of organizations as part of cover to solicit targets.

Covert spies have means and methods to more than amply protect against exposure as well as how to manage consequences should exposure loom or occur. They are urged to never trust those who are not covert nor their covert competitors. Deception expected, "protect thyself," a motto.

However, the accusation of revealing a cover agent's identity is frequently deployed as a public manipulation tactic by spies and their supporters such as INSA and a wide range of others committed to exploiting secrecy for their own benefit.

Covert spies are put at risk in nearly all cases by a disclosure by an insider who has access to true identities. In some cases the identity is disclosed by the spies' agency through error, by revealing to an insecure party (elected and transient officeholders always a threat), or deliberately to punish misbehavior and to send threatening signals to other spies -- counterspies use such threats as a matter of standard practice and are rewarded for unrelenting intimidation.

The consequence of the insidious infiltration by covert spies of societies worldwide: to expect deception, protect thyself from them.

The Intelligence Identities Protection Act is applicable only to insiders who have access to classified information. It does not protect the targets of covert spies nor those who have been led to believe covert spying is necessary. Outsiders without that access or protection can freely disclose what comes their way although there is an apparatus (of which INSA is a part) poised to demonize disclosure so beware if averse to stigmatization by the official secrecy cult.

A principal purpose of Cryptome since its founding is to publish such disclosures from insiders and outsiders. Send to cryptome[at]

Ethiopia: Reporter in U.S. Cable Flees

By Associated Press

Published: September 15, 2011

The Committee to Protect Journalists says an Ethiopian reporter has fled after being named in a diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks, the first instance of a leaked cable causing direct repercussions for a journalist. The group said Wednesday that the reporter, Argaw Ashine, fled after being interrogated over the identity of a government source. Two government spokesmen denied the accusation.

2 September 2011. The four torrents following can be downloaded directly from this mirror site:

1 September 2011: The URL below for "z.gpg" is working again. Working torrents from the Wikileaks Archive downloaded 12/11/2010: (Returns xyz_x.gpg, 409MB. No passphrase yet) (Returns xyz_y.gpg, 88MB. No passphrase yet) (Returns xyz_y-docs.gpg, 8MB. No passphrase yet) (Returns xyz_z.gpg, 368MB. Passphrase below)

"xyz_z.gpg" and "z.gpg" appear to be identical and both decrypt to "z.7z." The decrypted file is "z.7z," 368MB, which unzips to "cables.csv," about 1.7GB in size, dated 4/12/2010. (368MB - CSV version)

3 September 2011. See also: Wikileaks Release of cable_db_full (360MB - SQL version)

31 August 2011: Cryptome has decrypted the "z.gpg" file from the Wikileaks Archive using the passphrase obtained from several sources:


The decrypted "z.7z" file will be mailed on a DVD by request to cryptome[at] with the subject: z7z. For the DVD provide a postal address.

Recall that Cryptome never claims trustworthiness, authenticity or security, those can be done only by the citizen-user-consumer-believer, if at all. Expect to be deceived.

"The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community" Carl Jung, via Tony Gosling

Military Casualties

Iraq Civilian Dead Wounded Care War Contracts

carahsoft-spy.pdf     Carahsoft Comprehensive Spying Products          August 30, 2011 (511KB)

daiichi082911.htm     Fukushima Daiichi NPP 29 August 2011             August 30, 2011
tsa-series-03.htm     Top Secret America Eyeballs 3                    August 29, 2011
finance-luxury.htm    Financial Crisis Luxury Architecture             August 29, 2011
chile-protest4.htm    Chile Protest Photos 4                           August 28, 2011
sup.htm               What's Happening to Us?                          August 28, 2011

nsa-betrayed.pdf      NSA Betrayers of the Trust                       August 27, 2011 (703KB)
cyber-signal.pdf      Cyberspace Aggression Signaling Deterrence       August 27, 2011
defensive-decept.pdf  Defensive Deception in Industrial Communications August 27, 2011
tsa-series-02.htm ok  Top Secret America Eyeballs 2                    August 26, 2011
lamo-responds.htm     Adrian Lamo Responds to Detractors               August 26, 2011

tsa-series-01.htm     Top Secret America Eyeballs 1                    August 26, 2011
daiichi082411.htm     Daiichi NPP Unit 3 on August 24, 2011 Hi-Rez     August 26, 2011
libya-fight2.htm      Libya Fight Photos 2                             August 25, 2011
cftc082511.htm        Commodities Futures Trading Whistleblowers Rule  August 25, 2011
hhs082511.htm         Health Research Honesty and Objectivity Rule     August 25, 2011

opnav-5450-223b.pdf   Navy Director of Megadeath Systems               August 24, 2011
chile-protest3.htm    Chile Protest Photos 3                           August 24, 2011
hts-decay.doc         Human Terrain System in State of Decay           August 24, 2011
wh-hides-obl.pdf      White House Hides Hundreds OBL Kill Day Photos   August 24, 2011
pecsea082411.htm      Prez Export Control Panel Meet                   August 24, 2011

navsec-2400-2.pdf     Navy Electromagnetic Policy and Management       August 22, 2011 
nctc-online.pdf       National Counterterrorism Center Online FOUO     August 22, 2011 (1.7MB)
voa-antennas.htm      Voice of America Antennas Eyeball                August 22, 2011
nsf082211.htm         Cloud Computing Assumption Buster Workshop       August 22, 2011
doj082211.htm         DoJ Offers Vehicular Spying Documents            August 22, 2011

faa082211.htm         FAA Bans ex-FAA Aircraft Safety Inspector Hires  August 22, 2011
hud082211.htm         HUD Slips $2M 9/11-Slush to The Drawing Center   August 22, 2011
unprintability.htm    Unprintability                                   August 22, 2011
india-protest.htm     India Protest Photos                             August 21, 2011
wikileaks-vox.pdf     Wikileaks Public Relations Certified Ventriloquy August 21, 2011

iuss-shine.pdf        Integrated Undersea Surveillance System Test     August 21, 2011
isrt-sensors.pdf      Submarine Spy and Target Sensors                 August 21, 2011
undersea-future.pdf   Undersea Warfare Future                          August 21, 2011
uuv-future.pdf        Unmanned Underwater Vehicles: The Future         August 20, 2011
ssn-719.pdf           Sub CO's Account of First Hours of War on Terror August 20, 2011

undersea-spy.htm      Navy Undersea Surveillance Processing Facilities August 20, 2011
hts-turmoil.doc       Human Terrain System Turmoil and MISO            August 20, 2011
daiich-110820.pdf     Fukushima Desalting of Unit 4 Spent Fuel Pool    August 20, 2011
DTM-08-011.pdf        DoD Intelligence Oversight Policy Guidance       August 20, 2011
dodi-5030-14.pdf      Disclosure of Atomic Info to Foreign Govs et al  August 20, 2011

dodi-8320-05.pdf      DoD Electromagnetic Spectrum Data Sharing        August 20, 2011
chile-protest2.htm    Chile Protest Photos 2                           August 18, 2011
fcc081811.htm         Broadband Interoperable Public Safety Network    August 18, 2011
tsa081811.htm         Air Cargo Screening Final Rule                   August 18, 2011
uscg081811.htm        Washington DC Security Zone Potomac River        August 18, 2011

public-debt.htm       Bureau of Public Debt Records Eyeball            August 17, 2011
Daiichi Repairs       Video Fukushima Daiichi NPP Repairs 17 Aug 2011  August 17, 2011
fr-stop-vite.pdf      FR Cops to Use Military Weapons on Citizens FR   August 16, 2011
cell-protest.htm      Cellphone Protest Photos                         August 16, 2011
egalleon-g2-sda.pdf   Personalization Manual E Galleon G2 SDA          August 15, 2011 (675KB)

openleaks-test.pdf    OpenLeaks Security Test                          August 15, 2011
israel-protest.htm    Israel Protest Photos                            August 15, 2011      Pantex Nuke Megadeath Waste Contaminates Water   August 15, 2011 (4.5MB)
nsa-comint-sats.pdf   COMINT Satellites - A Space Problem              August 14, 2011 (482KB)
obama-protect44.htm   Obama Protection 44                              August 13, 2011     Wikileaks Cables Tabulated in Six Categories     August 12, 2011
wl-v-visa-mc.pdf      Wikileaks v. Visa and Mastercard Complaint       August 12, 2011
ied-attacks-af.pdf    IED Attacks - Wikileaks Afghanistan War Logs     August 12, 2011 (632KB)
protest-series.htm    Cryptome Protest Photos Series                   August 12, 2011
ap-911-pack.htm       Associated Press Sept 11 Photo Package           August 11, 2011

dos081111.htm         State Dept Solicitation for Scholar Spies        August 11, 2011
dod081111.htm         DoD Policy for Privatized DoD                    August 11, 2011
mort-eyeball.htm      Dover AFB Center for Mortuary Affairs Eyeball    August 10, 2011
opnav-3432-1a.pdf     Navy Operations Security                         August 10, 2011
britain-protest.htm   Britain Protest and Riot Photos                  August 10, 2011

daiichi-photos16.htm  Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Photos 16        August 10, 2011
dni081011.htm         Director of National Intelligence Records Open   August 10, 2011
hhs081011.htm         Lifeline Facebook App Challenge                  August 10, 2011
doe081011.htm         Energy Design Standards for New Federal Housing  August 10, 2011
birth-place.pdf       State Dept RTFM for Birth Place GPS              August 10, 2011

totten-protest.htm    Tottenham London Protest and Riot Photos Update  August 9, 2011
omb080911.htm         Strategy to Eliminate USG Counterfeit Products   August 9, 2011
gao-111-49.pdf        State Dept InfoSec Study Ignores Wikileaks Loss  August 8, 2011 (1.9MB)
richards-cia.pdf      Ex-CIA Officer Sues CIA for Rigged Medical Boot  August 8, 2011 (1.8MB)
cia-sci-agree.pdf     CIA Sensitive Compartmented Info Non-Disclosure  August 6, 2011

cia-secrecy-agree.pdf CIA Secrecy Agreement                            August 6, 2011
schmidle-funds.htm    Funding Nicholas Schmidle                        August 6, 2011
dodi-3020-50.pdf      DoD on Controlling Mercenary Operations          August 6, 2011
dod-at-2001.pdf       DoD Top Secret Strategy Against Terrorism 2001   August 5, 2011 (509KB)
sf312.doc             Classified Information Non-Disclosure Agreement  August 5, 2011

socom-sniper.pdf      SOCOM Long Range Sniper Ballistics FOUO          August 5, 2011
il-tent-cities.htm    Tent Cities Are Springing Up All Over Israel     August 5, 2011
chile-protest.htm     Chile Protest Photos                             August 5, 2011
bis080511.htm         Export Regulations Retrospective Review          August 5, 2011
samhsa080511.htm      Indian Alcohol and Substance Abuse Genocide      August 5, 2011

nhs080511.htm         Science of Compassion for End of Life Genocide   August 5, 2011
bmw-ad-gug-lab        BMW Advertising as Guggenheim Lab Photos         August 4, 2011
doc080411.htm         US-RU to Train Capitalists in Marxian Monopoly   August 4, 2011
wtc-debris            Video WTC Debris Forensic Site 25 January 2002   August 3, 2011
dhs080311.pdf         DHS Ammonium Nitrate Security Program            August 3, 2011

schmidle-access.htm   Getting Access to the Secrets of the OBL Kill    August 3, 2011
cia-domestic-spy.pdf  CIA Domestic Spying Authorized                   August 2, 2011
spy-brag-ban.pdf      US Spies to Avoid Publicity                      August 2, 2011
cia-hide-source.pdf   CIA to Hide Sources Not Information              August 2, 2011
double-secret.htm     Dual Classification of Open Source Information   August 1, 2011

shaffer-double.pdf    Anthony Shaffer on Dual Spying Methods           August 1, 2011
usa-v-lamo.htm        USA v. Adrian Lamo Dockets                       August 1, 2011
usa-v-poulsen.htm     USA v. Kevin Poulsen Dockets                     August 1, 2011
infragard-anonop.pdf  FBI Infragard Computer Crime Guide for AnonOp    August 1, 2011
nsa-aliens-spy.pdf    NSA Communications Spying on Extraterrestials    August 1, 2011 (433KB)

O f f s i t e 

DeCorp1               Control Network of Transnational Corporations 1  August 30, 2011
DeCorp2               Control Network of Transnational Corporations 2  August 30, 2011

APMSMD                Advanced Persistent Monkey See Monkey Do         August 30, 2011
ASSL                  Alleged SSL MITM Attack By Iranian Government    August 29, 2011
DDBF                  DDB: Fuk-up Opens Unsanitized State Dept Cables  August 29, 2011
PIUP         Restored                  August 28, 2011
PTTP                  Preventing 9/11: The Tapping Point               August 28, 2011

AfBP                  20K Alliance for Business Passwords              August 27, 2011
SASDC                 Search 143,014 Alleged State Dept Cables         August 27, 2011
PRBM                  Psywar Real Battlefield is the Mind              August 27, 2011
HRSE                  Video: Human Resources Social Engineering        August 27, 2011
Wily West             Cornel West Urges Martin Luther King Revolution  August 26, 2011

AFC                   Ali Farzat Cartoons                              August 25, 2011
Goog IS               Google For Unclassified Information Sharing      August 25, 2011
NATO CD               NATO C3 Multinational Cyber Defence Capability   August 25, 2011
Get DoD               Get Ready for the Democratization of Destruction August 25, 2011
NukeX                 Leaked Video Of Tricastin NPP Explosion          August 25, 2011

PIPI                  Perfect Information and Perverse Incentives      August 24, 2011
RSOS                  Robert Steele Reviews No More Secrets            August 24, 2011
OOSS                  Open Up Open Source Spying                       August 24, 2011
CN Fun                Wartimes and Counterfeiting Funnies              August 24, 2011
PubIntel     Down, See Tweets          August 24, 2011

FBI WBC               FBI File on Westboro Baptist Church              August 23, 2011
BC AES                Biclique Cryptanalysis of the Full AES           August 22, 2011
Anti Feeb             The FBI vs.                          August 22, 2011
TOR Not               Preventing Active Timing Attacks in TOR Comm     August 21, 2011
SIS VZ                New Zealand Spy Uses Verisign Cert for Privacy   August 20, 2011

HMCPSI                HMG Prosecution Service Inspectorate Passwords   August 19, 2011
ERHD                  Enriching the RSA Hack Dump                      August 18, 2011
RHD                   RSA Hack Dump                                    August 18, 2011
DWS                   US Sues Bollinger Shipyards for Deepwater Junk   August 17, 2011
OLST                  OpenLeaks Security Test                          August 15, 2011

CSTS                  Center for Science and Technology Spying         August 14, 2011
DOS EN                Democratization of Spying                        August 14, 2011
DOS ES                Democratización de Espionaje                     August 14, 2011
NMIC                  National Military Spy College Publications       August 14, 2011
OSINT 7               6218 Hosts at Facebook                           August 14, 2011

OSINT 6               734814 Hosts at Amazon                           August 14, 2011
OSINT 5               283765 Hosts at Yahoo                            August 14, 2011 
OSINT 4               207355 Hosts BAE Raytheon Honeywell SAIC et al   August 14, 2011
OSINT 3               13297 hosts 754th Electronic Systems Group Nets  August 13, 2011
OSINT 2               1934 Hosts at NSA + Geo-location                 August 13, 2011

OSINT 1               11823 Hosts at + Geo-location       August 13, 2011
ARBR                  Antidote to New York Time's Ricin Bomb Rubbish   August 13, 2011
MS-SM                 Microsoft's Save Social Energy (See MS Privacy)  August 13, 2011
NSAAG                 NSA Releases Historical Acronym Guide            August 12, 2011
EST                   Electronic Skin Tatoo for Spying Games           August 12, 2011

OSINT 0               OSINT on Military Hosts by Geolocation           August 12, 2011
Belly                 Richard Clarke Crawls Back to the Limelight      August 12, 2011
Towery                More Documents on Army Spying at Tacoma WA       August 11, 2011
UK->US                UK-Cuts Riots Prelude to US-Cuts Riots           August 11, 2011
Bite                  Assange UK Tax Liability 183 Day Rule            August 11, 2011

DOD Inc               How to Get DoD to Fund Your CyberHack Racket     August 11, 2011
Ryan Test             Robin Sage Sockpuppet Security-Privacy Test      August 11, 2011
Navy SMD              US Navy Social Media Directory                   August 11, 2011
Navy GSSM             Navy Guidelines for Secure Use of Social Media   August 11, 2011
USAF SM               US Air Force Social Media                        August 11, 2011

Army SM               US Army Social Media                             August 11, 2011
USAF Blog             USAF How to Handle a Blog                        August 11, 2011
Drug Deal             DoD Adds to $15B Global Counterdrug Contracts    August 10, 2011
CyWhoa                Cyber Warfare Tools to be Checked for Legality   August 10, 2011
BFUK                  Bamford, RU FISH and Unteroffizier Karrenberg    August 10, 2011

McChrystal            Army Rolling Stones Magazine Probe 2485 pages    August 10, 2011
ATTCT                 AT&T Cyberthreat Reports Videos                  August 9, 2011
ATTV                  673 AT&T Videos Current and Historical           August 9, 2011
Pee                   Panic on the Streets of London                   August 9, 2011
TIP2                  Tor and IP2 Attack Strategies                    August 9, 2011

AlQ Card              Obama Plan C to Play the Al Qaeda Card           August 9, 2011
CIAmusant             CIA Cocktail Party Scene                         August 8, 2011
Duo Law               CIA Lawyers Fronting Crime as Lawful             August 8, 2011
Duo PR                PR Fronting Journos, Journos Fronting PR         August 8, 2011
Duo NYT               PR Fronting NY Times, NY Times Fronting PR       August 8, 2011

Leopard               New Cryptography Website: C12G16 L15 IBAA32/64   August 7, 2011
New AF                Mexico Replaces Afghanistan as NatSec Racket     August 7, 2011
New USSR              Jihad Replaces USSR as Deterrence Racket         August 7, 2011
Jeju                  Gloria Steinem Slams Jeju Arms Racket            August 7, 2011
Suck                  Big Latch On Breast Feeding World Record Aimed   August 6, 2011

Rabbi                 Len Sassaman Tribute in BitCoin Block Chain      August 5, 2011
CIA John 2            Getting Bin Laden - CIA Promotional Script       August 1, 2011
CPIA                  CIA Psychology of Intelligence Analysis          August 1, 2011
BHDI                  Building a Human Information Discourse Interface August 1, 2011
PLC                   Prison Security Controller Vulnerability         August 1, 2011

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Cryptome/Cartome Essays, Deborah Natsios

Interrogating NYC's Ring of Steel: New Juror Pathways for post-9/11 Civic Space

A Cryptome essay on the adverse civic justice consequences of hyperbolized security.

Common Lines of Flight Towards the Open City, The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory, publication September 2011

New York VOIR DIRE: Interrogating the Juridical City State of Exception
Deborah Natsios / Cryptome, 20 December 2010

Initial version presented 17 April 2010, during panel: "Sovereign spaces: security after the war on terror"
2010 Annual Meeting, Association of American Geographers (AAG) (3.4MB)

Les Oiseaux Beyond Empire: Schoolgirl Quarantines from Dalat to the rue de Sevres
Not online

Watchlisting the Diaspora
Presented 3 October 2008: Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB)
Targeted Publics: Arts and Technologies of the Security City

Expanded and to be published as:

The Geographer in Jules Romains' 'Donogoo Tonka or the Miracles of Science: A Cinematographic Tale'
Commentary and digital film presented at Forum Finale, Temple Hoyn Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, 5 April 2008.

Towards a New Blast Zone
in Architectures of Fear: Terrorism and the Future of Urbanism in the West, Urbanitats, No. 19, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), Barcelona 2008.

Paper presented 18 May 2007, at the symposium “Architectures of Fear: Terrorism and the Future of Urbanism in the West”, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), Barcelona.

National Security Sprawl
In Sensing the 21st Century City: Close-Up and Remote
AD Architectural Design
Vol. 75 No. 6 Nov/Dec 2005
Brian McGrath and Grahame Shane (eds.)
Wiley-Academy (London)

Jerusalem Sky
In The Next Jerusalem : Sharing the Divided City, Ed. Michael Sorkin
2002 Monacelli Press, New York, NY

Parallel Atlas: 38°N
Version 10, May 2002

Reversing the Panopticon
Invited Talk, 16 August 2001
10th USENIX Security Symposium, Washington, DC.

Homeland Defense and the Prosecution of Jim Bell
8 June 2001